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Brothels and escorting in Prague

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The Czech capital is known for its numerous strip clubs. However, Prague also has a sulfurous reputation and would count nearly a hundred brothels, without counting the escorting services.

Feel like you want to know more about it ? In this article, we explain absolutely everything you need to know on the subject, in order to better understand what happens when most people fall asleep.

Brothels in Prague

According to recent figures, there are about 100 brothels in Prague. Most of them are private homes, which do not attract the eye or suspicion at all. Others, however, are clubs that are well known for this kind of practice.

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What are the most famous brothels in Prague?

There are many clubs that are open to the practice. Some of the most famous ones are

  • Sweet Paradise
  • Showpark Market
  • Showpark Davinci
  • AAA Exclusive Club
  • The Neon Club

These establishments are clearly open to the practice and do not even hide it. A simple visit on their website allows you to realize it.

The profile of the women who work in the sex industry is very classic: according to a study, they are 29 years old and work to support themselves (they are often single mothers).

Of course, we do not encourage the practice of prostitution in any way. However, we feel it is essential to mention the subject, as it is a reality.

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What are the most famous brothels in Prague?

Like prostitution, escorting is widespread in Prague. The sex industry is constantly growing and more and more people travel to the Czech Republic to meet young women from all over the world (Africa, countries of the former Soviet Union).

This practice, which does not necessarily imply an act, is much more supervised by the authorities, who are trying to better understand and work on it in order to offer a real working and social framework to the workers concerned.

There are many websites and other escorting services, through which you can meet someone. Of course, we will not provide you with any of them, even if a simple search on the net will allow you to reach your ends!