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The top 10 restaurants in Bratislava

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The capital of Slovakia, Bratislava lies close to the Czech and Austrian borders. With a population of almost 565,000, including the metropolitan area, the city is undergoing constant economic expansion and attracts many foreign workers.

Just 290km awayfrom Prague and 55 from Vienna, Bratislava is perfectly situated geographically. You can discover Slovak culture through its monuments, but also by discovering Bratislava’s small shops, restaurants and bars.

What are the best restaurants in Bratislava?

In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 10 must-visit restaurants where you can learn more about the culinary side of Slovakia, and familiarize yourself with the dishes eaten every day in Bratislava.

FACH Bistro

fach bistro

In Bratislava’s St. Martin’s Cathedral district, the FACH Bistro restaurant offers local dishes, served by friendly, helpful staff. You’ll also find delicious coffee and cakes to round off your meal. The address of this Bratislava restaurant is Ventúrska 10, 811 01.

Roxor Brgr & Beer

roxor brgr beer

In a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere, you’ll discover good food accompanied by local craft beers when you visit Roxor Brgr & Beer. Their homemade burgers need no further proof of the quality of the meat. To be certain to be able to seat and enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this Bratislava restaurant, don’t forget to call and book. The address is Šancová 19, 811 05.

Houdini Restaurant


In a pretty dining room, the warm welcome of the staff will allow you to eat in a simple and friendly atmosphere to spend a good time at Houdini Restaurant.

With a good goat’s cheese and lamb confit, you’ll appreciate the local cuisine of this Bratislava restaurant. A chic restaurant in terms of decoration and very friendly when it comes to customer contact. Go to Tobrucká 6953/4, 811 02.

Koliba Kamzík Bratislava

koliba kamzik

The Koliba Kamzík Bratislava restaurant is located in the city center. With its simple yet chic decor, the staff are welcoming and professional. You’ll have the opportunity to eat traditional dishes beautifully presented on your plate. Prices are quite reasonable for the place and the portions served. The address of this restaurant is Zelená 5, 811 01

Le Torri

le torri

In the middle of the sports area, the restaurant Le Torri offers entirely local, well-prepared cuisine. A place where you’ll meet mainly regular locals who come to enjoy the local food and beer.

You’ll enjoy your meals in a stylish, well-tended environment, where the atmosphere is ideal for quiet family dining. The address of this Bratislava restaurant is Bajkalská 9/A, 831 04.

Dolnozemska Krcma

dolnozemska krmca

Close to the Danube, the Dolnozemska Krcma restaurant welcomes you on its terrace or indoors to discover typical Slovak dishes at affordable prices. It’s the perfect place to try specialties like bryndzové halušky in the heart of downtown Bratislava. Dolnozemska Krcma’s address is Panská 248/7, 811 01.



Quite far from the capital, the Albrecht restaurant is located in a pretty residential area. Owned by a hotel, this restaurant offers its customers a tasting menu enabling them to compare the different wines on offer.

It’s a great place to go for a culinary experience where the staff are attentive to your requests and attentive to detail in the presentation of the various dishes on offer.

It’s a way of eating local and gourmet at the same time. Please note, however, that prices are higher than in any other restaurant in town. Restaurant Albrecht is located at Mudroňova 4237/82, 811 03.



Close to Bratislava Castle, the DRAK&FINCH restaurant is a pleasant place to relax after a visit to the nearby monument. Also serving as a wine bar, you’ll find quality drinks to accompany your meal on the terrace overlooking the castle. DRAK&FINCH is located at Mikulášska 6652/1b, 811 01.

Urban Bistro

urban bistro

The Urban Bistro restaurant is conveniently located in the heart of Bratislava. With friendly English-speaking staff, service is fast. Given the restaurant’s trendy image, you’ll find prices higher than elsewhere? The dishes on offer are good and well-presented, with a wide choice of beverages.

Modrá Hviezda

modra hviezda

The Modrá Hviezda restaurant offers good, traditional Slovak cuisine, with friendly, welcoming waiters who will take good care of you. Although the place is quite small, you’ll feel right at home here as you enjoy the beers accompanying your local meal. It’s a beautiful spot at the foot of Bratislava Castle. We recommend you go there. The address is Beblavého 292/14, 811 01.

Enjoy the best of Bratislava

Although Bratislava is a smaller city than other European capitals such as Vienna or Prague, there are plenty of places to go to discover Bratislava through a traditional and often very affordable meal.

These are just a few of the good places to visit when in Bratislava. If you’d like to visit Vienna, only 1 hour away, and discover the local cuisine, we invite you to read our article on the best bars in Bratislava.