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How to celebrate Christmas in Prague

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Celebrating Christmas in Prague? Now that’s an excellent idea. There’s nothing more beautiful or magical than visiting the Czech capital and the whole country in December. This is your chance to take full advantage of the snow and the sumptuousness of the capital.

Indeed, its many buildings glow when winter comes and the temperatures are cool. It’s a chance for you to discover the city from a completely new angle, despite the somewhat capricious weather.

Why visit Prague at Christmas?

I can tell you straight away that visiting Prague in December is an excellent idea. And why is that? The city, already sublime in normal times, shines in the middle of winter, especially when night falls, along with the snow.

The snowflakes give the Czech capital a magical air, which is enhanced by the lights of the castle in the distance. In short, you won’t be wasting your time at all by visiting Prague in the middle of December. Visiting Prague in December also means taking advantage of the many Christmas markets.

You’ll find plenty of them in the Old Town Square. These are some of the most beautiful markets in Europe, scattered all over the place, and easy to get to on foot, especially from the centre, whatever the weather.

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What's the weather like in Prague in December?

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But you’d better be prepared. In winter, and more generally in December and January, temperatures in Prague and the rest of the Czech Republic can plummet and flirt with -10 degrees, or even -15

Difficult weather, I’m sure you’ll agree, especially as you’ll have to deal with some precipitation (rain and snow). That’s why we strongly recommend that you opt for warm, waterproof clothing and, above all, plenty of pairs of socks. They’ll save your stay.

You don’t want to end up with wet feet. If it’s really too cold, don’t hesitate to head for warm and welcoming establishments. We’ve put together a list of the best cafés in Prague for you!

Christmas in the Czech Republic: what to see in Prague

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Here you are in the Czech Republic in the middle of December! So what’s there to do? Rest assured, the city has plenty to offer. A bit like Strasbourg, the Christmas market is scattered all over the city.

So make your way to Republic Square (Náměstí republiky), Charles Bridge or opposite the castle and enjoy the small shops, stalls and a glass of mulled wine.

At this Prague Christmas market, you can also buy traditional handicrafts, sumptuous decorations, but also sample classic cakes, such as the braided Christmas cake (vánočka), as well as vanilla petit fours or gingerbread and walnut cakes.

What do you eat on Christmas Eve in the Czech Republic?

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Want to celebrate Christmas Eve like a local? In the Czech Republic, Christmas festivities are not really like ours. On the contrary, there’s no turkey, petits fours or anything else. Instead, the main course is potato salad, accompanied by breaded carp.

Once the meal is over, it’s time to receive the presents brought by the local Father Christmas, “Ježizek”, short for “Ježiž”, for Jesus. Before him, it was St Nicholas who brought the presents. The character of Ježizek is very important to the local culture, and an end-of-year celebration would not have the same flavour without him.

By the way, how do you say Merry Christmas in Czech? Our friends have several ways of saying it, Veselé Vánoce being the most common. You can also say it in three other ways, such as Hezké svátky, Krásné svátky and Příjemné svátky.

Christmas in Prague: when do we open the presents?

As we have just seen, there is no Father Christmas in the Czech Republic. Another surprise is that presents are opened on the evening of 24 December. So if you were to spend the festive season with a local family, you would be invited to unwrap your presents and give your own just a few minutes after dinner.

What happens on the 25th and 26th after Christmas Eve?

25 and 26 December are public holidays in the Czech Republic. These days are considered sacred, as they provide an opportunity to celebrate Christmas dinner (Boží hod vánoční) and St Stephen’s Day.

On this day, teachers, students, children and the poor used to take to the streets to sing Christmas carols. Today, things have changed and families get together to celebrate.

Why do we love Prague at Christmas?

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Prague in December, Prague at Christmas time, is a whole new city. You’ll love the snow that falls and the lights that illuminate the whole city, whether in the centre, in the more remote districts or around the castle.

And don’t forget to admire the magnificent Christmas tree and the many wooden chalets at the Christmas markets. It’s an activity that attracts a lot of tourists, especially at the main metro exits, but it’s well worth a visit.

In short, Prague in December is something you really must do at least once in your life!

Our advice

Prague at Christmas is magnificent. The best part? Visit the markets in the middle of the night to take in the absolutely sumptuous lights. It’s a great way to enhance your stay, no matter which district you’re in or which hotel you stay in.

Why go to Prague for Christmas?

Are you planning to spend the festive season in the Czech Republic? Don’t forget to book a hotel or hotel room well in advance. Places are expensive and organizing a trip at this time of year can be a real ordeal.

In any case, when you’re there, make the most of the old town, the Charles Bridge or the Clock Tower and its cathedral. The capital of Bohemia is a real discovery, especially when the snow falls. Plan your days as well as possible and marvel at one of Europe’s most beautiful capitals.

So why visit Prague at Christmas?

A visit to Prague, a tour of the capital, cannot be complete without a stop at a restaurant or even at the capital’s main sights, which you should not hesitate to discover in detail. Are you planning to celebrate Christmas in Prague?

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