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Here are some of the best museums to visit in Brno

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Visiting Brno isn’t just about taking part in (well, watching) the motorcycle GP or enjoying the city’s fine restaurants and bars. No, it’s also about enjoying the lively, cultural side of the city, which has so much to offer.

In this article, we’ve put together a list of some of the best museums to visit in Brno, to help you plan your stay. Of course, the best thing to do is to prepare before you leave, so you don’t end up improvising… With nothing to do.

What are the best museums in Brno?

A city of almost half a million inhabitants, Brno is known as the capital of Moravia. So, of course, it has a lot to offer, especially from a cultural point of view.

There are a number of museums on site, all of which are well worth a visit. We invite you to join us in discovering some of the city’s most interesting cultural sites.

Brno City Museum (Muzeum města Brna)

The Brno City Museum (Muzeum města Brna) is often regarded as one of the most interesting museums in the Czech Republic. It’s worth noting that it’s made up of numerous branches, starting with Špilberk Castle, Měnínská brána (Měnín Gate) and Villa Tugendhat, which is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, no less. In short, it’s a must-see. The museum is located at Špilberk 210/1. Admission costs 90czk.

Moravian Gallery (Moravská galerie v Brně)

muzeum mesta brna

The Moravská galerie v Brně is the only museum in the country to take into account absolutely all aspects of art: fine art, photography, applied arts, graphics and architecture, so a visit to this great Brno museum is a real treat. Located at Husova 18, the museum is free to all. Be sure to pay particular attention to opening times, which change frequently.

Brno Museum of Technical Arts (Technické muzeum v Brně)

moravska galerie v brne

A public institution under the aegis of the Czech Ministry of Culture, the Museum of Technical Arts focuses on the metallurgical industry, watchmaking and everything to do with large ships and mechanics.

For even more enjoyment, the Brno Museum of Technical Arts organizes events for children and adults alike. There’s plenty to learn about the laws of physics! Open Tuesday to Sunday, the museum is located at Purkyňova 2950/105. Entrance fees range from 70 to 320 Czech crowns.

Moravian Museum (Moravské zemské muzeum)

technicke muzeum v brne

The Moravian Museum (Moravské zemské muzeum) is the second oldest museum in the Czech Republic, and the second largest in the country.

Opened in 1817, it boasts a collection of over six million artefacts, works and exhibits, ranging from the social sciences to nature.

This is where you can admire Dolní Věstonice’s famous Venus. The museum is located at Zelný trh 8. Again, pay particular attention to opening times.

Museum of Romanesque Culture (Muzeum romské kultury)

muzeum romske kultur

The only museum of its kind in Europe. The Museum of Romani Culture in Brno was founded in 1991. Divided into 13 sections, it features no fewer than 25,000 art and cultural objects. You can learn a great deal about Roma and Sinti culture here.

It’s an exceptional place to visit if you want to learn more about the subject. This museum in Brno is open from Tuesday to Saturday. It is located at Bratislavská 246/67. Admission costs 40-80czk.

Techmania Science Center

techmania science center

The Techmania Science Center is similar to the museum at La Villette in Paris. It’s a museum, a cultural and scientific place where you can learn a lot more about our planet, the cosmos, our civilization, man and micro-organisms.

Children aged 2 to 6 have their own little center where they can take part in special activities. They can end their tour by launching a small hydrogen rocket! VIDA! It’s open every day from Monday to Sunday. Admission is 130czk.

What other great museums are there in Brno?

If you want to enjoy the city and discover other museums, we suggest two frankly interesting establishments, including the Museum of Farm Life. Located at Pěstitelská 155/24, it takes you back to the heart of the 50s and 60s!

For car enthusiasts, Brno is home to the second-largest BMW car museum in Europe (after Munich). The museum is located at Řípská 5c. For those who prefer smaller models, why not visit the 1:18 scale museum of small cars? It’s located at Tábor 14.

Organize your stay in Brno in the best possible way

Are you planning a trip to Brno? We’ve got you covered. In fact, you can discover our complete guide to the city, as well as our selection of the best hotels in Brno. We’ve put together a comprehensive list to suit every budget. Ideal for a relaxed arrival. Any other ideas or recommendations? Let us know 🙂