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Brothels and strip clubs in Budapest

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Brothel, strip club, escorting, it is true that the Eastern countries have this sulphurous reputation. But what is it really, especially in Budapest, Hungarian capital? The city has, it is true, a somewhat sulphurous reputation.

In the following article, we tell you everything about these particular services, in order to help you to see more clearly what happens once the night falls.


brothels budapest

Budapest is a city that never sleeps. In a very unofficial way, a red light district has been created. It is located around Rákóczi tér and József körút. But is this really legal?

The answer is yes. Indeed, in 1999 the Hungarian government made prostitution legal in Hungary. In fact, there are many brothels, strip clubs and other similar places in Budapest.


However, the red light district is probably not the best place to go. Indeed, whether it is in strip clubs, peep shows or other similar places, many people have already encountered problems of theft, violence etc.

Hungary does not have a good reputation in the sex industry either. Indeed, it is a country of transit where many women from Eastern European countries are trafficked.


For a quieter, less stressful and probably less dangerous evening than in a Budapest brothel or with an escort, go to the strip clubs. They are a little bit “cleaner” places, where you can have a drink and watch dance shows (a little bit naked, it is true).


4 Play Lounge budapest

The 4 Play Lounge is probably the most famous strip club in the Hungarian capital. It is recommended to book a table in advance to be sure to get in. On the spot, the prices are quite high, but the place is quite safe and you won’t be bothered.


Hallobar budapest

Hallobar is the second biggest strip club in Budapest, although the club likes to present itself as a real bar. Here you can have a drink while watching women dance. The cocktails are very good. The place is safe. Once again, you should not encounter any problems there.


Mambo Club budapest

Open until 5 am, the Mambo makes no mystery: it is a strip club. On the official website, you will have access to all the necessary information, whether it is about the price of the drinks (alcohol and soft drinks), about the women present (presentation and photos).


This is a gentlemen’s club, directly located in the city center. The advantage? Reasonable prices. Special shows and drink packages are available. You can see the girls who participate in the shows, directly on the official website of the club. Free entrance!



At the Palace Lounge & Club (which used to be known as the Royal Palace Club), you can combine business with pleasure. It is one of the most famous and expensive strip clubs in Budapest. You can also have dinner there and enjoy the food, really well prepared! In short, perfect for a good evening.

6. Lush Club

lush club budapest

This is a gentlemen’s club located right in the center of town. The advantage? Reasonable prices. Special shows and drink packages are available. You can see the girls who take part in the shows, directly on the club’s official website. Free admission!

7. The Marylin

strip club budapest

Marilyn is another of Budapest’s best-known strip clubs. It’s been an established nightclub for over 25 years now! Admission is free, but be sure to respect the dress code (basically, don’t come in shorts, flip-flops and socks). Many shows are organized here, as well as special evenings for stag parties.

Good to know

As a reminder, prostitution is allowed in Hungary and many girls decide to go into it, although countless women are victims of trafficking and illegal sex-related activities. If you want to visit a club or a brothel, don’t hesitate to check out the reviews beforehand. It would be a shame to listen to your trip because of a problem encountered there.

Many clubs are specialized and attract only tourists. If the services of escorts and prostitutes are expensive, you can be sure that you will not encounter any problems. For a less hectic activity, you can also opt for a massage. Some establishments are specialized and have customer reviews that will help you see things more clearly.

Finally, you can simply stay classic and opt for a night in a ruin bar, surrounded by people. What to spend a great night, far away from escort services.


In Hungary, the nightlife is very different from what we are used to in France. If you are really tempted by this type of activity, don’t forget to be careful and to protect yourself.

Of course, Budapest is not only brothels, escort girls and strip clubs, far from it. We invite you to learn more about the city, its restaurants and the local cuisine and other cultural places to visit.

Indeed, the Hungarian capital has a lot to offer, be it culinary, cultural or artistic. For more information, do not hesitate to write to us, we will be happy to advise you.

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