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Find out where the best burgers in prague are!

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No matter where you go, you’ll always want a good hamburger! Did you know that Prague has a number of restaurants specializing in this simple yet powerful delicacy?

They’re sure to satisfy all your taste buds and give you the chance to try out a wide range of hamburgers, from the classic to the homemade recipe.

It’s the perfect opportunity to indulge your taste buds, at a very reasonable price. Tempted? Check out our list of the best burgers in Prague.

Where to eat the best burgers in Prague?

Would you like to discover and eat the best burgers in Prague? In the rest of this article, you’ll find a non-exhaustive list of restaurants offering top-quality burgers for sale:

  • natural products,
  • soft, tender bun,
  • premium meat,
  • affordable prices.

The aim here is to introduce you to establishments where you can indulge yourself without breaking the bank.

The Tavern


2010 saw the opening of the first American diner-style restaurant. It also serves as a cocktail bar! But of course, this is a place known and recognized for the quality of its dishes.

Some say it’s the best burger joint around. In other words, it’s the ideal place to start a lively evening. Tavern is located at 26, Chopinova 1521, Vinohrady. A wonderful neighborhoord in Prague.

The Želva


Looking for another place to enjoy one of Prague’s best burgers? Go to 23, J. Želivského 1806, Žižkov. Here you’ll find Želva. It’s a small restaurant where you’ll be treated to pretty steaks and, above all, huge portions of fries. Ideal, then, for fans of the genre.

Meat & Greet

meat and greet

Meat & Greet is a well-known Prague restaurant. In fact, it’s one of the most popular places to eat for the simple reason that the sandwiches on offer are exquisite. You’ll find traditional burgers with carefully prepared bread.

Add to this the sometimes unusual sauces and, above all, the size of the sandwich, which is surprising at first glance. This restaurant is located at Senovážné nám. 994, 110 00 Nové Město.

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The Dish


In Prague, the Dish is often cited as the city’s most popular burger restaurant. It has to be said that every effort is made to satisfy the clientele.

The place is quite simple and cosy, but it’s not very big either, allowing the cooks to concentrate on their dishes and the waiters to be particularly responsive.

Add to this the fact that the burgers are simply delicious, and you have an exceptional experience. Interested? The Dish is located at Římská 1196/29, 120 00 in Vinohrady.

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Black Dog

black dog

At Gorazdova 357/1, 120 00 Nové Město, you’ll find the Black Dog. It’s one of the capital’s most popular spots, especially with fans of the genre. It has to be said that the dishes on offer are of a rare quality.

If you have to pay a little more than elsewhere, you won’t regret going there. So it was only natural for us to place this establishment on our list of the best sandwiches in Prague.

Street Burgers and Cocktail Bar

street burgers and cocktail bar

Would you like to start your evening with some cocktails followed by a burger? Or maybe the other way round? Either way, Street Burgers and Cocktail Bar has something for everyone, with both on offer à la carte.

It’s a great place to eat, with ribs, salads and even hot dogs on offer. Are you interested? To get there, head for Konviktská Konviktská 261, Staré Město.

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The last establishment on our list of the best burgers in Prague is Hillbilly. It’s a very simple place that doesn’t look like much. The emphasis seems to have been on the burgers rather than the decor, and it works.

In fact, the place is so popular that you absolutely have to make a reservation to be sure of getting in. It’s located at Pplk. Sochora 974/21, 170 00 in the Holešovice district.

Café Palanda

cafe palanda

Located at Zlatnická 1122/11, Café Palanda is a great place to go if you’re a hamburger lover. Some even claim it’s one of the best in Prague.

Far be it from us to urge you to eat, but this claim can only be verified by you! The sauces accompanying your fries are often praised for their freshness.

Loki Burgers

loki burgers

In addition to its excellent menu, this restaurant, located in Vítězná 419/15, 150 00 Malá Strana offers a wide selection of good Czech draught beers. The ideal accompaniment.

Try the Loki burger: cheddar cheese, chipotle mayonnaise, bacon marmalade, arugula, grilled tomato… A meal you won’t want to miss. Plates are pretty substantial, so it’s ideal for those with a big appetite!

U Kurelů

u kurelu

It may not be the best-known of the restaurants, but U Kurelů, located at Chválova 1, offers burgers of very fine quality. We’d even go so far as to say that it has absolutely nothing to envy the capital’s best-known.

The place is famous for its tender, melt-in-your-mouth pork. On weekends, you can also enjoy a bit of music. The establishment hosts a few bands from time to time.

Our additional tip

We also like the Hard Rock Café here. Maybe a bit pricey, since it’s right in the center of town, but it offers a rich and varied menu and a wide selection of beers. A place to try out during your stay if you don’t really know where to go.

Fly to Prague and try the city’s best burgers

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You can also use our hotel comparator to find the best rooms at the best price. Do you have a question, an idea or a complaint? We’re here to help. Don’t hesitate to write to us for more information, especially about restaurants offering the best sandwiches.

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