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The best nightclubs in Amsterdam

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Amsterdam, from the point of view of the nightlife, has much more to offer than coffee shops, casinos or bars. Indeed, the Dutch capital is also known for its many clubs.

If you happen to visit the city, you will be surprised by the many nightclubs that are open until late, often even into the early hours of the morning.

That’s why, in the following article, we will introduce you to the clubs and discotheques of Amsterdam, to enjoy an evening with a crazy atmosphere.


Looking for information on the best nightclubs in Amsterdam? No need to look any further. In fact, we suggest you take a look at our list below. You’ll get a good idea!


shelter amsterdam

Located in the basement of the A’Dam Toren, the nightclub Shelter Amsterdam is an underground nightclub that is not really recommended for those who are used to dancing to the sounds that are playing on the radio.

On the contrary, this place is for those who are serious party people and who are not especially afraid to dance and enjoy the sound of intense, sometimes brutal music.

A place open 24 hours a day (on weekends), in which DJs take over from each other.
A surprising universe thus, based on big speakers, house and techno music, the whole being coupled with a speaker with dark colors… A unique experience!



BRET is not only a nightclub in Amsterdam. The place also serves as a beer bar and a restaurant. Of course, the interior is often transformed for crazy parties.

On the program? Local DJs who are not well known on the national or international scene but who are probably going to become so.

Real talents of the music thus benefit from a rather pleasant evening. You will also appreciate the small corner terrace where you can relax and enjoy a good cocktail. To discover at the beginning of the evening or after a passage in a pub!


Warehouse Elementenstraat

If the Warehouse Elementenstraat is so well known and appreciated, it’s mainly because of its incredible history and especially its resilience. This place is located in the old industrial district, in the west of the city, in an old peanut factory.

Disused, the hangar was the Mecca of rave parties in the capital, in the early 90s … Before catching fire. The fire having destroyed a huge part of the premises, the Warehouse Elementenstraat remained closed for a good twenty years.

Today, it has reopened and its legendary past makes this place one of the best nightclubs in Amsterdam.


Club mystique

Unique in its kind, Club Mystique is divided into several large areas:

  • A cocktail bar, offering excellent drinks;
  • A lounge area, for those who wish to reserve a table;
  • Numerous dance floors and a stage;

350 people can meet in this Latin music mecca. What’s on the agenda? Dance music, salsa, bachata and merengue.

If you live in the area and are looking for dance lessons, this is the perfect place! Finally, be careful, the club doesn’t let just anyone in, so it’s best to be well-dressed. Perfect after a night out in a fancy pub.


Chicago Social Club

This Amsterdam nightclub is divided into two large floors. Located right in the city center, this club is in the best possible location: a bar crawl can be organized, ending on the dance floor.

The Chicago Social Club is also popular with locals for the good cocktails that are offered on the menu. It is one of the bars – clubs in the capital that stays open the latest during the week.

The entrance and the drinks are a bit expensive but it’s worth it to try it at least once in your life! In short, a crazy atmosphere in one of the most exclusive clubs of Amsterdam.


De School

Formerly a school, De School is one of the most atypical nightclubs in Amsterdam. It was taken over by the team that already ran Trouw. It was then in 2016. Today, the club is open H24 and allows you to enjoy a rather unlikely environment.

A little dark, sometimes smoky, De School is an ecosystem, a city within the city. You will find there, in addition to a club, several concert halls as well as a super vegetarian restaurant. Even crazier, there is a space for exhibitions and a gym redecorated in the style of the 60s.

7. AIR


AIR is a nightclub in Amsterdam, which opened its doors in 2010. Since then? From Thursday to Sunday, from 11pm to 4 or 5am, this club offers everything! RnB, Urban, hits, dancehall and many other styles, you will certainly not have time to get bored.

On the spot, are also organized with topics in order to fully benefit from the music which one likes. For example, the “OMG its Sunday” parties are dedicated to RnB and hip-hop!



A former funeral home (yes, you read that right), the club VLLA is a unique place in Amsterdam, offering incredible parties based on electronic music. For many, it is the coziest nightclub in town.

As a result, a lot of regulars like to go there. Another very positive point: the prices.

Indeed, the VLLA is one of the most affordable nightclubs of Amsterdam, whether it is on the level of the entry or on the level of the prices of the drinks. In short, a place that we highly recommend.



Claire is a club in which you will find two rooms with diametrically opposed music. One of them proposes old-school house music while the other one lets the local DJs have fun, with the aim of course, to be known.

A nightclub that we invite you to discover since it is not so expensive and allows you to enjoy a rather animated evening, with both atmospheres. Ideal to enjoy with friends, to decompress from a long week.

10. OT301

OT301 is a club in Amsterdam, totally different. One of the flagships of the Dutch nightlife. Formerly a squat, this place has become a perfectly legal nightclub, where DJs and artists play crazy sets.

The interior is reminiscent of an episode of Star Wars. A hip hop, electro, sometimes underground sound… Which has the advantage of offering some of the cheapest beers in Amsterdam.

The promise of a drunken evening and a good coffee the next morning. In short, we highly recommend it! For more drinks, have a look at the best bars in Amsterdam!


You will have understood, in Amsterdam, the nightlife is quite dynamic. Whether it’s in a club, a bar or even a café, you’ll always have something to enjoy.

One thing you should know is that no matter which nightclub you go to (in Leidseplein, Rembrandtplein or Melkweg or even in another part of Amsterdam), you should expect to pay an entrance fee.

However, you will find in Amsterdam, discos, clubs of great quality and especially, for all tastes (electro, hip hop or even rock!). In short, it would be a shame to visit Amsterdam without taking the time to explore its nightlife.

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