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Where to eat typical dishes in Porto?

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Porto is a city located in the northwest of Portugal. As the second-largest economic city, it is known for welcoming a large number of tourists interested in its historical center, its world-famous wine production, and also for its beautiful architecture.

Its lively atmosphere and delicious cuisine are important criteria when visiting Porto. That’s why people don’t hesitate to visit the many restaurants in the city.

What are the best restaurants in Porto?

In this article, you will discover the best typical restaurants in Porto. This will allow you to have a small list of good addresses to enjoy the Portuguese cuisine during your vacations. If you want to know more about the city, don’t hesitate to read our article about the best bars in Porto.

1. Brasão Foz

Brasao Foz porto 1

Let’s start with a restaurant with an elegant setting and a relaxed, local atmosphere. The staff will listen to you and give you as much advice as possible about the different Portuguese specialties, such as Cozido or Caldo Verde.

The dishes are really copious and very good. A good culinary address to discover in R. de Gondarém 487, 4150-377.

2. Ribeira Square

Ribeira Square porto

Ribeira Square is a really nice place if you want to eat with your family in a typical restaurant. The waitresses will welcome you in the best way and will not hesitate to give you advice.

With generous and delicious dishes, you will have a good time, not to mention the quality/price ratio. We will return with great pleasure. A good meal to have at Praça Ribeira 16, 4050-513.

3. Badio

Badio porto

If you want to enjoy good food in a quiet place with a good atmosphere, Badio is surely the best address in Porto. You will discover a delicious and refined food, for which we recommend you to try their broken eggs with French fries with a good tender steak.

As for drinks, the passion fruit sangria is a must to accompany these good dishes. The address is R. de Sá de Noronha 80, 4050-528.

4. The Ribs

The ribs porto

Lovers of good quality meat will enjoy going to The Ribs. Many customers go there to try their famous house steak, which is delicious and melts in the mouth, all with excellent service.

The prices are very reasonable for the quality offered. We recommend going to R. do Comércio do Porto 203, 4050-295, for a good local meal.

5. Bota & Bira

Bota bira porto

This small restaurant in Porto is located in a small alley that tourists don’t find so easily when they visit the city.

Bota & Bira doesn’t have many tables in its establishment, but if you pass by at the right time, we recommend you to go in and try their delicious dishes.

We highly recommend you to go there to discover an atypical and friendly atmosphere. The address is R. do Comércio do Porto 191, 4050-253.

6. Brasão Coliseu

Brasao Coliseu porto

To eat in a nice and interesting setting, mixing the modern concept with the old, the restaurant Brasão Coliseu is highly recommended.

The service is impeccable with good advice on the drinks that best accompany your meal such as fried onions. Enjoy your meal at R. de Passos Manuel 205, 4000-385.

7. Pregar

pregar porto

In a friendly atmosphere, the attentive and helpful staff of Pregar will make sure you have the best culinary experience in Porto. Don’t hesitate to order the delicious board or the homemade burgers. The address is Largo São Domingos 96, 4050-265.

8. Escama

escama porto

The tasting menu of Escama restaurant is one of the reasons why people push the doors of this establishment. With 6 dishes and local wines, you will have a fantastic experience.

The place is cozy, and the waiters are friendly and helpful. Don’t hesitate to go to R. de Mouzinho da Silveira 203, 4050-417.

9. La Ricotta

La Ricotta porto

This is another very good address in Porto, where the refined cuisine will seduce you and make you want to come back. La Ricotta offers varied and gastronomic dishes, all with a service that matches the level of the cuisine.

If you want to eat in a cozy atmosphere with reasonable prices, this is the place for you. The address of the restaurant is R. de Passos Manuel 18, 4000-381.

10. éLeBê Centro

eLeBe Centro porto

Let’s finish with a restaurant for a good romantic dinner. The establishment éLeBê Centro is a real delight where you will appreciate the place and the kindness of the staff.

The dishes are very sophisticated and nicely presented. A beautiful wine list awaits you. A good time to spend at Rua da Conceição 94, 4050-213.

Enjoy your stay in Porto

Now you know the best restaurants in Porto to discover the delicious Portuguese cuisine during your stay in the city. This is surely one of the best ways for you to rub shoulders with the locals and enjoy your vacation in this beautiful Portuguese city.

There are many other places to discover in the city if you want to know more. That’s why we have dedicated an article to the best brunches in Porto to start each of your days during your stay.