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The most beautiful Christmas markets in Vienna

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Let’s face it, visiting Vienna in December without taking the time to discover some of its most beautiful Christmas markets… It’s a bad idea!

If you love Christmas and you want to discover some of the most beautiful sites of the Austrian capital at the end of the year, we propose you a list of the Christmas markets of Vienna that you should not miss.

All about the Christmas markets in Vienna

When the holiday season comes around, Vienna is, without a doubt, one of the most beautiful European capitals. The city undergoes a real transformation! 

Festive decorations, aromas of cinnamon and other pastries that can be smelled everywhere, the smell of mulled wine on every corner… In short, there is something to really enjoy, thanks to the numerous Christmas markets that can be found all over the Austrian capital.

The market of the Vienna City Hall

The Christmas market of the Vienna City Hall is, for sure, one of the most beautiful in Europe. The entrance is marked by a huge vaulted door, decorated with dozens of candles. No doubt, Christmas is coming soon.

Take advantage of this outing to wander through the many alleys of this typical market. You will find :

  • Gift ideas ;
  • Handicrafts;
  • Many culinary specialties (to eat and drink);
  • Decorations of all kinds for your tree.

A little further on, you will find a very large ice rink, the Vienna Ice World. It is located in the park of the city hall and is open to everyone.

A few turns on ice skates will allow you to discover the center of the old town in a whole new way. The perfect place if you are with your partner.

The Christmas market at Maria Theresien Platz

The Maria Theresien Platz is surrounded by beautiful buildings, such as:

  • The art history museum;
  • The museum of natural history.

This area of the capital is one of the busiest in normal times. During the holiday season, it is not surprising that this area is always so crowded. 

The stalls, on the spot, are quite classic. Indeed, you will find small wooden huts in which are offered for sale anything and everything. Works of art, mulled wine, punch and local food, very typical of this month of December.

The Christmas market on the Stephansplatz in Vienna

Located at the foot of the Stephensplatz cathedral, in the heart of the city, this Christmas market in Vienna is really hard to miss. It’s simple, even if you do it on purpose, you’ll have trouble avoiding it.

About forty small wooden huts are usually built on the spot. The products offered are, once again, quite typical. They come from all over the country and feature many local producers.

The big advantage of the Stephansplatz Christmas market is its location. It is located in the middle of a magnificent setting. In the evening, the cathedral’s illuminations make the place even more magical!

The Schönbrunn Christmas Market

Schönbrunn Palace is one of the most important monuments in Vienna. It is therefore not surprising that one of the most beautiful Christmas markets of the Austrian capital is organized there.

You will love to walk through the Schönbrunner Schloßstraße gate before you see this magnificent setting. To be honest, this is probably one of the most pleasant moments to spend in Vienna.

Drinking a glass of mulled wine and eating a “Delikatessen” in front of this historical and important castle is simply magical. We highly recommend it, even if the place is crowded. It is really worth it.

The Freyung Christmas Market

The Freyung Christmas market is one of the most unusual and unexpected places in the city. Indeed, it is a place in which they celebrate the end of the year celebrations, as in 1772. On the spot, you can buy:

  • Ceramic products;
  • Glass decorations;
  • Handicrafts;
  • Traditional nativity scenes.

The latter is located near the Christmas market Am Hof, which is known for its many choirs. The whole offers a rather unusual spectacle where modernity and traditions of yesteryear are mixed to perfection.

The Christmas market at Riesenradplatz

The Riesenradplatz is the place of the Giant Ferris Wheel. In other words, this Christmas market in Vienna is the occasion for you to drink a good glass of mulled wine with a view on the Prater of the capital… Or even sitting in it. 

Another interesting point, from Wednesday to Sunday, you will have the chance to see (free) concerts, on the big stage of the amusement park. A show not to be missed, especially since you will then have the opportunity to have fun with the many games and roller coasters. 

When do the Christmas markets in Vienna open?

Generally speaking, the Christmas markets in Vienna all open at the same time, around the end of November. This year, the date of the 20th has been chosen. The markets will then be open until the beginning of January, on the 6th.

Where to stay in Vienna in December?

Are you planning to discover the city of Vienna and its beautiful Christmas markets in December? In order to organize your stay in the best possible way, don’t hesitate to discover our article on the best hotels in the Austrian capital.

Quality establishments, accessible from any budget. Be careful though. In December, faced with the influx of tourists, hotel groups do not hesitate to increase their prices.

Christmas markets in Vienna, in brief

In Austria, and more particularly in Vienna, Christmas is a real institution. Whether on Rathausplatz, Karlsplatz, Schronbrunn Palace or elsewhere, the city is decked out in lights.

The Christmas markets are an opportunity to showcase local crafts, enjoy live music or drink good wine. In short, the atmosphere is really exceptional and we can only recommend you to go there.