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Find out about the best hiking trails in Zlin!

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Zlín is a town located almost 300 kilometers from Prague. Known for being the town where Tomáš Baťa was born and founded his shoe empire, Zlín is also appreciated for being a country town from which it’s very easy to go for a walk.

The ideal place to get away from it all. In the rest of this article, we present the best hiking trails in Zlín. So that you can plan your vacation to the best of your ability.

Why hike in Zlín?

Zlín has a number of advantages, not least of which is the fact that it’s a medium-sized town well away from the Czech capital. Close to the border with Slovakia, the town is surrounded by beautiful nature, which is well worth exploring and discovering.

Hiking in Zlín can be less impressive than in the Bohemian Switzerland National Park. Nevertheless, the few hiking trails we present here will enable you to get away from it all and enjoy yourself to the full.

1. Rožnov pod Radhoštěm

Around ten kilometers from Zlín, you’ll find a route along the peaks, via Maly and Velky Javornik, Radhost and Pustevny. The hiking trail ends at Rožnov pod Radhoštěm.

The route is about 35 kilometers long. So you’ll need a whole day to get around. A moderately difficult route, but still long enough for the uninitiated. Ideal for a good trekking tour.

2. Pustevny – Radegast – Rožnov

This ten-kilometer itinerary starts from Pustevny, a charming little village with many old houses. Also worth seeing is the incredible statue of the god of Radegast.

The route, which is fairly easy, leads to Rožnov. It’s ideal for a half-day’s walk and is suitable for absolutely everyone. Hikers, if you want to walk in Zlin, don’t hesitate to take this trail!

3. Lukov

The Lukov hiking trail is located near Zlín in the Czech Republic. It’s a 14-kilometer loop trail. You’ll pass through a densely vegetated area.

It’s an opportunity to discover some interesting flora and fauna. The difficulty of the trail is considered moderate. Fairly short, it’s suitable for all walkers, beginners and advanced alike.

4. Naučná stezka Podhradí – Starý Světlov

This is a very short hiking trail in Zlín. Naučná stezka Podhradí – Starý Světlov measures no more than 2.5 kilometers. Extremely short, it allows you to discover Podhradí, in the heart of the Zlín region of the Czech Republic, in a little more detail. The trail and its difficulty are rated as easy. Fairly short and easy to manage, it’s suitable for absolutely everyone.

How do I get to Zlín for a hike?

Getting to Zlín for a hike isn’t really that difficult. Trains depart daily from Prague’s main railway station, hlavní nádraží. The journey takes several hours. The carriages are comfortable, so you’ll have plenty of room to take your walking gear with you.

You can also choose to take the car. It’s a very pleasant journey, taking around 3 hours to reach your destination. You can book a hotel in Zlín and leave the next day for the starting point of your hiking trail.

What we think of hiking in Zlín

Hiking in Zlín is a great idea and we encourage you to do it. Make sure you’re well prepared and use suitable equipment. You should also pay attention to the time of year when you plan to walk, and above all, to the weather. Walking in the Czech Republic in rainy weather is not the most pleasant experience.