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The 10 best brunches in Munich

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You are tempted by the idea of enjoying a good brunch during your stay in Munich, but don’t really know where to go? Fortunately, we have selected for you no less than 10 establishments! 1

0 restaurants offering quality brunches and breakfasts that are sure to fill your stomach before you head out to discover all that the Bavarian capital has to offer.

What are the best brunches in Munich?

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Whether it’s during the week or at the weekend, a good breakfast is always a good way to spend the day. That’s why we wanted to show you our selection of the 10 best brunches in Munich.

It remains to be seen which one is the best. Here, we can’t help you, it will be up to you to test them, to discover them.

1. Kaisergarten


The Kaisergarten is an establishment whose decoration is rather rustic. We appreciate a lot the chalet aspect. You will find there fresh flowers, logs of wood etc… A rather unusual place, which is in the heart of Munich.

The brunch is rather classic but very well worked. The portions are quite large, allowing you to enjoy an excellent meal. In summer, you can enjoy the outdoor terrace. But don’t forget to make a reservation.

2. Wagners


Wagners is a restaurant offering healthy brunches. Smoothies, fruit bowls, salads, we really appreciate this “healthy” aspect of the menus. It is a place appreciated by the locals who are served very quickly.

The seats are very comfortable and the place even has WiFi. So, you can go there for a coffee and work. This Munich brunch is located at Fraunhoferstraße 43. Nearby is one of the best brunches in Munich.

3. Mr. Pancake

Mr. Pancake

The name of the place speaks for itself. If you are a fan of American-style pancakes for breakfast, you are strongly advised to go to Mr. Pancake. The menus are varied and copious.

If you really want to treat yourself, try the “Russland” and “Amerikaner” menu with scrambled eggs. For many, this is the best pancake restaurant in town.

4. Café Reitschule

Cafe Reitschule

Café Reitschule is more of a Munich brunch spot to go to in the summer. The outdoor terrace is amazing, and offers a great view of the surrounding stables, the English garden and its little river.

Don’t worry, the establishment is also open in winter. We appreciate the very warm interior decoration. The products sold and used for your meal all come from local farmers.

5. LAX Eatery

LAX Eatery

At LAX Eatery, you will have the opportunity to eat exceptional products. It’s a great way to indulge in a truly comprehensive brunch. 

Fruit bowls, French toast and pancakes are available for purchase, all accompanied by coffee and tea of outstanding quality. Located in Neureutherstraße 1, this establishment is not to be missed.

6. Café Westend

Cafe Westend

For some locals, this is one of the best brunches in Munich. First thing to know: you’ll need to make a reservation. What’s next? It’s up to you to indulge yourself. Pancakes, fruit, salads, scrambled eggs, you’ll find it all.

Ideal to prepare for a long day of walking or to recover from an evening out in one of the many bars in the Bavarian capital.

7. Tresznjewski


Located in the heart of Maxvorstadt, the Tresznjewski is surrounded by some of Munich’s most famous museums (Alte, Neue and Pinakothek der Moderne). The plates served for your breakfast are hearty and are sure to please.

Fresh bread, eggs, cheese or meat, or try the traditional Bavarian breakfast with Weißwurst (white sausage).

8. Café Glockenspiel GmbH

Cafe Glockenspiel GmbH

Café Glockenspiel is a restaurant with a view of the Marienplatz, which offers its guests a full brunch. With its incredible selection of cut meats, eggs and fresh fruit, you will not lack for choices.

A downtown location that makes it easy to get back on the road to some of the typical sights of the Bavarian capital.

9. Rooftop Bar TU München

Rooftop Bar TU Munchen

Probably the highest brunch in Munich. Located on a rooftop, this establishment is very popular with locals who enjoy the view but also the weekend brunch. For 15 euros, you have access to an all-you-can-eat buffet.

The offer is very attractive and has quickly found its public. We invite you to make a reservation if you want to try it, otherwise you might never find a place.

10. Gartensalon


The Gartensalon is a great brunch spot in Munich. It is often cited for the quality of its light dishes. It serves chia pudding, products from local bakeries, lentil or avocado toast and much more.

An establishment that is more geared towards vegetarian and vegan options. It’s a very charming, garden-like little cafe that’s sure to please.

Brunch in Munich

In Germany and especially in Munich, brunches are a real institution. We wanted, through this small selection, to propose you to discover some of these establishments which deserve to be discovered, tested, whether it is for two, in family or between friends.

To go further on the organization of your stay in Germany, don’t hesitate to have a look at our list of the 10 best hotels in Munich.

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