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What are Bratislava’s best brunches?

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Bratislava’s city center is known among locals as one of the most dynamic places in terms of cuisine. In the rest of this article, we’ll tell you absolutely everything you need to know about the best brunches in Bratislava.

This is your chance to treat yourself, whether you’re a local expatriate or planning to spend a few days here on vacation. A selection of the best establishments, obviously subject to change, depending on your feedback and our experiences.

Where to eat the best brunch in Bratislava?

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We won’t tell you where to find the best brunch in Bratislava, but we’ll take a look at our list of the 10 best restaurants and breakfasts in the Slovak capital.

Here you’ll find cheap, affordable and conveniently located brunches to help you prepare for your long weekend of walking and exploring… Or simply to recover from a night out in one of the city’s many bars.

1. Mondieu

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Mondieu is a French brunch restaurant with three locations in Bratislava. But it’s a quality chain! On weekdays, you can eat breakfast here until 11:30am. At weekends, breakfast is served until 1:30pm.

These establishments offer a comprehensive menu. Not sure what to choose? We suggest, without prompting, that you try the brioche bread with wild berries. For the hungrier, opt for the cheese and omelette croissant. The main restaurant is located at Hlavné námestie 5.

2. Fach

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Fach is a vegetarian brunch in the heart of Bratislava. Located at Ventúrska 10. Menus are evolving. They’re constantly changing! The scrambled eggs and sandwiches on offer are of the highest quality. They always find takers. Open every day from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m., this restaurant also offers dishes for lunch and dinner.

3. Urban house

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At weekends, the Urban House is packed to the rafters. The food, coffees and cocktails offered by this establishment are enjoyed by all. The menus are quite extensive and seem to delight the young community that throngs the site every week. Refined, tasty cuisine, all in a pleasant setting. Urban House is located Laurinská 213/14

4. Merica

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Štúr Café has opened a new establishment: Merica. This establishment is renowned for the quality of its dishes, but above all, for its very large portions. Waffle, fried egg, bacon, your breakfast is simply royal. Located in the heart of the old market halls, this establishment is well worth a try. Your stomach will thank you!

5. Soupa Bistro

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Right in the center of town, Soupa Bistro is the kind of establishment that’s affordable enough to offer healthy, wholesome dishes. The delicious food at this excellent Bratislava brunch restaurant is worth reserving a table for. The restaurant is located at Kozia 11. Not sure what to try? We’re told the fried eggs are exquisite… You be the judge!

6. Moods

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As well as the food, we especially like the name of the place, which perfectly conveys the idea of brunch. You’ll find a wide selection of coffees (espresso macchiato, Viennese coffee, lattes).

A brand that has won the hearts of the locals. Today, Moods has six locations across the city. Brunch features omelettes, scrambled eggs and excellent pastries.

7. Pán Cakes

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Pán Cakes is a brunch spot in Bratislava, just a few hundred meters from the city center. It specializes in pancakes and crepes. So, if this is exactly what you want to eat, look no further than Suché mýto 4, 811 03 Staré Mesto.

8. Kubista

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Located at Grösslingová 2524, 811 09, Kubista is a restaurant that brings together all local resources and raw materials to offer one of the best brunches in town. Soups, sandwiches, chicken and more….

The menu changes and evolves quite frequently. So you can be sure of finding a new dish every time you visit. By eating there, you’re also making the choice to support local producers.

9. Farmer’s market

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This isn’t a brunch as such. But a stroll down the aisles of the farmer’s market is a great way to buy local, organic, tasty and healthy produce. Add a little cheese and a good bottle of Carpathian wine, and you’ve got everything you need for a quality brunch!

Enjoy the best brunches in Bratislava!

Brunch in Bratislava is an institution. If you’d like to organize your stay in the heart of Slovakia’s capital, take a look at our selection of the best hotels. You’ll be able to relax and unwind before getting down to business. Not sure what to do after your meal? We invite you to take a look at our list of the best things to do while visiting Bratislava.