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Travel guide: all about České Budějovice

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České Budějovice is a town in the south of the Czech Republic. Known for having given its name to one of the country’s best-loved beers, this one has many other assets to boast about. In the rest of this content, we present everything you need to know about České Budějovice in order to spend a day or two there! A comprehensive guide, which we hope you’ll find useful. 

Where is České Budějovice going ?

České Budějovice lies in the south of the Czech Republic. The town lies around 150 kilometers south of Prague. It’s also just over 30 kilometers from another town we introduced you to: Český Krumlov. 

How do I get to České Budějovice?

Getting to České Budějovice really isn’t that complicated. In fact, you can take the road, either by car or by bus. It takes around 2 hours to reach your destination. From Prague’s main railway station, around 30 trains also depart, for a journey of around 2h30 – 3h. 

What to do in České Budějovice?

But by the way, what to do when you visit České Budějovice? Check out our selection of the 5 best activities to do there. 

1. Budějovický Budvar Brewery

Brasserie Budejovicky Budvar

It is said of České Budějovice, that it is the only place in the world where real Budvar is made. The current brewery, founded in 1895, is one of the city’s landmarks. Indeed, it was very quickly considered one of the best in the country and was quick to impose its stamp around the world. Would you like to discover it?

A guided tour can be organised, during which you will discover all the secrets behind the making of the famous Budvar. And, of course, a tasting session can be arranged once the tour is over !

2. The historic centre

visite ceske budejovice

The historic centre of České Budějovice is very well known. There’s a large square (typical of the Czech Republic), colourful old houses, a pretty fountain and a tall, black tower from which you’ll have an incredible view of the surrounding area. Near the centre are other important places in České Budějovice :

  • Saint-Nicolas Cathedral
  • Place des Piaristes
  • The Dominican monastery
  • The Solnice building

3. The Black Tower

la tour noire ceske budejovice

We were talking about it just before: the Black Tower in České Budějovice is one of the city’s most impressive monuments. The story goes that it’s a skeleton that’s in charge of ringing the bells (signifying someone’s death). Only children can see it.

4. Hluboká nad Vltavou Castle

4. chateau hluboka nad vltavou

For many, it is the most sympathetic, romantic and pleasant castle in the whole of Bohemia. These people are probably not wrong. A magnificent Gothic-style castle that can be visited. Take the opportunity to go for some lovely walks in the surrounding park.

Inside, you’ll appreciate the many works of art, the furniture and all the pastry murals that adorn the various rooms. In short, it’s a place we really recommend you visit if you get the chance.

Where to eat in České Budějovice?

repas Ceske Budejovice

Are you passing through České Budějovice? We’ve selected a few restaurants that might interest you. Let’s start with Solnice. This is a restaurant housed in an old salt warehouse. Here you can enjoy traditional dishes. 

For fans of “world” food, we recommend Bohemia instead. It’s an establishment offering quality dishes. Mind you, the menu is pretty small but the produce used is top quality. In short, you can’t go wrong !

Finally, we recommend (highly), Masné krámy. This is an old restaurant in České Budějovice, known among locals for being very good value. An establishment located in the old meat market. So finding it shouldn’t really be a problem.

Where to have a drink in České Budějovice?

Poetic Cocktail Bar Zluta Ponorka

Looking for a drink? There are plenty of establishments in České Budějovice offering excellent beers and other cocktails. First suggested stop: the Poetic Cocktail Bar Zluta Ponorka where you’ll be treated to incredible cocktails, in a crazy atmosphere. 

For many, it’s one of the best bars in town! We’d also like to introduce you to the Gin Bar. As its name suggests, this establishment specialises in selling gin-based drinks. A must-see for fans of the genre. For the rest of us? Choose a more typical bar. Which is it?

Singer Pub, probably! Czech beer lovers love going here, as do many locals for whom it’s the ideal place to go to relax with friends, colleagues.

České Budějovice : our recommendations

We invite you to organise a short break in České Budějovice – Český Krumlov, to make the most of southern Bohemia. Allow at least 3 days to take full advantage of the many surprises the two towns have to offer ! Do you have any questions ? Don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll be happy to advise you !