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The best brunches in Krakow

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Coming to Krakow means taking the time to visit the city’s must-sees, taking the time to discover Polish culture through a touristy, sparkling and lively city.

Did you know that Krakow is also known for its brunches? Having a good breakfast is the best way to start your weekend. That’s why, here, we present you our selection of the 10 best brunches in Krakow.

Where to have breakfast in Krakow?

Are you currently in Krakow and would like to start your day with a delicious breakfast? You are very lucky. Indeed, we wanted to present you, right here, our selection of the 10 best breakfasts in the city.

A selection of brunches and restaurants based on the quality of the dishes, the prices offered but also the location of these establishments.

1. Milkbar Tomasza

Milkbar Tomasza

Milkbar Tomasza is a milk bar! It is the most famous establishment in Krakow. Located Świętego Tomasza 24, this establishment offers a pretty good menu of good breakfasts.

One of the most unusual experiences, culinarily speaking, of your stay in Poland. The prices offered, on the other hand, are rather cheap.

2. Zaczyn


At Zaczyn, brunch is back in style. The pastries are made on site. Even the flour is homemade! Breads prepared in 25 hours that melt in your mouth.

You’ll also find sweet and savory breads including cardamom buns, fruity kolaches, sourdough bread, baguettes and so much more.

The perfect place for breakfast in Krakow. Would you like to go there? Go to Barska 4.

3. Forum Przestrzenie

Forum Przestrzenie

If you have booked a hotel in the heart of the central square, the Przestrzenie Forum will seem a bit far away. However, don’t hesitate to make your way there, you clearly won’t be disappointed.

Brunch is served from 10am to 1pm. We recommend the San Francisco even if the range is rather beautiful and complete. One of the best breakfasts in Krakow.

4. Mr. Pancake

Mr. Pancake 2

Mr. Pancake is one of the most incredible Krakow brunches in the city. Creative, unique, this establishment offers a menu that is simply incredible: pancakes, burgers, fries, cocktails… In short, when you go to Romanowicza 4, you can be sure to get your money’s worth.

5. Charlotte


Probably our favorite Krakow brunch. It is an establishment that pays homage to the Parisian cafes of the time. Fresh bread, pastries, coffees, pastries… Quite honestly, you have a real gem here.

In summer, the establishment brings out its terrace and allows you to enjoy, sitting in long seats. The establishment is located in Szczepański 2.

6.  Ranny Ptaszek

Ranny Ptaszek

Ranny Ptaszek is a vegetarian brunch in Krakow. One of the most popular in the city. It is located in the heart of the Kazimierz district. Be careful though. The number of seats is extremely limited.

If you can’t get a seat, head to Alchemia od Kuchnia which is one of the best alternatives in the area.

7. Orzo


Orzo is an establishment that offers a rather classic but very well mastered menu. Its main interest lies in its prices. Your breakfast costs only 5 zł when you order coffee until 12:00 on weekdays.

On weekends it’s the other way around – order breakfast and your coffee costs only 5 zł. One of the cheapest brunches in Krakow.

8. Sąsiedzi


Sąsiedzi is a true Polish-style brunch. The interior is very traditional. The menu is full of meat dishes. For vegetarians, your Sunday brunch can start with a divine porcini soup, served in a bread bowl.

The restaurant does not open until noon, however. A late breakfast, then, which you can have at Miodowa, 25.

9. Loza Café

Loza Cafe

Loza Café is a Krakow brunch spot located in the heart of the old town. In addition to a well-stocked menu (paninis, salads, lasagna, grilled chicken, cake and ice cream), you’ll have the chance to have breakfast with a splendid view of the historic square.

The cocktails offered are a real bonus. Loza Café is an establishment located ul. Pawia 5 Galeria Krakowska.

10. Frankie’s


Frankie’s is a place that represents the spirit of brunch. Famous for its smoothies, it has established itself as one of the places of reference for those who have had a bit too much to drink.

The state, Frankie’s is towards more seasonal products, like avocado, salmon or tomatoes. In short, one of the best brunches in Krakow.

Where to go out in Krakow?

Would you like to discover Krakow and its best brunches? What about its best bars and restaurants? We propose you through a selection of contents carefully established, to discover all that this city of the south of Poland has to offer to you, so as to satisfy you, in order to spend a formidable stay there!

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