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The top 5 nightclubs in Seville

nightclubs seville

When you go to Seville, you will discover many people coming from all over the world to discover the city through its monuments, as the region of Andalusia is full of history.

Other tourists, younger people, come to enjoy the festive atmosphere that emerges during the summer. That’s why the city has been able to adapt itself with nice nightclubs where you can meet people.

What are the best nightclubs in Seville?

In this article, we’ll show you the best nightclubs in Seville, so you’ll have the best places to party during your stay in the capital of Andalusia.
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1. Lobby Club

Lobby Room Sevilla

Let’s start this top 5 with a trendy club in Seville, where you’ll enjoy your evening if you’re a group of friends in their thirties. The Lobby Club is a select place with a very chic atmosphere, so we advise you to put on your best clothes to be in the atmosphere of this club.

It’s a laid-back place, but people like to dance to music where the style is in harmony with the atmosphere. You will have a great night at C. Reyes Católicos, 23, 41001.

2. Sala X

Sala x seville

The club Sala X is known as one of the best places in the city for its large space and high quality sound. The atmosphere and ambiance are friendly and alternative.

It is clearly a nightclub for party people who like to let loose in a respectful and friendly environment. A good evening with friends to spend at C/ José Díaz, 7, 41009.

3. La Posada Sevilla

La Posada Sevilla

This nightclub is known for having a very good treatment in terms of services, although the place is always quite crowded on weekends. It is also good to know that the prices are reasonable compared to the competitors.

So if you want to see flamenco bands until 3am, don’t hesitate to go to La Posada Sevilla. The address is C. Astronomía, 40, 41015.

4. Sala Cosmos

Sala Cosmos seville 1

For those who like rave party music, Salas Cosmos is the right place to go during your stay in Seville! Note that the place is considered gay friendly, which allows you to meet as many people as possible in a respectful and party atmosphere.

The drinks are, for the most part, affordable and of good quality. A good way to make nice acquaintances located at C. Carlos de Cepeda, 2, 41005.

5. Antique Theatro

antique theatro seville

The Antique Theatro is a two-story nightclub. The atmosphere is excellent, and many consider it the best in Seville. The prices of the drinks are correct, but you will have to be patient to be served, because the queue is sometimes long during rush hours.

Nice local meetings await you in this club, where many students like to go. Its location is very accessible, and is located at C. Matemáticos Rey Pastor y Castro, s/n, 41092.

Enjoy your stay in Seville

Now you know the best nightclubs in Seville to enjoy a good night out with friends during your stay.

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