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Where to eat in Innsbruck? Our top 10 local restaurants

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Close to the German and Italian borders, Innsbruck is located in the Austrian Alps. With a population of 134,000, this city at the foot of the mountains attracts winter sports enthusiasts.

The city’s dynamism can be seen not only in its winter activities, but also in its various businesses and restaurants.

What are Innsbruck’s typical restaurants?

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In this article, you’ll discover 10 typical Innsbruck restaurants that we recommend you eat at. It’s the perfect way to get to know the city and its locals.

1. Die Wilderin

die wilderin

Die Wilderin offers very pleasant service, should you decide to visit this typical Innsbruck restaurant located at Seilergasse 5, 6020. The waiters will take the time to describe all the dishes to you in detail, and all you have to do is enjoy the excellent cuisine served on beautiful plates. A great place to eat in Innsbruck.

2. Gasthaus Restaurant Buzihuette


Located high up, Gasthaus Restaurant Buzihuette offers a beautiful view of the city below. You’ll have the opportunity to dine on typical dishes on the restaurant’s terrace, served quickly by friendly waiters.

Don’t forget to bring cash, as the restaurant doesn’t accept credit cards. We recommend this Innsbruck restaurant at Berchtoldshofweg 14, 6020.

3. Altstadtbeisl


The Altstadtbeisl also boasts a beautiful terrace right in the center of Innsbruck, just a few meters from the Golden Roof. Service is provided by the manager, who speaks excellent English and is very friendly with all her customers.

Don’t hesitate to try the spinach dumplings with gorgonzola sauce and spatzl for a good local dish. Go to Herzog Friedrichstrasse Ecke, Hofgasse 2, 6020.

4. Restaurant Bierwirt


Next to Ambras Castle is the Bierwirt restaurant, serving traditional Austrian cuisine. Don’t hesitate to try the Schnitzel, perfectly served by the friendly staff. You’ll eat well and enjoy your time in this friendly Innsbruck restaurant at Bichlweg 2, 6020.

5. Gasthof Weisses Rossl

gasthof weisses

Just a block from the Inn River is a very good Innsbruck restaurant called Gasthof Weisses Rossl. The welcome and service will match the quality of the traditional dishes pleasantly served by the restaurant’s staff. If you’re looking for good value for money, we recommend Kiebachgasse 8, 6020.

6. Ägidihof


Here’s an excellent Innsbruck address for a friendly, gourmet evening out. The Ägidihof restaurant. The menu is available in French and offers a wide choice of typical local dishes. The constant smiles of the waitresses will make your visit to this lovely Innsbruck restaurant even more enjoyable. The address is Bilgeristraße 1, 6080.

7. Stiftskeller Innsbruck


The Stiftskeller Innsbruck is a friendly, popular spot for locals. You’ll dine in beautiful surroundings with pleasant, efficient staff. This Innsbruck restaurant offers a fine menu of typical dishes, where the food is simple and of good quality. Service is fast, even when it’s busy. Go to Stiftgasse 1-7, 6020.

8. Leipziger Hof Restaurant

leipziger hof

Located in the city center, the Leipziger Hof Restaurant offers quality local cuisine at reasonable prices. In an attractive atmosphere, you’ll eat your meals presented by the staff. Close to the train station, this Innsbruck restaurant is located at Defreggerstraße 13, 6020.

9. Bärenwirth Restaurant


With a view of the mountains, you’ll be dining in a quiet, idyllic setting if you decide to visit the Bärenwirth Restaurant at Römerstraße 14, 6082. This restaurant is part of the hotel, but welcomes all guests warmly with a lovely, varied menu of local dishes. A great address for family dining.

10. Gasthaus Berchtoldshof

gasthaus berchtoldshof

Quality dishes await you at Gasthaus Berchtoldshof, served by friendly, welcoming staff. Your special requests will be catered for, if required. Inside and out, the friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay a while in good company. A water bowl is available for dogs outside. Full service for all guests at Schneeburggasse 140, 6020.

The best restaurants in Innsbruck, in brief

Here’s our selection of the best places to eat in Innsbruck. Great restaurants, where you can enjoy the local cuisine to the full.

We recommend that you let yourself be tempted by the charm of this rather unusual town, with its mix of Austrian charm and itinerant culture.

Discover Innsbruck’s gastronomy

Now you know the 10 best typical restaurants in Innsbruck where you can get your local taste experience. It’s one of the best ways to find out more about the city and its people. If you’d like to find out more about the city’s culinary art, we recommend reading our article on the best bars in Innsbruck.