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Where to have a great breakfast in Cardiff ?

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Cardiff has many restaurants offering different types of cuisine. If you’re looking for a good brunch, you should know that there are many good places to go once you get there. A great way to start your day in the Welsh capital.

What are the best brunches in Cardiff?

In this article, we’re going to suggest 10 places to eat brunch in Cardiff, so that you can make a short list before you go there. If you want to know more about the city, we have dedicated an article on the 10 best bars in Cardiff.

1. Bigmoose Coffee Company

Bigmoose Coffee Company cardiff 1

Located close to the beaten path of Queen Street, the Bigmoose Coffee Company provides well-prepared food to start your day in Cardiff. You’ll be able to choose from a wide range of vegan offerings such as the vegan “French toast” which is really delicious.

This is a place set up as part of a charity, which is why we recommend a visit to 4-5 Frederick St, St Davids Centre, CF10 2DB.

2. Elmer’s Take a Break Cafe

Elmers Take a Break Cafe cardiff 1

The food served at Elmer’s Take a Break Cafe is considered by many to be incredible, with excellent service and a very friendly staff. This cafe has a lot of regulars who like to come here for the great atmosphere. Try it out at 60 Crwys Rd, CF24 4NN.

3. Porro

porro cardiff 1

Porro is a small, cozy restaurant located in Llandaff near Cardiff city center. The brunches offered are tasty with homemade beans.

For very reasonable prices and fast and impeccable service by its friendly staff, this is a place we highly recommend, located at 22 High St, CF5 2DZ.

4. Servini’s Cafe

Servinis Cafe cardiff

With excellent service and fresh, quality products served to all its customers, Servini’s Cafe has nothing to prove in terms of popularity. The staff will take care of you so that you don’t miss anything for your brunch.

Don’t hesitate to ask them questions about how your delicious food was made, and they will be happy to explain everything to you. A great time at Bute Park, CF10 3DX.

5. Corner Coffee

Corner Coffee cardiff 1

Delicious and hearty breakfasts and brunches are offered at Corner Coffee. Great vegetarian and vegan options are available as well, along with delicious, quality coffee!

The cafe also has sandwiches and cakes available, made with fresh produce each morning. Enjoy your meal at 13 High St, CF10 1AX.

6. Grey

Grey cardiff

Part of the Hilton Cardiff hotel, the Grey offers good food at quite high prices compared to its competitors. Nevertheless, it is a place that we recommend for the quality of its brunches served, every day.

The waiters will be very courteous and pleasant and will not hesitate to make recommendations. The address is Greyfriars Rd, CF10 3HH.

7. Turtle Bay Cardiff

Turtle Bay Cardiff 1

Yet another great place to go in Cardiff, both for the relaxed atmosphere and for the simply amazing food served at good prices.

Very friendly staff will be happy to serve you and always with a smile. A great experience to discover at Turtle Bay located at 114-116 St Mary St, CF10 1DY.

8. Las Iguanas

Las Iguanas Cardiff 1

You will eat a good vegan brunch accompanied by nice and delicious cocktails when you go to Las Iguanas. The charming and helpful staff will put you in a Latino mood to start your day in Cardiff.

With fair prices and a nice atmosphere, we recommend this café located at 8 Mill Ln, CF10 1FL.

9. Culley’s Kitchen & Bar

Culleys Kitchen Bar

The food is deliciously prepared and more than enough for nice portions per person at Culley’s Kitchen & Bar. Prices are very good if you go with a group.

Located in a beautiful, well-preserved building with many original features, this little cafe is a great place to eat in general. Lovely and helpful staff as in many cafes in the area. The address is Coal Exchange Hotel, CF10 5FQ.

10. New York Deli

New York Deli Cardiff

Let’s finish with the New York Deli which is a very popular place for tourists passing through Cardiff. The sandwiches made with 100% fresh and local products are the trademark of the establishment.

You’ll come across a lot of expatriates who have become regulars as the place is so pleasant and friendly. Food to enjoy at 4-6 Duke Street Arcade, CF10 1AZ.

Enjoy your stay in Cardiff

There are many things to do in Cardiff, which is why starting your day with a good brunch is a great way to live local for a few days. Now you know 10 great places to eat brunch in Cardiff.

If you’re planning a stay in Wales, you’ll find a lot of nice hostels in Cardiff! A great option, especially if you’re on budget.