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Top 10 brunches in Tallinn

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Having breakfast in Tallinn is possible. Indeed, in the heart of the Estonian capital, there are many establishments offering customers and travelers to eat an excellent brunch, just before resuming the visit of the city’s unmissable.

In the following article, we propose you to find our selection of the 10 best restaurants, brunches and breakfasts in Tallinn.


Where to have a brunch in Tallinn?

brunch tallinn

Are you looking for a good brunch in Tallinn? No need to look any further. Indeed, we have selected for you 10 of the best breakfasts in the Estonian capital.

Quality restaurants, offering complete, rich and affordable dishes. Be careful though! These are hearty meals. If you want to eat local, choose a typical Estonian restaurant in the evening!

1. NOP


NOP stands for Neighbourhood Organic Place. At NOP, you will have access to dishes and food made from local, quality, organic Estonian products.

This is, in our opinion, the best place to go for breakfast if you are looking for something natural.

Did you enjoy it? NOP also sells all the products that are used to make the food!

2. Kohvik Komeet

Kohvik Komeet

Kohvik Komeet is an establishment known for its scrumptious cakes. Some say that it is the restaurant with the best pastries in the capital. Komeet offers a wide selection of breakfasts. These are composed of various different options.

In other words, there is something for everyone: porridge, pastries, juice or coffee, blinis with cream cheese, salmon and poached eggs, three-egg omelets, etc. In short, you are bound to enjoy yourself.

3. Mon repos

Mon Repos

But why are we highlighting the Mon Repos brunch? In our opinion, it is one of the nicest establishments in Tallinn. The luxurious and relaxed atmosphere of the establishment, its view of the Kadriorg Park and especially, its sumptuous breakfast menu.

Beware, this is a place offering rather elaborate and expensive dishes: black truffle omelette, caviar blinis are on the menu.

4. Põhjala Tap Room

Pohjala Tap Room

The Põhjala Tap Room is one of the best brunch places in Tallinn. Why? First of all, the restaurant is located in a brewery known for its high-end craft beers.

But that’s not all. Their handmade pastries, are outrageously tasty. In other words, you’re going to enjoy an exceptional quality breakfast. The latter is located at Peetri 5.

5. Maiasmokk Cafe

Maiasmokk Cafe

Maiasmokk Cafe is the oldest and most traditional cafe in Tallinn. The moment you walk through its doors, you will quickly realize this.

Maiasmokk Cafe is located in the heart of an old historical building that you will enjoy exploring. The coffee and desserts are quite expensive, but they are definitely worth a try.

We highly recommend you to go there. So don’t hesitate to push the doors open if you happen to walk by.

6. R14


R14 is a wine restaurant located in the last district of Rotermann. An elegant, friendly and chic neighborhood. The menu is very elegant.

You will eat a little bit of everything: tapas, eggs, croissants, pancakes and salads with exotic influences.

The latter is located at Rotermanni 14. You will appreciate its flavors but also its price, rather affordable. 

7. Kohvik Must Puudel

Kohvik Must Puudel

Kohvik Must Puudel is an establishment that offers what is similar to the best brunches in Tallinn. On the menu? Muesli, buckwheat pancakes and fried potatoes with baby spinach. It is a very good choice for vegetarians but also for vegans.

In addition to the extensive menu, the Kohvik Must Puudel experience is complemented by an exceptional interior. This makes for a great customer experience.  It is extremely colorful with a decidedly retro vibe.

It was one of the first cafes in Tallinn to adopt this look and remains one of the most popular among locals.

8. Kompressor


Kompressor is a very popular restaurant for locals. The locals take advantage of this establishment to have a delicious brunch.

Pancakes, maple syrup, muesli… It is a place of quality and particularly comforting, especially in the weekend, in the morning.

The best in Tallinn? It is not for us to judge. However, we invite you to go there. You will surely have a great time. Kompressor is a brunch in Tallinn, which is located Rataskaevu 3.

9. Maiasmokk


Maiasmokk is the oldest café in Tallinn. According to some people, it may even be the oldest coffee house in the whole country. It has been in its present location since 1864. For more than a century, the interior has remained the same.

To be very honest, this establishment doesn’t really offer breakfast dishes. However, we appreciate the mix of sweet and savory dishes offered. Cakes and pastries are also recommended for breakfast. More pleasant than a brunch in one of your hotels of Tallinn!

10. Kohvik Sesoon

Kohvik Sesoon

Kohvik Sesoon is one of the 50 best restaurants in Estonia. For many, it is the best brunch in Tallinn. The menu is often changed, adapted according to the seasonal products available.

A place that is perfect for vegetarians or people who want to enjoy fresh products, like good seafood. In short, we really recommend you to go there. It is located at Kotzebue 18.

What to do in Tallinn after a good brunch?

Wondering what to do after a good brunch in Tallinn? No need to panic. We have thought of everything!

In addition to the essential activities, we also prepared a list of the best restaurants of the Estonian capital as well as a selection of the best bars in Tallinn. A selection of establishments which will not fail to make your stay, an unforgettable stay.