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Eramus in Prague: Why study in the Czech Republic?

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Every year, nearly 57,000 French students study abroad through the Erasmus program. Of course, the health crisis has changed everything, but France remains the leading member of the European Union in terms of participation.

Would you like to have an international experience? Find out all about Erasmus mobility in Prague through our dedicated content.

What is the Erasmus program?

Erasmus is a European program that promotes academic exchange. Indeed, a French student, if he or she decides to participate in this adventure, can go abroad for one or two semesters on exchange. Germany, Czech Republic, Poland, Austria, Spain or Italy, it is actually very “simple” to leave.

Participating in the Erasmus program in Prague costs absolutely nothing (whether in the Czech capital or elsewhere). Tuition fees are zero. Of course, your expenses in Prague are not covered, nor is the rent for your accommodation.

Why do an Erasmus in Prague?

This question may make you smile, but after all: why do an Erasmus year in Prague when you can go to Spain, Portugal or Italy? Simply because Prague is great.

1. The educational system

The educational system in Prague and the Czech Republic as a whole is of high quality. You can be sure that if you go to Prague, you will have access to quality courses taught by international teachers who are experts in their field.

2. For the cultural aspect

Formerly a USSR city, Prague is a dynamic capital from an artistic and cultural point of view. It’s quite simple, there are countless events taking place here every week. Don’t know what to do? Visit one of the many museums in Prague, take part in exhibitions, learn Czech, etc.

3. For the geographical aspect

The Czech Republic is only an hour and a half flight from Paris. Plane tickets are not very expensive if you book in advance. In fact, you can easily return home while your friends and family can come and visit you.

4. For the nightlife

As you can read in our article on the best bars in Prague, Czech nightlife is quite lively. In other words, you will have absolutely no time to get bored.

5. For the financial aspect

Although the cost of living has risen somewhat in recent years, life in the Czech Republic is still considerably more affordable than in France. This is an opportunity to treat yourself without having to break the bank.

How to go on an Erasmus program in Prague?

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Going on an Erasmus program in Prague is quite simple. To do so, you must follow an application and selection process in several steps:

Contact your university to make sure that you are eligible for a university exchange program in the Czech Republic

Select the university of your choice: Charles University, Graduate School of Economics, Anglo-American University in Prague, etc.

  • 1. Complete your application, including your CV and cover letter
  • 2. Apply for a scholarship
  • 3. Wait for your results and celebrate being accepted!

How do I find an Erasmus accommodation in Prague?

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Once you have been accepted, you will need to decide on several things, including how you will be housed. There are several ways to do this.

  • Contact your university to find out about the student housing available to international students.
  • Why not share an apartment? Erasmus is an opportunity for many young people to get to know each other and live together. It is an ideal way to live with students from all over the world.
  • You can rent your own accommodation.

Good to know

Don’t hesitate to read our article on “How to find accommodation in Prague”. You will have access to many resources that will help you find a room, a studio or an apartment at a good price!

How to finance your Erasmus year in Prague?

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The main question for students who want to travel and study abroad is the financial aspect. Many students wonder how to finance an Erasmus year in Prague. Don’t panic, we have the solution!

1. Work

Unfortunately, you may not have a choice: you will have to work! However, you are in luck as we have created a special guide about the different ways to find a job in Prague.

2. Finance your trip with a scholarship

The European Union finances part of the Erasmus year for its students through its dedicated scholarship. This aid can reach 300 to 450 euros per month. The best part? It can be combined with the CROUS scholarship! In other words, you can have two scholarships and therefore a good little nest egg.

3. Financing your school year from your savings

This may be a bit risky, especially if you have limited finances, but you can live a semester in Prague on your own savings. However, we recommend that you be careful not to go into the red.

ERASMUS in Prague
Accommodation prices200 – 600 euros / month (shared flat / studio)
Cost of living400 euros / month
Easy to find a jobIt is easy to find a job, if you speak French and English
Distance from France1h30 flight (100eu return ticket)
Cultural lifeNumerous museums, exhibitions, markets
NightlifeVery dynamic
Transportation73 euros (3 months) 238 euros (12 months)