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What are the 7 best restaurants in Zlin?

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In the historic Moravia region, Zlin is a small town of 75,000 inhabitants located in the southeast of the Czech Republic, 30 km from Slovakia.

The town is famous for having founded the famous Czech footwear brand Bata, which can be found in every shopping mall in the country.

If you decide to drop in for the day, we have a few restaurants to recommend.

What are the best restaurants in Zlin?

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to the most interesting restaurants to visit during your stay in Zlin. Most of them are affordable, as the city is far from the capital and living standards are less expensive than in Prague.

1. Restaurant U Johana

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Located 2 km from downtown Zlin, Restaurant U Johana offers typical Czech dishes at relatively affordable prices. You’ll enjoy a warm welcome from the staff, who will help you sample the various dishes on the menu in an attractive setting.

A good place to eat local food surrounded by locals for a low price. For a good Czech meal with the family, go to Vizovická 410, Příluky, 760 01.

2. Penzion Uno Restaurant and Bar

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Penzion Uno Restaurant and Bar is a friendly restaurant where you’ll find attentive, smiling staff. Dishes range from Czech to European, with fine French wines on the menu. This Zlin restaurant is about a 15-minute walk from the city center.

On the price side, count 500 crowns (€20) per person with starter, main course, dessert and wine, which is still relatively affordable. The address is Nivy II 4439, 760 01.

3. Koliba U Černého medvěda

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Off-center from the city, the Koliba U Černého medvěda restaurant is located at the entrance to the forest south of Zlin. You’ll have the opportunity to enjoy your meal in a magnificent chalet with excellent wood-fired cooking where dishes will be mainly based on meat, game and fish.

With impeccable service, your meal will be memorable. A lovely place to discover for an atypical evening in Zlin. The address is U Zimního stadionu 4092, 760 01.

4. Restaurace U Dvou Slunecnic

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Just a few minutes from Letná Stadion, Restaurace U Dvou Slunecnic is a popular restaurant with locals and well worth a visit. The food, mainly Czech, is homemade for a very good price. With pleasant service and an outdoor terrace, you’ll feel right at home while enjoying a good meal. Go to Sokolská 5147, 760 01.

5. Kafec Zlinsky

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In the university area of Tomas Bata, the little restaurant Kafec Zlinsky is famous for its waffles for dessert. In a small café atmosphere, you’ll be welcomed by staff who speak fluent English, which is a plus in a small town.

A nice place to have breakfast in a quiet setting. We recommend you go there at least once during your stay in Zlin. The address is nám. T. G. Masaryka 2433, 760 01.

6. Hospůdka U Kovárny

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If you like to discover local beers while eating local, the restaurant Hospůdka U Kovárny is a good address to go to if you’re visiting Zlin. If you don’t want to spend too much, this restaurant offers good value for money. In the city center, you’ll eat well at Lešetín I 610, 760 01.

7. Umbrella pizza a restaurant

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Next to the Komenského park, Umbrella pizza a restaurant is a good place to eat hearty food for a low price. Although this Zlin restaurant is small, you’ll find some great pizzas to enjoy. The address is Štefánikova 159, 760 01.

Discover the best places to eat in Zlin

Zlin is a nice little town to visit, where you’ll find mainly typical Czech restaurants serving hearty, affordable local cuisine, so you can have a good time for a low price. Feeling like you should head there for a day or two? Don’t forget to have read about the best hotels in Zlin and decide if one of them worth the shot!