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The best brunches in Vilnius

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In Vilnius, breakfast is a real institution. Indeed, there are many cafés and restaurants in the city. The culture of sharing with family and friends is very developed in Lithuania where people like to meet in the evening or in the morning, on weekends, to share a good meal.

In the following article, we propose you to discover our selection of the 10 best brunches in Vilnius!

Where to have a brunch in Vilnius?

You are traveling in Lithuania or recently expatriated and would like to take advantage of the capital’s effervescence to have a good breakfast? Don’t worry about it.

In the following content, we propose you to discover our selection of the 10 best brunches in Vilnius. A complete selection, for a full morning.

1. Café Montmartre

Are you nostalgic for the French brunch? You will find in Vilnius, the Café Montmartre. A little piece of France in the heart of Lithuania, which will remind you of Paris in a few seconds.

On the menu? You will find delicious croque-madame, omelettes and crepes with Nutella and whipped cream. In short, everything you need to start your day and get your strength back before exploring the city.

2. Pinavija

Pinavija is the perfect place to have breakfast in the center of Vilnius. The little plus of the establishment? Besides the very good coffee, it allows customers to enjoy excellent pastries.

Some Vilnius residents even say that these are the best desserts in the city. You be the judge. The interior is very comfortable, ideal for a good time. The establishment is located at Vilniaus g. 21. 

3. Cosy

Cosy is always a good choice. Very simple, this restaurant is a brunch paradise in Vinius. Various omelets to eggs Benedict through English breakfast and other typical specialties… Including varškėčiai.

These are cottage cheese pancakes, they are sweet and have a hint of vanilla. They are usually served with cream, jam or honey. This is what all children like to eat in Lithuania.

4. Daily Poison

Daily Poison is the hipster spot par excellence. You will find everything that makes a brunch, a good brunch. We recommend that you try the avocado toast before anything else.

They are simply exquisite. This restaurant is dedicated to breakfast. Be careful to reserve your table in advance, at the risk of having to queue.

5. Holy Donut

If you like doughnuts, you don’t need to look any further, Holy Donut offers the best doughnuts in Vilnius. Of course, the brunches offered are of good quality but what made the reputation of the establishment is its doughnuts.

We strongly recommend you to try them… Especially since there are a lot of vegan and gluten-free options. One of the two establishments in the city is located at Vokiečių g. 9.

6. Kablys

Kablys is primarily known for its underground culture and techno parties. However, this festive establishment also offers a full brunch.

But expect to find party people and people who don’t mind having a glass of Mimose or Aperol Spritz in the morning.

A really laid back atmosphere, which makes Kablys one of the hottest brunch spots in Vilnius. We don’t recommend it if you are with kids or family.

7. Beigelistai

Beigelistai vinius

If you’re looking for an alternative to the too classic morning sandwiches, there’s only one solution: the bagel. If you’re a fan of the genre, the Beigelistai is the place for you.

You won’t find any typical English breakfast or eggs Benedict here. No, only round, hole-in-the-wall breads, for an exceptional quality experience. One of our favorite places in Vilnius.

8. Crustum

Crustum bakery is located in the heart of the old town. A fairly classic French-style bakery that offers great breakfast and brunch options.

You can have traditional Lithuanian breakfast things or opt for sweeter options like pastries, croissants or cakes. A great way to start the day.

9. Panama Food Garden

The Panama Food Garden is a very charming place. You can sip mimosas under the old trees in the garden or sit comfortably in front of the fireplace inside.

While there, you’ll enjoy ordering brunch classics like shakshuka and eggs Benedict or something a little more out of the ordinary, like vegetable pancakes or green cocktails for those who prefer healthier options.

10. Kavos ERA

One of the best brunches in Vilnius, for sure. Kavos ERA is a family brand whose motto, or main idea, is to be able to have breakfast, only when you feel like it.

That’s why they serve breakfast all day, every day. An establishment that offers complete, healthy and pleasant dishes. You will find three of them in the city, so don’t hesitate to treat yourself.

Having brunch in Vilnius

Having a brunch in Vilnius is always a good idea. Indeed, the city is full of nice activities to do. So don’t hesitate to treat yourself before hitting the road and discover all that the Lithuanian capital has to offer.

Colorful, fun trips, rich cultural discoveries and, above all, the assurance that you will want to return, that’s what you will find here.