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Discover the Vltava, the river of Prague

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Prague’s river, the Vltava, is very famous! Indeed, it crosses the city and cuts it in two, offering its inhabitants the perfect opportunity to take a walk and enjoy the warm summer evenings.

But the Vltava is more than just the river of Prague. The river flows through a huge part of the Czech Republic. It is a river that you will find almost everywhere you go!

Which river flows through Prague?


If you are familiar with Prague or have never been there before, it will not have escaped your attention that the city is cut in half by a river. It is the Vltava (its Czech name), which in France is called the Moldau.

How many kilometers is the Vltava?

From its source to its end point, the Vltava is about 430 kilometers long. The Vltava River is very well known in the Czech Republic and is very popular with the locals, especially because it is a great place to do a lot of water sports and family activities.

Where does the Prague River flow?

The Vltava, the Prague River, flows through the entire Bohemian region from the far south to the north. It passes through some of the most beautiful towns in the country. Český Krumlov, České Budějovice or Písek and then Prague come to mind. It then flows upstream to Mělník where it flows into the Elbe River.

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What to do in the Prague River?

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From outdoor activities and farmers’ markets to parties and other events, there are countless things to do on the Naplavka and Vltava riverside. Find out which ones.

Outdoor activities

Cruises are organized in Prague and the larger cities, while you can also kayak down the river. Others prefer to take a pedal boat tour of the city, so that they can fully enjoy the view of the capital’s monuments, because yes, pedal boat tours are limited to a rather small area!

Evenings and events

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In addition to these outdoor activities, which are more nature-oriented, it is also possible to enjoy the river in Prague in a very different way. How? The evenings organized on Naplavka, the banks of the river.

There are many alternative music concerts and bars that are either built into the riverbank or directly into the stone. The parties on the banks of the Vltava are very famous and attract a lot of people.

It is the ideal place to chat and exchange. Some of the bars are very famous, so be sure to arrive on time or you may not have a seat.

Farmers’ markets

The other great find is the farmers’ markets. There are a lot of them organized throughout the year on the banks of the Prague River.

These markets are an opportunity for small producers to showcase their products. There are also markets that focus on French food, Asian food, burgers, etc., in order to fully enjoy international flavors.


Finally, for those who wish to enjoy a moment of relaxation, some boats that float on the Vltava River all year round allow you to play beach volleyball, participate in exhibitions, plays and even enjoy a sauna!

The Lazne na lodi serves as a spa and sauna in the middle of winter, for an absolutely improbable experience on the banks of the Prague river.

All about the Vltava River in Prague

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The Vltava is much more than just the Prague River. It is a place of life and activities located in the very heart of the city. It is a place where many people like to go, especially when the summer weather is fine.

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