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The best typical restaurants in Seville

restaurants seville

With nearly 2 million tourists visiting the city every year, Seville has become a must for any good tourist wishing to discover Spain in all its splendor.

The historical side is certainly the reason that pushes tourists to go to the capital of Andalusia, but the culinary side is not left out with the numerous typical restaurants that can be found there.

What are the best typical restaurants in Seville?

In this article, we will introduce you to the best typical restaurants in Seville to discover the culinary side of Andalusia and thus complete your experience in this city rich in history and culture.

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1. La Comilona

La Comilona Seville

The restaurant La Comilona is always a great surprise for people who eat their famous well-cooked tapas. Especially since their prices are affordable. You will be welcomed by smiling, attentive and friendly waiters. The address is located at C. Luis Arenas Ladislao, s/n, 41005.

2. La Mari Carmen

La Mari Carmen Seville

This is a very nice little restaurant where they serve different tapas served very copiously. The manager of La Mari Carmen will advise you on the best tapas to eat. For a good local meal, we invite you to go to C. Amor de Dios, 38, 41002.

3. Infanta Sevilla

Infanta Sevilla

A beautiful and comfortable place where nice tables are waiting for you for a good dinner. Infanta Sevilla also offers good tapas. The waiters will be able to advise you on the typical meals served, all in a nice and friendly atmosphere. Enjoy your meal at Av. de Grecia, 27, 41012.

4. Acento – Social Eatery

Acento Social Eatery Seville 1

With varied and quality dishes, combining choice raw materials and beautiful culinary techniques applied with perfection, you will enjoy eating in the restaurant Acento – Social Eatery.

You will be treated to an attentive service by a very professional staff. A beautiful place that we recommend to you. The address to get there is C. Harinas, 20, 41001.

5. Restaurante Jamatelo

Restaurante Jamatelo Seville 1

If you are looking for excellent and very tasty food, we recommend you to go to Restaurante Jamatelo. The locals love to come here because the food is all homemade and of very good quality.

We recommend you to eat there to have a good culinary time. Special mention for the white chocolate mango dessert. A good meal awaits you at Sacrificio, 3, 41018.

6. Bodega Palo Santo

Bodega Palo Santo Seville 1

If you’re looking for a place where orders come in quickly and the food is appetizing, Bodega Palo Santo is a good place for you. You will be welcomed with a friendliness that deserves to be noted.

A varied and pleasant menu will offer you a great choice for the local dishes proposed. The address is Pl. de la Gavidia, 5, 41002.

7. Ropavieja Restaurante y Tapas

Ropavieja Restaurante y Tapas Seville

Located right next to the Melia Hotel, Ropavieja Restaurante y Tapas offers excellent seasonal and local dishes with a beautiful originality in the presentation. We advise you to make a reservation to be sure to have a table, so much the address is appreciated.

A pleasant place where you will meet a lot of locals, to eat in a good atmosphere. The address is located at C. Muñoz Seca, 8, 41005.

8. Los Tulipanes

Los Tulipanes Seville

Los Tulipanes is a very different restaurant from the others in Seville because it is Dutch. It is an excellent address where you must go to taste Dutch and Spanish dishes.

A very warm place as much in the reception as in the atmosphere of the restaurant with diverse and quality meals. The address is at C. Almte. Ulloa, 8, 41001.

9. MareaViva

MareaViva Seville

MareaViva is a restaurant that offers well-balanced seafood dishes, presented with subtlety. The service is impeccable, with good advice on the origin of the ingredients used.

A good culinary evening awaits you, surrounded by locals and expatriates. It’s a good time to spend at C. Luis Arenas Ladislao, 151, 41005.

10. La Sede

La Sede Seville

Let’s end this list with a restaurant where the waiters are very attentive and where a friendly atmosphere is created. The tapas offered are of good quality and fresh.

If you are with a group of friends, this is certainly the best place to meet the locals and enjoy the nice area where the restaurant is located with a beautiful view of the champigno. Go to C. Luis Arenas Ladislao, 151, 41005.

Enjoy your stay in Seville

Now you know the best restaurants in Seville to discover the typical dishes of the Andalusian region.

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