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The top 10 best typical restaurants in Lisbon

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Being the biggest city and capital of Portugal, Lisbon keeps attracting more and more tourists every year. Both a seaside resort and a historical place, people from all over the world come here to discover the pleasant Portuguese culture.

The culinary side is an aspect that attracts the curiosity of travelers, that’s why it’s important to know the best typical restaurants in Lisbon to discover more about this subject, and to perfect your experience there.

What are the best typical restaurants in Lisbon?

In this article, we are going to present you the 10 best typical restaurants in Lisbon so that you have the possibility to discover several of them during your stay.

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1. Tabernário do Bairro

Tabernario do Bairro lisbon 1

Let’s start with a good little restaurant that offers fresh and excellent products. The staff of Tabernário do Bairro will make you want to discover the Portuguese gastronomy by offering you to taste the dishes before ordering them, which is important to mention.

We recommend Carne de porco alentejana which is simply delicious and very popular. The address is R. Afonso Domingues 2A, 1170-004.

2. Il Mercato Páteo Bagatela

Il Mercato Pateo Bagatela lisbon 1

The restaurant Il Mercato Páteo Bagatela is known for its warm welcome with all of its customers and for its care. Although this restaurant offers Italian dishes, you will also discover a local cuisine that is worth a visit.

There are very few tourists, so if you want to eat in a local and friendly atmosphere, don’t hesitate to go there. The address is Passeio do Pátio Bagatela, R. Artilharia 1 51 Bloco B, Loja M, 1250-038.

3. Li28oa

Li28oa lisbon 1

To discover a traditional Portuguese cuisine, refined and well presented, there is nothing like the restaurant Li28oa. With a very pleasant and friendly service, you will discover, in a cosy room, regional dishes such as sardinhas assadas.

Although the prices are higher than elsewhere, you will get your money’s worth. We recommend you to go there at least once during your stay to have a good time. The address is Rua dos Cegos 6, 1100-466.

4. Delicia de arroios

Delicia de arroios lisbon 1

Delicia de arroios is one of the warmest restaurants in the Portuguese capital. The waiters will be very attentive to your needs. The food is delicious, and the portions are very generous, all for very reasonable prices.

Don’t hesitate to ask the staff to give you explanations on the different dishes offered, they will be happy to help you and always with a smile. The address is Rua de Arroios 137, 1150-053.

5. Bistrô Gato Pardo

Bistro Gato Pardo lisbon 1

This is another restaurant where the staff is very friendly. Bistrô Gato Pardo is a good place to eat surrounded by locals and taste a good red wine.

The dishes offered have nice portions, and we recommend you to try the Bacalhau in Brás. A good address for a good local meal located at R. de São Vicente nr 10, 1100-574.

6. Lisboa é Linda

Lisboa e Linda lisbon 1

A very good experience awaits you at Lisboa é Linda. Located a few meters from the sea, this typical Lisbon restaurant offers fresh local dishes that we recommend you to have with a good house cocktail.

Don’t hesitate to try their famous strawberries for dessert, which are coated with chocolate. A little Portuguese touch that deserves to be tasted. The address is in Tv. São Paulo 9 13, 1200-431.

7. Sucolento

Sucolento lisbon 1

If you want to taste a good red fruit sangria with regional dishes, the restaurant Sucolento can be a good option for you.

The waiters will be happy to bring you a small plate of their house specialty, the famous porcolento, so that you can be better oriented in your choice of dish.

A nice and friendly place that we recommend. The address is R. do Instituto Industrial 7H, 1200-225.

8. A Avó Tinha

A Avo Tinha lisbon 1

This is a perfect place to eat local dishes with your family or have an aperitif with good tapas with friends.

We recommend the restaurant A Avó Tinha which is a charming place and offers delicious dishes and pleasantly served by its attentive and warm staff. The address is Porta do Mar 3B, 1990-136.

9. Porter Bistrô

Porter Bistro lisbon 1

The friendly service at Porter Bistrô will make you want to try their hearty and very tasty dishes. Located a few steps from the sea, this typical restaurant offers good seafood dishes and its prices are attractive for its location.

Don’t hesitate to ask for advice from the staff, who will be happy to help you. A good appetite at Rua do Arsenal 146, 1100-041.

10. Restaurante Lucimar

Restaurante Lucimar lisbon 1

Let’s finish this top 10 with a typical Lisbon restaurant offering incredible appetizers with their famous crispy shrimp or alheira croquettes.

This restaurant is considered popular for the locals, so you might eat there surrounded by many of them, which will enhance your experience there. The address is R. Sousa Lopes 59, 1600-087.

Enjoy your stay in Lisbon

You now know the best typical restaurants in Lisbon to discover the local cuisine during your vacation. Enjoy your stay in the Portuguese capital with all the right addresses! Don’t forget to read our content on the best hotels in Lisbon, for a stay you’ll always remember!