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Where can you find the best cocktails in Prague ?

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It makes no sense to enjoy Prague without visiting a cocktail bar! Indeed, while the city and the country as a whole are famous for the many varieties of beer on offer, the Czech capital is also a city of succulent cocktails. If you’re a fan of the Sex on The Beach or the Mojito, join us on our quest for the best cocktail bars in Prague!

What are the best cocktail bars in Prague?

Prague has many cocktail bars where you can try out the latest trends. However, some establishments are more interesting to discover than others: unusual settings, affordable prices, quality drinks, discover without further ado our selection of the best cocktail bars in Prague, Czech Republic.

Tiki Taky

tiki taky

It’s impossible to start our list of the best cocktail bars in Prague without mentioning Tiki Taky. Located at Cimburkova 22, 130 00 Praha 3-Žižkov, it’s a small but unusual place.

Indeed, every effort has been made to evoke Hawaii and the world surrounding this island paradise. Prices are affordable and the cocktails excellent. But make sure you book well in advance. If you don’t make a reservation, you could be left at the door.

Anonymous Bar

anonymous bar

The Anonymous Bar, located at 12, Michalská 432, Staré Město (Old Town district, right in the center), is the perfect place to enjoy a tight cocktail. The menu offers a wide choice, and some of the drinks are not only unusual, but also particularly powerful.

As for the place itself, it’s all about the world of V Pour Vendetta (or Anonymous). Once again, book ahead. Finally, it’s worth pointing out that cocktails here can be a little pricey, but you’ll still enjoy a wild experience. A themed bar, which we think is worth discovering during your visit.

Penta Hotel

penta hotel

The Penta Hotel is, as its name suggests, a lounge hotel, and a rather luxurious one at that. However, you can also enjoy a drink here, including some excellent cocktails. Mai Thai and Whisky Sour are to be enjoyed without restraint!

Affordably priced, you can also enjoy a free pool table and a cosy, relaxing atmosphere by a (fake) open fire. In short, we wanted to include this establishment on our list of the best cocktail bars in Prague, even if you can enjoy a beer or even a coffee.



Located right in the middle of Bořivojova, the street with the most bars per capita in Europe, Bukowski has established itself as one of Žižkov’s most popular bars. The cocktails are simply fantastic, affordable and varied.

Last but not least, you’ll have the opportunity to discover one of the liveliest streets in the district. As you can see, this is one of the establishments not to be missed if you want to enjoy the nightlife in Prague!

The Hemingway

the hemingway

The Hemingway bar is another of Prague’s best-known cocktail bars. Located on Rue Karoliny Světlé, it offers a frankly pleasant interior space that would almost make you feel at home. Cocktails based on rum, whisky and other strong spirits are on the menu, to satisfy all customer desires. A quiet little paradise that suddenly comes alive in the middle of the evening.



L’Fleur is located right on V Kolkovně street. If you go there, let yourself be tempted by the “Golden Globe“, their signature cocktail. You’ll also find rum, whisky and even champagne cocktails on the menu! The interior is cosy and warm, thanks in particular to the use of old wooden furniture. For lovers of softer drinks, you’ll also find a selection of beers!

Le Fermé

le ferme

Located in the heart of Žižkov, Le Fermé has been given a makeover. From a frankly unattractive old rade, the owners have redone the whole place. The result is a sumptuous, cosy and above all modern establishment.

The menu is quite varied, and you’ll find a number of hearty cocktails, such as the famous Mimosa, to get your evening off to a good start before tackling the bulk of the menu. A bar worth discovering, which also deserves its place on our list of Prague’s best cocktail bars.

Josie Bar

josie bar

Josie Bar is located in the heart of Žižkov. Inside, you’ll be surprised by its chill and cosy atmosphere. A space that really makes you want to sit back and sip a good cocktail. In addition to the relaxing atmosphere, you’ll appreciate the pool table and the music, which seems to have been created just for this place. As for the staff, they’re really very nice!



The Malkovich cocktail bar is just a few meters from the Bukowski (at Bořivojova 623/100). The place is well known and very busy. We therefore urge you to reserve your table rather than go there unprepared. The “Dark Stormy” cocktail is one of the most ordered on the menu… And rightly so. In short, a very pleasant place, with a minimalist design, that we warmly recommend.


cobra bar

The Cobra cocktail bar is located in the very heart of Letná. It’s one of our favorite Prague cocktail bars. You’ll find everything here: powerful drinks, a DJ and good music, and a very contemporary, trendy design.

In short, it’s one of the places we recommend most if you’re a fan of new discoveries. Feeling peckish? Instead of trying the typical restaurant experience, order directly on the spot!

Book your stay and try out Prague’s best cocktail bars

Would you like to discover the best cocktail bars in the Czech capital? First of all, take a look at our Prague flight and hotel comparisons to get the best current offers. Once there, you’ll be able to make the most of your day by discovering Prague’s must-see monuments and unusual bars, before indulging in a Tequila Sunrise or Bloody Mary!