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Going out in the best nightclubs in Porto

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The city of Porto has become a must-see destination for a great summer vacation with friends at affordable prices. With beautiful attractions, the second-largest city in Portugal has been able to adapt to its many tourists and develop its economy.

Going out in the evening in Porto is the best way to meet the locals or even other tourists coming to enjoy their stay in the city. That’s why there are some great nightclubs for the young party goers who want to have a good time.

What are the best nightclubs in Porto?

In this article, we will present you the best nightclubs in Porto so that you can have all the good addresses in the city to go out at night during your stay.

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1. Lust

Considered by many as one of the best nightclubs in downtown Porto, Lust has nice spaces to accommodate many partygoers who come in groups.

In a global atmosphere, you’ll have no problem making nice acquaintances while waiting to get your delicious house cocktail that we recommend you try. The address is R. do Conde de Vizela 89, 4050-639.

2. Tendinha dos clérigos

Tendinha dos clerigos porto 1

Fans of 90s rock music will enjoy going to the Tendinha dos clérigos nightclub. Located in the so-called “party street”, this club has the particularity to welcome a large majority of thirty-year-olds, creating a friendly atmosphere.

Good drinks, good meetings, good sound, nothing like it to spend a good evening with friends in Porto. Meet at R. do Conde de Vizela 80, 4050-639.

3. Indústria Club

Industria Club porto

Indústria Club is for people who like electronic music in general. With many students, it is one of the most popular nightclubs in Porto. You will find nice spaces to dance or to sit and drink quality drinks at attractive prices. A good time to spend with friends at 4150 154, Av. do Brasil 843.

4. Gar Club

gare porto club 1

This is a place worth venturing to if only for one night. Gar Club is an underground place where all the electro fans meet in an unusual place. To give you an idea, the place is located in a tunnel of 6 meters wide and 35 meters long.

We let you imagine the incredible atmosphere which reigns there during animated evening. A beautiful atypical evening to spend at R. da Madeira 182, 4000-069

5. Hard Club

hard club porto 1

If you like techno music, the Hard Club is for you. You will also find an underground atmosphere in a huge room, which is nothing else than a kind of cellar with vaults everywhere.

For the drinks, you may pay a little more than elsewhere, but it’s worth it for a night you won’t forget. The club’s address is Mercado Ferreira Borges, 4050-252.

6. Plano B

Plano B porto

Plano B is a great place to go out at night in Porto. If you decide to go there, there are 2 rooms waiting for you, one for techno, and the other for US rap.

You will find a lot of people there around 1am, when the atmosphere is at its peak. Lovers of non-commercial music will be happy to go there. The address is R. de Cândido dos Reis 30, 4050-152.

  1. Pacha Ofir
Pacha Ofir porto

When it comes to sound, Pacha Ofir is surely one of the best nightclubs in Porto. Known for having good entertainment and incredible shows, this establishment is a must for all fans of electronic music.

Not to mention that the space is simply huge with several dance floors, all in an incredible atmosphere. We highly recommend this nightclub for a night out with friends. Go to Lugar das pedrinhas, 4741-908.

Discover Porto’s good addresses

There are many good places to go in Porto, and now you know some of them, to spend a good night with friends in the city.

Although the city is not very big, it has many other places to discover to complete your visit and to get to know its culture, which is why we recommend you to check our article on the best restaurants in Porto.