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Understanding the cost of living in Prague

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When traveling abroad or considering expatriation, one of the first things to do is, in addition to finding out about the weather and temperatures, to learn more about prices and the cost of living in general.

That’s why, in the following article, we’ll give you all the information you need to better determine the cost of living in Prague, to better budget your vacation or your moving project, in short, to better organize your stay in Prague!

Understanding the cost of living in Prague

In the rest of this article, we will discuss several essential elements of daily life. Whether it’s the price of an apartment, the price of a restaurant, the price of transportation or the price of a cab ride, we’ll try to take a look at everything in order to give you a global but real overview of the cost of living in Prague!


Our main expenses concern rent. An apartment in Prague costs, on average :

  • 10 to 12,000 crowns for a shared room. It is possible to find cheaper if you look hard enough! (445eu on average)
  • 15 to 18.000 crowns for a small studio, alone (660eu on average)
  • 20.000 crowns and much more for a large apartment, alone or with two people (800eu on average)

As for hotels in Prague, you will find everything. If you want to save money, you should choose a youth hostel in Prague. For those who want more comfort, an AirBnb can be a good option.

In any case, the rates vary according to your desires, the standing of the establishment, etc..

The charges

In addition to the rent, if you wish to live on site, think of a telephone subscription, an internet subscription as well as the charges related to water, gas and electricity. All in all, the bill can rise to about 100 euros, if not more.


One of the main expenses is transportation. There are several ways to pay:

  • 30 crowns, for 30 minutes (1.2eu)
  • 40 crowns for 90 minutes (3.6eu)
  • 120 crowns for 24 hours (4.8eu)
  • 330 crowns for 72 hours (13.3eu)

That’s it for the vacations. If you live there, you should buy a yearly ticket, which will cost you 3650 crowns (about 150eu). A good way to reduce your expenses and therefore the cost of living in Prague is to walk!

Good to know

The transport ticket allows you to take any means of transportation. You can take the bus, the metro or the streetcar! If you want to take a cab, you will have to pay a little more. However, Uber rides are possible.

Bars and restaurants

Finding out about the cost of living in Prague also means finding out the prices in bars and restaurants. A pint of beer will usually cost you 1.5eu. A dinner for two people, if you drink water, will cost you at least 500 crowns.

Again, it depends on the quality of the restaurant. If you are looking for a Michelin-starred restaurant in Prague, the price is bound to be higher. On the other hand, a typical restaurant in areas such as Žižkov or Holešovice should not cost you much.

Finally, think about tipping. It is customary in Prague to leave 10% of the final bill as a tip. You can go lower, higher or simply round off the bill… Or you can leave none (but you might be looked down upon).

Visits and museums

Technically, you can find some visits free! Other monuments require a small fee, which is usually quite low. It is estimated that the entrance fee for some of the most beautiful places in the capital is 3 – 7 euros (5 euros on average).

You can also opt for the “Prague Card” which is a pass that allows you to visit almost everything for an average of 80 euros.

Good to know

Check out our list of the 10 best museums in Prague to organize visits that suit you, at the best price.

Cost of living in Prague, latest observations

For the past few years, prices have been rising in Prague, inevitably impacting the cost of living. The reputation of the capital, which was once seen as an affordable city, is no longer really relevant.

However, by going off-center and targeting places, establishments and restaurants in areas other than the city center and its surroundings, you can still find good deals and enjoy a vacation or a daily life that is finally quite affordable.