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What’s the best brunch in Dresden?

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You’ve decided to discover Dresden and its many unmissable activities? Ideally, you’d like to spend the night and round off your stay in style with a delicious breakfast.

That’s why, in the following article, we invite you to discover our selection of the best brunches in Dresden. It’s the perfect way to help you choose the right restaurant before you hit the road again!

Where to have the best brunch in Dresden?

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Looking for the best brunch in Dresden? In the rest of this content, we invite you to discover our selection of the city’s best establishments. Friendly, well-located restaurants offering breakfast at a great price. The perfect way to round off your stay in style.

1. Wohnstube

wohnstube dresden

Wohnstube is a brunch restaurant located in the HYPERION Hotel Dresden am Schloss (read our article on the best hotels in Dresden to find out more). The hotel is located in the heart of the Old Town.

Breakfast (Sundays only) is an extensive buffet. You’ll find excellent dishes as well as hot and cold drinks.

In the middle of winter, the staff fire up the barbecue and serve up some very tasty grilled meats and vegetables.

2. Ladencafé aha

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Ladencafé aha is a great brunch option in Dresden for individuals and families wishing to enjoy a good breakfast. Offering wholesome, wholesome dishes, this establishment also gives pride of place to vegan and vegetarian cuisine. You’ll also find a selection of gluten-free options. In short, there’s something for everyone. This establishment is located at Kreuzstraße 7.

3. PlanWirtschaft

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PlanWirtschaft is a brunch spot located in Dresden’s trendiest district, Äußere Neustadt. You’ll love the large buffet, which includes a variety of breads, fillings, scrambled eggs, cereals and yoghurt.

You can even help yourself to waffles, while coffee is available on tap. As for the interior, it’s rather cozy, with its wooded decor almost reminiscent of a mountain chalet. The establishment is located at Louisenstraße 20.

4. Carolaschlösschen

carolaschlosschen dresden

Located at Querallee 7, Carolaschlösschen is an excellent Dresden brunch spot. Its relaxed atmosphere is much appreciated, thanks in particular to the superb outdoor terrace and Art-Deco interior.

The food is of the highest quality. We recommend you try the pastries that tempt you most… In fact, all of them (all the ones we tried) are excellent. So there’s no reason not to treat yourself.

5. L’Art de Vie

LArt de Vie dresde

L’Art de Vie at the Societaetstheater is an all-day brunch restaurant in Dresden. While it’s a place for creativity and rather Mediterranean dishes, you’ll also find breakfasts from other parts of the world.

You can, for example, indulge in an English breakfast. At weekends and on public holidays, customers come here for more complete brunches, featuring cold specialties (salads, smoothies, etc.) and hot dishes. Good to know, the glass of prosecco is on the house.

6. Max Altsadt

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Max Altsadt is a restaurant in the very heart of Dresden. Not only a restaurant, but also a bar! The interior is exquisitely elegant. You’ll love having a drink, a meal or breakfast here on a Saturday or Sunday morning.

Interestingly, brunch is served every day… Between 8 and 6pm. In short, this establishment is well worth a visit. To get there, head for Wilsdruffer Str. 24. You can find out more about Dresden’s best bars in our dedicated article.

7. Café Vis-à-vis

cafe vis a vis dresden

Café Vis-à-Vis is located in the heart of a 250-year-old building. Located by the river on the Brühl terrace, it offers not only excellent brunches and breakfasts, but also breathtaking views.

The coffees are very good, as are the pastries, all homemade. A real treat. The restaurant is located at An der Frauenkirche 5.

8. Elbsalon

Elbsalon dresden

Elbsalon is a restaurant offering some of the best brunches in Dresden. You can have breakfast here until 4pm!

The menu is pretty comprehensive, ranging from pancakes and fruit salads to savory dishes that make everyone who visits salivate.

Menus also tend to evolve and vary with the seasons and inspiration. In short, a quality establishment that’s anything but boring.

9. Watzkes Wurstküche

watzkes wurstkuche dresden

Watzkes Wurstküche is a Dresden brunch spot that focuses on German dishes and products. Do you like German sausage?

Sunday is the day for absolutely all German specialities. Breads, sandwiches, salami, cheese – you’ll come away conquered, delighted. One of our favorite establishments. It’s located at Dr.-Külz-Ring 11.

10. Saite Café & Restaurant

cafe restaurant saite dresden

Saite Café & Restaurant was the first restaurant in Saxony to be certified organic. That was back in 2002. And since then? Dishes come and go, local products come and go, in short, it’s a veritable coming and going of flavors, smells and gustatory bliss.

The dishes are exquisite. The only negative point is the long wait. The place is packed, and it’s not uncommon to have to wait dozens of minutes between orders.

Discover brunch and the city of Dresden

Would you like to come to Dresden and discover the city? If you’re thinking of spending a few days here, check out our list of the best restaurants in Dresden. This comprehensive article gives you the chance to lunch or dine at some of the city’s finest restaurants. An exceptional city, magnificent and relatively untouristy. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a breath of fresh air for a weekend or a special holiday.