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The best brunches in Budapest

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No matter where you go, you will always want a good breakfast! That’s why, in the following article, we wanted to present you our selection of the 10 best brunches in Budapest.

Eggs Benedict, pancakes and sweets are all on the menu. The ideal way to start your day before hitting the road and discovering all the wonders the Hungarian capital has to offer.

Where to have a good brunch in Budapest?

brunch budapest

A cosmopolitan, eclectic, dynamic and rather large city, Budapest is full of small establishments and other restaurants offering guests delicious breakfasts. In the following article, we present you our selection of the 10 breakfasts that we think are the most complete and the least expensive.

1. à Table !

a table

This bistro – restaurant proposes to the customers, divine pastries. You will appreciate the succulent bread, the splendid viennoiseries, the baguettes, the croissants, the croques madames, the pains au chocolat, or the quiches and the jams.

The ingredients are directly imported from Normandy, for an optimal quality… It must be said that the chef is French. You will find everything that makes French people happy.

2. Gerlóczy Cafe 

Gerloczy Cafe

Gerlóczy is an excellent establishment! Here again, it reminds a bit of France, especially because of its Art Nouveau architecture and the surroundings of the Kammermeyer square.

For breakfast, go for the goat cheese and ham quiche. It is the house dish. For those who are not so keen, the chef’s croissants are really good. The establishment is located at Gerlóczy u. 1.

3. Szimply


The favorite place of trendy tourists. Szimply is a small restaurant open all day. The menu is very light, quick to skim, but the dishes are simply exquisite. There are some classics, including avocado toast with chickpeas, beets, pickled onions and arugula.

The menu changes seasonally, but is generally rich in vegan and gluten-free options. For drinks, the house coffee is really not bad. In short, this is a friendly, dynamic and above all very good establishment, which we recommend you to discover.

4. Börze

Borze 1

Börze is located next to the Budapest stock exchange. Despite this proximity, the place is simple and not very chic. On the contrary, it is a very classic establishment. The breakfast is quite complete, you can order a little bit of everything, from scrambled eggs to granola.

What makes the difference? The bundás kenyér. The Hungarian version of French toast. Here it’s stuffed with ham and cheese and served with garlic sour cream. One of the best brunches in Budapest.

5. Café Vian

Cafe Vian

As you can imagine from its name, Café Vian offers an elegant mix of French and Hungarian cuisine. Freshly squeezed orange juice, homemade desserts and pastries, the menu changes every day!

The big plus of this Budapest brunch? The prices, which are very attractive. Moreover, the menu is translated into four languages. The ideal way to know what you are about to order. 

6. Kaptafa


Kaptafa is a small and trendy establishment. It is open all day and offers breakfast at any time.

The sandwiches offered for brunch are really good, especially the “Defibrillator/CPR”, a French toast covered with bacon and melted cheese.

For those who wish to accompany breakfast with a good drink, you will have access to various Hungarian wines and very good draught beers on the menu.

7. Budapest Baristas

Budapest Baristas

The Budapest Baristas offers, until about 1pm, a range of breakfasts that will surely satisfy your expectations. Omelets, pancakes and avocado toast are on the menu.

You can add a little bacon and even a fried egg. Honestly, this is one of the best brunches in Budapest. It is located at Múzeum krt. 15.

8. Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert

Szimpla Kert is very popular among Hungarians. The place is located in the heart of an old disused factory, which has since been transformed into a cinema, pub and other small restaurants. Many concerts, performances and exhibitions are held there.

The place gives off a slight hint of madness. A real enthusiasm that is later reflected in your plate. The breakfast is quite classic, but really very good.

9. Zoska Reggeliző Kávézó

Zoska Reggelizo Kavezo

For the longest time, Budapest didn’t have many establishments offering brunch. This void has been filled with the arrival of Zoska. Open all day, this chic restaurant is located in the heart of the city center.

The products used in the preparation of the dishes are of the highest quality. Ham, eggs, frankfurters, cereal bowls and salty French toast you’ll find it all here. We really recommend you to try it!

10. Franziska


Franziska is a brunch place located near Batthyány Square. You will find an impressive selection of healthy, vegetarian and vegan dishes. The house specialty? Smoothie bowls.

Try the “green bowl” with avocado, spinach, spirulina, seasonal fruits and coconut milk. There are also omelets, avocado toast, oatmeal or a waffle made with almond and oatmeal. In short, there is something for everyone.

Have Brunch in Budapest

Finally, no matter the place, the address or even the neighborhood, you will always have the choice! With a view of the Danube, in a more intimate atmosphere, it is possible to have brunch anywhere in Budapest. So make the most of this experience and let us know if you find a great place!

What to do after brunch in Budapest?

Once you’ve had your breakfast, all that’s left to do is to go to the most beautiful places in the city. If you are also looking for a typical restaurant in Budapest or a bar for the evening to come, don’t hesitate to discover our contents on the subject. We have thought of everything to help you have a very pleasant stay in Hungary.

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