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The 10 best brunches in Barcelona

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As the capital of the Catalonia region, Barcelona never ceases to attract tourists who traveled from all over the world to discover its famous monuments and places to party with friends.

For tourists who also want to take the time for a breakfast in the late morning, there are also very nice addresses to know. We explain this to you in this article.


In this article, we will introduce you to 10 places if you travel to Barcelona well known to the locals, but sometimes less known to tourists who want to eat fresh food and good quality.

If you want to know more about the city and its good places, don’t hesitate to read our article dedicated to the top 10 bars of Barcelona, when you go there.

1. CREMAT 11

Cremat 11

The welcome and service are known to be excellent at Cremat 11 with smiling, friendly staff and special attention to each customer. As for the dishes, you will discover generous and very greedy pancakes. We advise you of the avocado toast which is of perfect quality with soft eggs very well presented.

It is a peaceful place with very good food and a smiling and attentive staff. It’s well worth the short wait to get into this beautiful and friendly establishment located in Carrer Cremat Gran, 11, 08003.


Paisano Bistro

This is a cozy little café in the center of Barcelona near the Sagrada Familia that serves delicious breakfasts and brunches. We recommend the omelette, which is the most popular dish in the establishment.

The quality of the coffee and of all the products in general is incredible and deserves to be noted. We should also mention the very good quality of the staff in terms of reception and service. The Paisano Bistró is undoubtedly one of the nicest addresses for a brunch in Barcelona, located at Carrer de Lepant, 277, 08013.


La Cala Barceloneta 1

Located near the beach, La Cala Barceloneta restaurant offers good brunches and breakfast with delicious toasts, bowls and salads prepared with great care. The owners are very knowledgeable about the area, and can give you good advice on things to visit in the area.

The place is small but nice with lots of plants, fruits and vegetables that they use on a daily basis, the business is very “home made” and you can taste their own cakes. We recommend you to try vegan or regular banana bread. The address is Carrer de l’Escar, 18, 08039.


Zenith Brunch Cocktails

This is another very good restaurant with a varied brunch menu, with a nice proposal of Babel, pancakes and a great recipe for burger lovers.

The vegan pancake is gluten free, full of flavor and hearty enough. We recommend homemade lemonade which is very refreshing and without added sugar.

The service at Zenith Brunch & Cocktails is also attentive and tries to advise you as well as possible, the waiters are very professional at the top. We recommend the address Gran Via de les Corts Catalanes, 633, 08007.


Billy Brunch

A few blocks from the Sagrada Familia, Billy Brunch is considered one of the best brunches in Barcelona. However, you’ll have to be patient, because during the week it’s common to wait more than half an hour in the street to get a table.

It is good to know that the staff is perfectly aware of this, and offers you orange juice to wait. The plates are copious and the quality is good. As for the pancakes, they are simply divine as well as the energizing juices and the hot drinks on the menu.

The service is young, dynamic and very nice. Go to C/ de Bailèn, 115, 08009 to try the experience.


The Coffee House Barcelona

If you go to The Coffee House Barcelona restaurant, we recommend you to take the “combos” that serve breakfast and brunch with good eggs at unbeatable prices for everything served. The staff is very friendly in a peaceful environment.

However, you will need to be patient to be served as there are only a few employees and the kitchen is quite small. It’s worth the patience for the quality result pleasantly served. The address is C/ de València, 143, 08011.


Eixampeling Brunch Cafe Bar

The Eixampeling Brunch Café & Bar is also one of the best brunches in Barcelona in terms of price and speed of service. You have to wait in line, but you can get in quickly thanks to the efficient service of the staff. You will see that the decoration as well as the cakes attract the eye.

We recommend you to try the carrot cake which is one of the specialties of the establishment. Also note that they only accept a single payment for the whole table, so it will not be possible to divide the bill. The address is Carrer de la Diputació, 158, 08015.


Brunch Bakery 1

Located in Carrer de Déu i Mata, 52, Plaza De Can Roses, 08029, Brunch & Bakery is the perfect address to have a fresh and quality brunch. The waiters will make the effort to try to speak French with you, and are very friendly and attentive.

The food, as well as the hot drinks and fruit juices are excellent. The plus of this address is the decoration of the place, very “instagramable”.


Veg The Gang

Lovers of vegetarian dishes will appreciate the Veg& The Gang located in Carrer de Casanova, 195, 08036 Ba. A nice surprise awaits you in this restaurant with a nice decoration and a surprising menu.

Considered as a Vegan restaurant, you will discover a menu of Japanese inspiration proposed which is a delight even for flexitarians who will find their accounts there.

The service is perfectly taken care of with friendly waiters and sufficiently copious dishes. A perfect address for a romantic evening as a couple or more focused on discovery with friends.



Located a few minutes away from the seaside, Nolita is the ideal address to enjoy a good home-made brunch. With a very good welcome, you will find yourself in a very pleasant place with a very varied menu where the pancakes are simply delicious.

The presentation is neat, the food is of good quality and in good quantity. The whole at very honest prices, which makes the establishment a nice address to remember in value for money. We highly recommend you to go to Carrer de Llull, 230, 08005.


As you can see, finding restaurants in Barcelona that offer excellent meals on Sundays is not at all complicated. In Spain, the culinary culture is such that it is possible to book a brunch in Barcelona online at any time of the day or week.

For several dozen euros, you can have everything: eggs, smoothies, coffee, cocktails… In short, the best of the breakfast. Don’t hesitate to ask for more information. Maybe your hotel also offers this kind of service!


Barcelona is a city where you can find good places to enjoy the city and have a good time. Now you know some of them where to go for a good brunch if you decide to travel to Barcelona. If you want to know more about the city, don’t hesitate to discover the best hotels in Barcelona.

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