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Traveling to the heart of the Bohemian region of the Czech Republic is a great way to discover more about a beautiful country that is just waiting for you to discover its charms. By deciding to move away from Prague, you will actually be able to learn a lot more about the locals while discovering some of the more accessible, less crowded cities.

Visit Bohemia: visit a part of the Czech Republic

Are you planning to visit the Czech Republic? The country is divided into two big regions, Bohemia and Moravia. The first one is the most populated region, with almost 7 million inhabitants.

It is a surprising and amazing region, where you will discover a lot of places, monuments but also regional parks, like the famous Bohemian Switzerland National Park. A sumptuous place, located only a few hours drive from the capital, Prague!

To visit Czech Bohemia, simply take a plane to the capital. You can then visit the entire region by train or bus. The country is quite small and it is easy to get around. The transportation network is well developed and you can marvel at every trip.

What are the important cities in Bohemia?

Would you like to visit Bohemia? In this large region of the Czech Republic, there are several major cities that are worth a visit:

Prague, of course, which is none other than the capital

Pilsen (Plzen), one of the largest cities in the country, which is only a few dozen kilometers from the political, economic and cultural heart of the nation

Liberec, which is a simply beautiful city, favouring escapism, thanks to the Jested mountain!

Karlovy Vary, known for its great film festival, the KVIFF

What to visit in Bohemia?

Of course, these are just the most famous cities and the whole Bohemia region is full of little gems to discover! So don’t stop at preconceived ideas and try to learn more about this beautiful country.

Bohemian Switzerland National Park: a natural paradise (Český ráj)

For a nature getaway, why not discover the Bohemian Switzerland National Park? An unexplored paradise in northwest Bohemia, this is a simply beautiful place, which will allow you to walk through the forest without anyone coming to disturb you.

Take a walk off the beaten track

The Bohemian region offers many opportunities for lovers of walking and viewpoints. Indeed, besides Český ráj or the Šumava National Park, the Krkonoše mountain range, shared with Poland, offers the possibility to carry out beautiful hikes. Finally, there are many old castles where you can enjoy the local culture, such as the Karlstejn Castle. As you can see, there is plenty to do!

Getting to the Czech Republic: Prague, capital of the region

The national capital and largest city in Bohemia, Prague is a simply fantastic city, which we invite you to discover without further ado. Known as the “city of 1,000 steeples”, it guarantees you an extraordinary stay.

With its amazing architecture, vibrant cultural life and exciting nightlife, there is absolutely no time to get bored. So, if you want to visit Prague, don’t hesitate to discover our special guide.

Discover Bohemia: trust us

Would you like to visit Bohemia? In order to offer you a quality service, we have set up a flight comparator for you. You will be able to search for direct or indirect flights to the Czech capital at the best price.

You will also find on our website a selection of quality hotels. These hotels can be found all over the city or the country and meet many characteristics, whether in terms of price or quality and services offered or available.

Traveling to Bohemia: our conclusion

Traveling to Bohemia is the assurance of an exceptional stay! Indeed, as we have just seen, the region is easily accessible. You will therefore have no trouble going directly to certain privileged sites for your vacation or the duration of your stay as an expatriate. Take the opportunity to learn more about the history of the country, its very essence and discover the Czech Republic with a new eye.

An authentic, rewarding and above all accessible trip that you will not regret. As far as languages are concerned, you should be able to make yourself understood and converse perfectly if you master English or even German. However, don’t think about paying with euros! The local Czech currency is the koruna. Without it, you won’t be able to do much.