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The 7 best typical restaurants in Tallinn

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Although the city is a small capital, there are many addresses to visit monuments and places of Tallinn, but also places where you can eat at a lower cost during your stay.

The trick is to know where to go in order to avoid the touristy areas and eat locally while being surrounded by locals.

What are the best typical restaurants in Tallinn?

In this article dedicated to the best typical restaurants in Tallinn, we are going to present you 7 good addresses to go to during your stay in the Estonian capital.

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1. Rataskaevu16

Rataskaevu16 is a restaurant in Tallinn offering quality service with a very friendly staff. You will find local dishes well presented and very good, like the chocolate fudge for dessert.

As for prices, you will find them affordable for a gourmet restaurant. Located at Rataskaevu 16, 10123, this typical Tallinn restaurant is worth a visit for a nice little meal.

2. Lee Restoran

Lee Restoran is a great place to eat gourmet food. Located in the heart of the old town, this Tallinn restaurant will please you for the different typical dishes offered on the menu.

You can even share a dish in two, as proposed. There is a real friendly atmosphere in Uus 31, 10111. The dishes are made from exceptional local products and are a subtle mix of flavors.

3. Vanaema Juures

Located in the heart of the old town, Vanaema Juures is a great place to discover typical Estonian dishes. You will find them tasty and consistent while eating in a place where the decoration will immerse you in the Estonian atmosphere of a few decades ago.

The service is pleasant and fast by a friendly staff. If you go to Rataskaevu 10, 10123, you will find yourself in a warm place from which you leave much heavier than when you arrived.

4. Kaerajaan

The waiters at Kaerajaan restaurant are very attentive if you decide to eat there during your stay in Tallinn. A nice presentation of typical Estonian dishes awaits you if you go to Raekoja plats 17, 10146.

We advise you to try the pumpkin soup which is a real treat. It is a nice discovery to make if you go to the main square in downtown Tallinn.

5. Spot

If you are looking for excellent typical food served by friendly staff in a friendly atmosphere, the Spot is a nice place to eat in Tallinn.

You will discover good and hearty local dishes where the waiter will take the time to explain you the content of your plate. You can feel the passion of cooking in a very healthy way in this nice Tallinn restaurant located at Vene 4, 10123.

6. Peppersack

Peppersack is a really original place where you will discover a medieval decor in a period house with waiters dressed up. It will put you in the atmosphere of a typical Tallinn meal in the Middle Ages.

The whole staff is very friendly, who will be very helpful with all the dishes beautifully presented. To get there, head to Vana turg 6, 10140.

7. Munga Kelder

The food in this typical Tallinn restaurant is perfect and well presented on the plate for all customers who want to eat local in a good atmosphere. Munga Kelder doesn’t have many local specialties but its dishes are tasty and hearty.

You will also find a medieval-style room in the basement where the welcome and the atmosphere are very pleasant. A nice address to try. Go to Vene 12a, 10123.

The best restaurants in Tallinn in brief

The advantage of eating in one of the many restaurants in Tallinn is (besides the food) the price. Indeed, the quality-price ratio is exceptional. Whether for lunch or dinner, Estonia will always have something to surprise you with its delicious meals.

A cuisine that mixes both the European and Slavic sides, for an unforgettable experience. Because that’s what traveling is all about.

In addition to the hotel, bars and cafes, it means taking the time to read the maps and the menu of the local restaurants and letting yourself be tempted. We recommend that you try several options and make your own opinion. Rest assured, vegetarians, you will always have a place to go!

You now know the 7 best typical restaurants in Tallinn where you will enjoy the friendly company of the locals while eating Estonian specialties. There are other good places to discover in the city, such as the best bars in Tallinn.