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What are the best restaurants in Dresden?

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A small town in southern Germany, Dresden has a fine history behind it. As the capital of Saxony, the city suffered heavy bombardment during the Second World War, and has now been completely rebuilt with beautiful classical architecture where the weight of history can still be felt.

Just a short drive from Prague, Dresden boasts a wealth of cultural attractions in the form of museums and monuments. Between two visits, you’ll discover some lovely restaurants, which we’d like to recommend.

What are the best restaurants in Dresden?

In this article, you’ll discover the 10 best places in Dresden where we recommend you go to enjoy traditional German cuisine. There are plenty of other great places to visit, including Dresden’s best bars.

Kunst Café Antik

kunst cafe antik

Fans of old and beautiful objects will love a meal at Kunst Café Antik. In an old-fashioned, classic setting, you’ll enjoy German cuisine served generously by friendly waiters who speak excellent English.

A small terrace is also available if you wish to enjoy the architecture of the buildings while eating locally. The address is An d. Frauenkirche 5, 01067.

Hausbrau im Ballhaus Watzke

hausbrau im ballbaus watzke

Hausbrau im Ballhaus Watzke is a pretty Dresden restaurant where you’ll feel right at home sampling the many dishes of the area near the Elbe. The friendly staff will help you choose the dish that suits you best with minimal waiting time. We recommend drinking one of their delicious local beers at Kötzschenbroder Str. 1, 01139.

Augustiner an der Frauenkirche

augustiner an der frauenkirche

Not far from the Brühlschen Garten, the Augustiner an der Frauenkirche restaurant is a great place to eat the local schnitzel. Accompanied by a good Bavarian beer, you’ll appreciate the friendly atmosphere of this well-located establishment. This Dresden restaurant is located at An d. Frauenkirche 16-17, 01067.

Zum Schiesshaus

zum schiesshaus

A good dinner at Zum Schiesshaus is an idea we recommend. In this typical Dresden restaurant, you’ll find generous, beautifully served portions for anyone with an appetite.

Close to the city center, the restaurant is on 2 floors and has a beergarden for all good lovers of good local beers. We recommend Am Schießhaus 19, 01067.

PulverTurm an der Frauenkirche

pulverturm an der frauenkirche

If you want to eat local with friendly musicians in a typical Dresden restaurant, you should go to An d. Frauenkirche 12, 01067, where you’ll find the PulverTurm an der Frauenkirche restaurant. Good food, good German beers, good musicians livening up the restaurant, creating good memories surrounded by locals.

Freiberger Schankhaus

freiberger schankhaus 1

The Freiberger Schankhaus is a microbrewery where good craft beers and typical Dresden restaurant dishes await you. You’ll be served by friendly, smiling staff with whom you can chat about the city and get other great addresses. Go to Neumarkt 8, 01067.



Quite off the beaten track, the Schillergarten, opposite the Elbe, is a great experience if you’re visiting Dresden. The restaurant’s friendly staff offer efficient service and typical, tasty dishes.

Very good portions are served for a reasonable price. Vegetarians will also find something to their liking, with dishes adapted to their eating habits.

This Dresden restaurant has a beergarden where beer flows freely. We invite you to go to Schillerpl. 9, 01309.



You’ll be warmly welcomed by the staff at Kutscherschaenke, a restaurant serving traditional German dishes and good beer. You can sit indoors or on their pretty terrace by the river. Don’t hesitate to try their homemade desserts at Münzgasse 10, 01067.

Watzke Brauereiausschank am Ring

watzke brauereiasschan am ring

Watzke Brauereiausschank am Ring is a beautiful Dresden microbrewery worth visiting for its classic interior design. The waiters will be delighted to explain the à la carte dishes in detail. Don’t hesitate to try the local beers. This Dresden restaurant is at Dr.-Külz-Ring 9, 01067.

Paulaner’s im Taschenbergpalais

paulaners im taschenberpalais

This is a great place to start an evening in Dresden with friends. The typical Paulaner’s im Taschenbergpalais restaurant offers a wide variety of local dishes that are sure to please.

In a friendly atmosphere, you’re sure to enjoy the restaurant’s reasonably priced draught beers. Go to Taschenberg 3, 01067.

Discover Dresden’s best places

You now know some of the best places in Dresden to visit during your stay, to discover and enjoy the local cuisine in a beautiful atmosphere, and to take away some good memories. If you’re interested in discovering new places, we’ve written other articles such as Dresden’s best brunches.