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10 strip clubs in Prague for a wild night out

strip club prague

There are the must-sees of Prague to visit during the day, but there are also the nights of the capital with its unmissable and unforgettable parties. Between trendy bars and unusual nightclubs, the capital has no shortage of imagination for all partygoers visiting and wanting to unwind with friends.

For those interested in more private clubs, Prague is known for its famous street “Ve Smečkách, 110 00 Nové Město,” located right next to Václavské námesti Avenue. Here you will find several strip clubs with each one having a personalized atmosphere. Although Ve Smečkách Street is known for its strip clubs, the city holds many other hidden places offering the same services.


What are the most famous strip clubs in Prague ?

Prague is a city known for its rather lively nights. Between bars and restaurants, you will have plenty to do. But did you know that the sex industry was also booming? Prague is known for its many strip clubs littering Můstek Square in particular.

In the lesser known streets of outlying neighborhoods, there are other such establishments that you might be tempted to discover. This is an opportunity for us to list the most famous and visited establishments and stripclubs in the Czech capital. Before going out, don’t forget to get some Czech crowns. We explain you where to change your money in a dedicated article.

1. Darling Cabaret

darling cabaret

The Darling Cabaret, known as the largest strip club in the capital, is easily recognizable by its pink spotlighted façade. Most of the visitors will go there for a bachelor party, or simply for a party with friends.

The shows are of quality and animated by real professionals of the world of the night. The bar area is on two floors, with waiters coming to serve you at your table, if needed, all in a good erotic and respectful atmosphere. The strip club will even allow you to be dropped off by limousine.

You’ll get your money’s worth! The establishment is open every day of the week from 5pm to 10pm, and the limousine service runs from 8pm to 4am. Here is the address to get there: Ve Smečkách 597/32, 110 00 Nové Město.

2. Neon Club

neon club

The relatively well known Neon Club is located at Balbínova 23, 120 00 Vinohrady. It is a discreet place where prices start from 800 Czech crowns per service. There are not many young women and the place also serves as a disco.

It is a less crowded gentleman’s club than some places in the city center. In short, the Neon as it is called, deserved its place on our list of the most famous strip clubs in Prague.

3. Sauna Club

sauna club

The Sauna club, just across the street, is the strip club that competes directly with Darling Cabaret. Although smaller, the concept remains the same as its street neighbor.

Here you will have the opportunity to try the different relaxation areas that the club offers, such as the Jacuzzis and Finnish sauna with a professional, friendly and attentive staff.

The atmosphere will be more relaxing and calm than at the Darling cabaret, a good way to end an evening with friends. You can go there every day between 5 and 10 pm. The address of the club: Ve Smečkách 598/31, 110 00 Nové Město.  

4. Sweet Paradise

sweet paradise

This is one of the lesser-known Prague strip clubs, but it is definitely worth a visit. Open every day of the year, it operates between noon and five in the morning.

By visiting the official page of Sweet Paradise, you will have access to all the necessary information and even the rates imposed by the management. The restaurant is located at 75 Slezská 1718, Vinohrady.

5. Goldfingers


Goldfingers, located two minutes walk from the street “Ve Smečkách” at the end of the main avenue Václavské námesti near the metro stop Mustek, is a strip club that you can’t miss when coming to Prague to have a party with friends.

The place differs from the two previous ones by its free entrance in exchange for a drink once inside. You will have the opportunity to see different pole dance shows of quality and variety.

The atmosphere is good with a pleasant and not deafening music. This allows you to enjoy the moment in a good and respectful atmosphere. Although small, the bar offers a wide range of alcohol.

The opening hours of the club are from 8pm to 5am from Sunday to Thursday, and from 8pm to 6am on Friday and Saturday. Their address is Václavské nám. 840/5, 110 00 Můstek.

6. Velvet night club

velvet night club

The Velvet Night Club lives up to its name. Indeed, this place is rather high standard. Going there allows you to discover another side of the strip club world in Prague. It is located at 13 839, Ve Svahu, Praha 4, 147 00 Praha and is open 24 hours a day.

7. Hot Peppers

hot peppers

Hot Peppers is another strip club with the same entrance policy as Goldfingers, so you won’t have any trouble getting in with friends. Once inside, the atmosphere is given after a few meters with a feminine genteel that welcomes you with their pretty smiles and clothes accordingly.

The Hot Peppers should please you for a good beginning of evening in a healthy atmosphere where the music underlines perfectly the atmosphere with shows of strip-tease to the height of your hopes.

Small important detail at the level of the blow of consumption of alcohol which is very interesting by its geographical position (full downtown), and less expensive than its competitors. To try the experience, you will have to go to Václavské nám. 21, 110 00 Nové Město.

8. AAA Exclusive Club

aaa exclusive club

Unlike its competitors mentioned above, this chic strip club is more out of town (10 minutes by subway) in a residential area where you will meet less tourists and more locals.

Although the entrance is paying, you will be entitled to a very correct and helpful staff which will not hesitate to put you at ease with the many services proposed.

At the bar, the staff brings drinks to your table while you watch a pole dance show in front of you. At the AAA Exclusive Club, you can enjoy all the private services that the house offers at šrobárova 1988/6, 101 00 Vinohrady during its opening hours.

9. Night Club Victori

night club victori

Located in the heart of Seifertova, Night Club Victori is a strip club that has made a small place for itself among the most famous establishments in Prague, thanks to its indoor and outdoor performance offerings. Would you like to go there? The prices of the services are available on the official website of this establishment.

Strip clubs in Prague: conclusion and tips

In conclusion, we advise you not to hesitate to try the experience of one of these strip clubs which can turn out to be much nicer and more convivial than it seems. The goal is to spend a good evening with friends to celebrate a birthday or a bachelor party, all in an atypical and erotic atmosphere. These places are worth a look. You prefer to enjoy a night in unusual bars? Discover our list of the best establishments!