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10 great hotels in Bratislava, Slovakia

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As Slovakia’s small capital, Bratislava attracts many tourists from all over the world every year for its sights and monuments, such as Bratislava Castle, the National Theater, the National Gallery and many more.

On a budget, you can spend several days visiting the capital and the surrounding area. There are plenty of hostels to choose from, most of them conveniently located in the city.

What are the best hostels in Bratislava?

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best youth hostels in the Slovak capital, where you can stay for a few days at affordable prices, allowing you to travel on a budget.

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1. Hostel Folks

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Right in the center of Bratislava, Hostel Folks is a youth hostel with a reputation for being neat and clean. The rooms on offer are diverse and varied, but the hostel focuses on the well-being of its guests during their stay. The staff of this youth hostel will be at your service day and night. The address is Obchodná 507, 811 06.

2. Patio Hostel

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If you’re planning to visit Bratislava with friends, and are thinking of having a party, the Patio Hostel is a hostel in Bratislava that may be of interest to you.

In fact, the hostel has a bar where many students meet to start a nice evening in the capital.

Right in the heart of the city center, you’ll be perfectly accommodated in this hostel with its relaxed and friendly staff. Once in Bratislava, head for Špitálska 35, 811 08.

3. Hyde Park Hostel

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With comfortable, spacious and clean rooms, the Hyde Park Hostel offers you the best conditions at affordable rates in the center of the capital. The bathroom area is spacious enough, and the room has a small TV. Although the street is busy, you’ll sleep peacefully. The address of this Bratislava youth hostel is Obchodná 566, 811 06.

4. Art Hostel Taurus

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Art Hostel Taurus is a beautiful youth hostel in Bratislava, a 5-minute walk from the castle in the city center. A classic breakfast is served. The staff will take good care of you, calling a cab to the airport if necessary. You’ll be able to sleep peacefully, as the hostel is located in a quiet street. Go to Zámocká 7327/24, 811 01.

5. DREAM Hostel Bratislava

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In the north of the capital, DREAM Hostel Bratislava is located close to the Lippayova záhrada park in a residential area. Although prices are low, this hostel will please you on several counts.

The staff are helpful and friendly, the standard of the rooms is adequate for the price, with cleanliness and comfort, a kitchen is available, laundry facilities, and free breakfast. We recommend this place. The address of this Bratislava youth hostel is 9A, Leškova 4932, 811 04.

6. Urban Elephants Hostel

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Here’s a nice hostel in Bratislava where the staff are friendly and welcoming in a good, friendly atmosphere. The rooms have a small kitchen, comfortable beds and good showers in the bathroom.

The Urban Elephants Hostel is a perfect place for a weekend away with good events on offer and organized. Don’t hesitate to do the pub crawl, and visit the city on foot. The hostel also offers group dinners, which is a great way to get to know other travelers. The address is Kolárska 8, 811 06.

7. Downtown Bratislava Hotel

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Close to the Presidential Garden in the center of the capital, the Downtown Bratislava youth hostel is located on a quiet street. With a warm welcome from the receptionists, you’ll find the place neat and original.

On each room door you’ll find the names of famous artists accompanied by their portraits. The staff are always ready to help and answer any queries you may have. The address is Panenská 680/31, 811 03.

8. Hotel Galeria

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In the north of Bratislava, Hotel Galeria presents itself in the same way as a youth hostel as an alternative place to stay. The building is full of color, reminiscent of a large work of art seen from the outside, with a gallery of pretty paintings inside, hence the name Galeria.

A charming and unique Bratislava hostel to make your visit to the city with a vibrant atmosphere and beautiful paintings. The rooms are well-equipped with large televisions. The address is Horná Vančurova 1, 831 01.

9. Schöndorf Hostel

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The Schöndorf Hostel is ideally located close to many of Bratislava’s bars and restaurants. The rooms are newly furnished and decorated, giving them a clean, comfortable feel.

The rooms are bright and airy, with plenty of windows in the rooms, which is a plus for the clientele, and the toilets and bathroom are clean.

Please note, however, that the lockers available are small and therefore don’t allow you to store your suitcases inside. We recommend this attractive Bratislava hostel in terms of value for money. Go to Obchodná 48, 811 06.

10. Hostel ZERO

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This hostel is ideally located right in the center of Bratislava. You’ll feel right at home with free fruit and coffee. As well as being clean, the rooms are air-conditioned in summer. You’ll have a great view from your room windows. Hostel ZERO’s address is Zámočnícka 6, 811 03.

Discover Bratislava and enjoy your local experience

You now know several good places to stay in Bratislava for less. On the whole, you’ll be well placed near or right in the city center to discover the bars and restaurants of the Slovak capital. This city is full of great places to discover, so we invite you to read our article on the best things to do while in Bratislava.