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The best brunches in Madrid

brunch madrid 1

Madrid is a great capital where many beautiful addresses are waiting for the visitors who are interested in this city located in the middle of the Spanish lands.

Between two visits to the famous monuments of the city, typical bars and restaurants are to be discovered and enjoyed during a few famous “servezas”, but to start the day in the capital, nothing like a good brunch!

What are the best brunches in Madrid?

In this article, we will present you the 10 best brunches in Madrid to start a day of visits in the best way. This will only enhance your local culinary experience with great memories.

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1. Plenti

Plenti madrid 1

Let’s start with a cafe where the sound atmosphere and the interior decoration are very nice to have a brunch in Madrid.

With an efficient service, the waiters of Plenti will know how to serve you pleasantly while having a smile. We recommend the Mexican eggs, which are simply excellent! Enjoy your meal at 17 Calle de Moreto, 28014.

2. Grama Lounge

Grama Lounge Madrid

Grama Lounge is known to have a very good welcome, which is always nice when you want to discover a new place to eat. You can eat on their indoor terrace in a really cozy atmosphere.

We advise you to try the empanadas, considered delicious by many customers. All the dishes are very copious, with a good quality/price ratio. The address is 19 Calle de la Cruz, 28012.

3. Restaurante DCorazon

Restaurante DCorazon Madrid

With excellent service by very friendly waiters for hearty and tasty brunches, this is the experience that awaits you at Restaurante DCorazon.

You will be pleasantly surprised by this small restaurant given the very touristy location. A good time to spend to start your day at 30 Pl. Mayor, 28012.

4. Barganzo

Barganzo Madrid

Barganzo is an excellent restaurant where you can have a brunch mix, which is not common in general.

The restaurant has the particularity of serving good quality kosher food at very affordable prices in the center of Madrid. The address is 13 Calle de Colmenares, 28004.

5. Carmencita Brunch

Carmencita Brunch Madrid 1

This beautiful place designed in a charming house style offers many brunches with large portions.

Carmencita Brunch is a great place to go in Madrid, and we recommend getting the menu, with a large coffee or freshly squeezed orange juice, accompanied by a huge plate of eggs Benedict.

With a friendly and professional service, this place is recommended for all tourists passing through the capital. A great address for a good brunch, located at 6 Calle de la Sombrerería, 28012.

6. El Arquibar

El Arquibar Madrid

A very good experience for a first meal of the day awaits you at El Arquibar. The different products offered are all homemade for a good quality/price ratio.

In an old and neat style, you will have the possibility to discover many Spanish specialities. You will spend a very good moment there! The address is Tr.ª del Conde Duque, 5, Bajo 4 Local 5, 28015.

7. Mamúa Café Bar

Mamua Cafe Bar Madrid

Located next to an alley in a nice little square, Mamúa Café Bar is everything you would expect from a good brunch. All the products are of good quality and served in good quantity by smiling and pleasant waitresses. Go to Pl. de Cascorro, 28005 to live the experience.

8. Little Big Cafe

Little Big Cafe Madrid

Little Big Cafe is a nice mix of traditional and modern with great coffee options. The cafe is quite small, but really cozy. A nice place perfectly located to have breakfast before a day of sightseeing. The address is 61 Calle de Fernández de los Ríos, 28015.

9. Celicioso Hortaleza

Celicioso Hortaleza Madrid

If you feel like going to Celicioso Hortaleza, you should know that it is a very popular place where you have to be patient before you can get a table on the weekends, because the establishment is very popular.

They serve delicious brunches with good coffees, all in a very good atmosphere. The pastries sold are delicious, and the welcome is just perfect. Good brunch at 3 Calle de Hortaleza, 28004.

10. Adorado

Adorado Madrid

Located in the multicultural neighborhood of Lavapiès, Aldorado is a beautiful establishment offering great brunch options for reasonable prices. In addition, a wide selection of vegetarian and vegan dishes are offered with good portions.

You’ll have the opportunity to eat right off the street, which makes the experience even more rewarding. Enjoy these great fresh products at 22 Calle del Mesón de Paredes, 28012.

Discover the best places in Madrid

You now know the 10 best brunches in Madrid that will allow you to meet people on site while eating well.

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