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The 10 best brunches in Seville

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Capital of Andalusia, Seville is known worldwide for being a city rich in history through its many monuments. Tourists flock to the city, which is known as the Pearl of Andalusia.

Many people spend several days visiting the city as a whole. To start your day in Seville, there is nothing like having a full belly to have the energy to face the heat in the city.

That’s why a good brunch is welcome for any good tourist who wants to make the most of his stay.

What are the best brunches in Seville?

In this article, we will present the 10 best brunches in Seville so that you know the best places to go from the start of your days in the city.

If you want to know more about the different places to discover during your stay, feel free to read our article dedicated to the 10 best ambient bars in Seville.

1. Ananás Coffee & Brunch

Ananas Coffee Brunch Seville

Ananás Coffee & Brunch is a very good vegetarian/vegan restaurant, which is located on the edge of the city center. You will enjoy a nice terrace to enjoy your brunch.

The food is fresh and delicious, we recommend you to try their bagel with a good smoothie. Note however that the prices are quite high, but the quality is there. Good brunch at C. Pirineos, 3, 41018.

2. Filo

Filo Seville

If you are looking for a good brunch in the historic center of Seville, the small restaurant Filo is a good address for you. The place is nice with its pleasant setting where a wide choice will be offered in the menu. Enjoy your meal at C. Hernando Colón, 19, 41004.

3. Paradas 7

Paradas 7 Seville

When you go to Paradas 7, we recommend you order their bagels, or their pancakes which are simply delicious, and served with a small bowl of fruit. As for the price, you won’t have to pay much, knowing that they serve good portions.

A nice little treat. We recommend it 100%. A good address located in C. Marqués de Paradas, 7, 41001.

4. Cocome

Cocome seville

A good breakfast during your stay is to take at Cocome where you will be very well received. All the waiters are very friendly, and you will be pleasantly served.

What to start your day well! The prices are very reasonable for the quality, the speed, and the setting that this small Seville café offers. Good brunch at C. Tarifa, 4, 41002

5. La Mala Brunch Rivero

La Mala Brunch Rivero seville

This is another great place for brunch called La Mala Brunch Rivero. Due to its popularity, you will find that the tables fill up very quickly.

The reason is simple: their food is delicious, and their prices are really affordable! That’s why you’ll have to get there early to enjoy it. A good time at C. Rivero, 7, 41004.

6. Patio San Eloy

Patio San Eloy Seville

With a very good welcome, Patio San Eloy offers excellent ham tapas. We recommend you try their good slices of bread with goat cheese au gratin with honey and toasted almonds.

This is the main reason why people go there, as this dish is so delicious. The address is C. Regina, 2, 41003.

7. Pan y Più

Pan y Piu Seville

Pan y Più is an excellent place to have breakfast. You will be treated to good homemade pastries. The chocolate palm is a must if you go there.

With a great welcome and service, you’ll want to come back a second time during your stay in Seville. Good brunch at C. Cabeza del Rey Don Pedro, 15, 41004.

8. Uno de Delicias

Uno de Delicias seville

If you’re looking to try some excellent, varied and original tapas to start your day, Uno de Delicias is a good option. They have a nice terrace overlooking the street that makes the atmosphere pleasant.

This small restaurant is quite popular, so we advise you to arrive early to be sure to have a place. A good address to start your day in P.º de las Delicias, 1, 41001.

9. Doña Encarna

Dona Encarna Seville

Doña Encarna has a very friendly staff that will welcome you. They, too, have a nice terrace where you can try their delicious brunches with nice hearty portions at reasonable prices. The address is Plaza de la Encarnación, 24, C. Puente y Pellón, 1, 41003.

10. Jester

Jester Seville

Let’s finish with the Jester which is a great place for a healthy and tasty breakfast when visiting Seville as a couple in a beautiful and charming place. We recommend you order their fruit bowls with homemade yogurt.

It is a good address if you are looking for a very good value for money with a pleasant and smiling staff. A good brunch to take at C. Prta de la Carne, 7a, 41004.

Enjoy your stay in Seville

Seville is a city full of history that we recommend you discover over several days, which is why we recommend you read our article on the best youth hostels in Seville to have a good list in hand before you arrive.