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These excellent mussles and fries restaurants in Brussels

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Visiting Belgium, discovering Brussels, also means indulging in the local culinary delights. As you probably already know, our Belgian friends are known for some very typical recipes, especially the mussels and fries.

This is a good thing, because in the following article, we are going to propose to you to discover some of the best tables and restaurants offering this typical dish. Something to please you, at a lower cost.


Looking for a place to eat well in Brussels? No need to look any further. Indeed, we propose to you a selection of restaurants where to eat the best mussels – fries of the Belgian capital.


Au Vieux Bruxelles 1

Au Vieux Bruxelles is a real institution. For more than 130 years now, this establishment has been offering its customers what many consider to be the best fried mussels in the city.

It must be said that in over a century, the group has been able to refine its recipes. Today, this expertise, this know-how is felt in all your plate. Accompanied by delicious fries, the mussels are to die for.

We spare you the secrets of cooking. Indeed, it is better that a professional explains everything to you once you are there. A restaurant which, by the way, is rather easy to reach. It is located on the Place Saint-Boniface, in the middle of the Ixelles district.


Stekerlapatte brussels 1

Another mussels and fries institution in Brussels, the Stekerlapatte. This Belgian brasserie offers a confusing experience, with a rather crazy atmosphere. In short, everything you would expect from a self-respecting Belgian brasserie!

On the menu? An authentic cuisine. The fries are homemade and are accompanied by mayonnaise, also homemade. The mussels are also very good. If, at first sight, you might regret the lack of “versions”, do not hesitate to push the door of the establishment.

Our little tip? The mussels with Hommelbier. This is a top-fermented beer that goes perfectly with this typical Belgian dish. You won’t regret trying it.


Zinneke brussels 1

The Zinneke offers, according to some, the best fried mussels in Brussels. It must be said that the variations are very numerous. It would even be the longest menu in the Belgian capital. On the program? 69 different recipes with dishes weighing more than 1.5kg of mussels… For the hungry ones then.


Chez Leon brussels 1

Almost a century old, Chez Léon is one of the most famous restaurants where you can eat fried mussels in Brussels. Whether for locals or tourists, there will always be room… Provided your book in advance. Their little plus? The dishes are prepared in 3 different ways:

  • En papillote ;
  • A la plancha (you get grilled mollusks);
  • In a pot – in a pan (the classic way).


Le Choux de Bruxelles

This establishment is both a restaurant and a brasserie. It is one of the most popular mussels and French fries restaurants in Brussels. It must be said that the dishes offered are of a rare quality.

Moreover, the establishment knows how to renew itself and to surprise, as testifies its card proposing classic mussels as well as with the Blue or the curry! Enough to awaken all your senses.


NORDZEE brussels 1

Still wondering where to eat fried mussels in Brussels? Nordzee is a very good restaurant for fried mussels in Brussels. In fact, we even talk about a “fish bar” when we think of this establishment.

The operation is very simple. Once there, you queue up, place your order and when your dish is ready, you are called. Be careful though. Indeed, mussels are only served there during a short period of the year, between September and December.


Aux Armes de Bruxelles 1

This mussel and fries restaurant in Brussels is very well known, especially because an illustrious character liked to go there: King Leopold III. In short, you can be sure that if a sovereign likes to go there, the quality must be there. The most unusual dish? Mussels with snails. The whole thing is roasted in the oven, with parsley butter.


Francois Brussels 1

Finding where to eat the best “moules frites” in Brussels is clearly not an easy task. However, the restaurant François has what it takes to meet the expectations of the most demanding. This family-run restaurant also serves as a fish market.

In other words, whether you are a tourist, a local or an expatriate, you can always count on the teams of this restaurant to accompany you in the preparation of your favorite dish.


Taverne du Passage brussels 1

Located in the Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert shopping mall, Taverne du Passage is one of those restaurants that haven’t changed much since they opened.

At the same time, why change a recipe that works? On the spot, the mussels marinière are exquisite. Probably one of the best mussels and French fries restaurants in Brussels.

10. À la maison

A la maison brussels 1

But by the way, why don’t you try it yourself? Instead of going to a restaurant, you can make your own mussels and fries. After washing them, you can plunge them into cold water.

Mussels that are left open are probably already dead and should be discarded. The others should be placed in hot or even boiling water. It is recommended to fill the pan only halfway, as mussels tend to double in size.


We are aware that when you travel to Belgium, you will inevitably look for a good place to eat in Brussels. If mussels and fries aren’t really your thing, you can still discover our other solutions.

Indeed, we have prepared an article about the 10 best restaurants in the Belgian capital. You see, there is always a solution, whether you are looking for a place to eat in Brussels center or elsewhere in the city.

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