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The most beautiful Christmas markets in Munich

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In Bavaria, Christmas is widely celebrated. All over Munich there are small Christmas markets here and there.

Naturally, the atmosphere is great and everyone is enjoying the most beautiful spots in the city with a glass of mulled wine and warm food.

Would you like to know more about it or even travel to Germany for the holidays? We tell you all about it, in the following article!

The dates of the Christmas markets in Munich

Would you like to discover Bavaria and Munich in particular during the Christmas season? In 2022, the city’s Christmas markets will open their doors to the general public from November 21 until December 24. This is your chance to plan, organize and fly away for a wonderful holiday.

The Christmas Market at Marienplatz

Incredible as it may seem, Munich has no less than 9 different Christmas markets! Of course, the most famous (and most visited by locals and tourists alike) is the one at Marienplatz.

Here you can expect to find everything that makes a good Christmas market, including

  • Hot wine (Glühwein) with cinnamon;
  • Toys on all sides;
  • Gifts and other handmade items;
  • Warm and typical food!

Why celebrate the holidays in Bavaria?

Munich is a very festive city. The atmosphere here, coupled with the somewhat “medieval” aspect of the center, makes for a unique and very enjoyable experience. In addition to the classic decorations, don’t miss the famous Christmas tree!

The latter is an attraction in itself. Indeed, it is usually more than 30 meters high and is decorated with more than 2500 candles! As you can see, it is important not to miss it.

The other Christmas markets in Munich

As explained, several Christmas markets are organized in the city and each one has its own particularities. Here are the ones you should not miss.

The market at Wittelsbacherplatz

In addition to the Marienplatz Christmas market, we highly recommend the one at Wittelsbacherplatz. The reason? It is a medieval market. You will find typical Bavarian dishes from that time.

The vendors and shopkeepers are also dressed up. In short, going there is a guarantee that you will take a leap into the past.

The Rindermarkt market

We also recommend the Rindermarkt Christmas market. This is the largest nativity scene market, not in the region, but in the whole country. Absolutely everything has been thought to remind the original nativity scene, with the presence of the Three Wise Men, lanterns, a donkey and even fodder!

The Haidhausen market

If you are in Munich on a Friday night, head to the Haudhausen Christmas market. There you will see many choirs, groups and choruses singing the most beautiful Christmas carols every day of the week

But Friday is a special day. In addition to the carols, the famous “Haidhauser Lichternacht” (night of lights) is organized. Parades and lantern rides are organized for the children. The spectacle is magnificent.

The pink market

The pink Christmas market in Munich is a very unusual alternative. Indeed, on the spot, everything is decorated in pink or purple. The place is quite small, so you won’t stay there very long, but enough to be amazed by the pretty colors.

This pink Christmas market is entirely run by Munich’s LGBT community but is of course open to everyone. In the evening, expect shows and other unusual performances (cabaret, drag queens etc…)

Where to sleep in Munich for the holidays?

Are you planning to discover the Bavarian capital during December? Would you like to stroll through the different Christmas markets in Munich for a weekend with your family and friends?

We suggest you discover our selection of the 10 brunches in Munich, in a special article dedicated to this topic. Be careful, remember to book well in advance. Prices tend to increase at the end of the year, as demand increases.