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What are the best bars in Vienna ?

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Are you passing through Vienne and want to enjoy the best nightlife establishments for a great night out? Here is a selection of Vienna’s best ambient bars.

A selection based on experience and feedback. Naturally, our list will evolve over time. But if you’re looking for a good night out in the heart of Austria’s capital, this is the place to be!

Where are Vienna's best bars?

Vienna is a big city. Here, you’ll find a wide range of establishments, including good atmospheric bars. Here, we bring you a selection of the 10 most unusual, lively and affordable places in the Austrian capital. An opportunity for you to enjoy a fun evening, in some of the trendiest places.

if dogs run free

1. If Dogs Run Free

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

If Dogs Run Free is a bar on Gumpendorfer Strasse in the sixth arrondissement. The atmosphere and decor are reminiscent of a strange mixture between Matrix and Mad Men

On site, you’ll love sampling the great classics such as Martinis and Old Fashioned. We really appreciate the place’s affordable prices. For an extra treat, consider trying the Damascus Spritz.

Book your table at If Dogs Run Free

Address : Gumpendorfer Str. 10, 1060 Wien
Hours : Mon-Thu : 18h – 00h / Fri-Sat : 18h – 1h / Sun : Closed
Phone : +43 1 9132132

What we think of If Dogs Run Free


  • The name of the bar, which we think is pretty cool
  • Perfectly prepared cocktails
  • A wide range of hours for a good start to the evening

What we like best

Our favorite thing about this Vienna bar? The Damascus Spritz. We won’t tell you more, so you can find out for yourself!


2. Gönnerbar

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.8/5 – Google

Back then, the Gönnerbar was an electrical supply store. Today, it’s a bar on the Schulhofpassage. We love its simple, minimalist decor.

On site, you’ll love the music programs, which change quite often. Art-wise, almost bobo, this wacky bar has a very partial drinks menu, which should nevertheless satisfy all your cravings. And the prices are quite reasonable!

Book your table at Gönnerbar

Address :  Mariahilfer Str. 101, 1060 Wien
Hours : Fri-Sat: 19h – 04h
Phone : +43 660 6711155

What we think of Gönnerbar


  • An exceptional location
  • Cocktails that (really) make you want to
  • Affordable prices

What we like best

The place, with its chill, chic atmosphere. Once inside, it’s hard to want to leave. Perfect for a relaxed evening!

das loft

3. Das LOFT Bar & Lounge

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

Das LOFT Bar & Lounge is located on the 18th floor of the SO/Vienna hotel. We appreciate the view offered by this atmospheric terrace bar. One of Vienna’s most impressive establishments.

Ultra-modern, we appreciate the card of cocktails, each more varied than the last, as well as the large selection of wines (both French and Austrian). The establishment is located at Praterstraße 1.

Book your table at Das LOFT Bar & Lounge

Address : Praterstraße 1, 1020 Wien
Hours :  Sun-Thu : 16h – 01h / Fri – Sat : 16h – 02h
Phone : +43 1 906168110

What we think of Das LOFT Bar & Lounge


  • The breathtaking view
  • A fine wine and spirits list
  • The ambiance, rather chic

What we like best

This bar in Vienna isn’t for everyone. Chic, hushed atmosphere, with a view that adds a lot of cachet. For that reason alone, you should go here!

the birdyard

4. The Birdyard

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

3.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

The Birdyard is an unusual bar in Vienna. Pushing open its doors, you’ll have the sudden impression of finding yourself in the heart of an exotic place. The flowers, animals and wall decorations are striking.

We really appreciate the cocktails offered by the bartender… Who goes out of his way to impress his guests. Upstairs, there’s a small restaurant from which you can grab a bite to eat if you’re feeling a bit under the weather. The Birdyard is located at Lange G. 74.

Book your table at Birdyard

Address : Lange G. 74, 1080 Wien
Hours : Wed-Thu : 18h – 01h / Fri – Sat : 18h – 02h
Phone : +43 1 4024624

What we think of Birdyard


  • An unusual, unexpected atmosphere
  • Bar and restaurant
  • Cocktails made right in front of you, the way you like them

What we like best

It’s the funny feeling once the doors open. Like arriving in a totally unexpected place.

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4.5/5 – TripAdvisor
4.6/5 – Google

Tür 7 is one of Vienna’s most unusual bars. Indeed, the latter is a kind of “speakeasy” bar, well hidden behind a shop window reminiscent of a tailor’s storefront.

Once inside, however, you’ll be surprised by the pub’s ambience. The waiters/waitresses are perfectly dressed and the cocktail selection is to die for. The atmosphere is calm and classy.

Book your table at Tür 7

Address : Buchfeldg. 7, 1080 Wien
Hours : Mon-Fri : 21h – 00h
Phone : +43 664 5463717

Our opinion of Tür 7


  • It’s a hidden speakeasy
  • A chic, relaxed atmosphere
  • A selection of cocktails that will leave you breathless

What we like best

The concept! A “hidden”, almost “clandestine” bar, Tür 7 is a place you didn’t plan to visit… But it must be on your bucket list!

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

To enter the Krypt, you ring a doorbell, pass through a second large glass door and then descend a few steps… As its name suggests, this bar in Vienna has the air of a crypt.

One of the city’s most unique establishments. This unusual bar is a little pricey. So plan accordingly, but one thing is certain, the quality is there and you won’t regret coming. The establishment is located Berggasse, Wasagasse.

Book your table at Krypt

Address : Berggasse, Wasagasse, 1090 Wien
Hours : Wed-Thu : 19h – 01h / Fri-Sat : 20h – 03h
Phone : no info

What we think of Krypt


  • It’s like being in a crypt (hence the name).
  • The quality of drinks and tapas
  • Affordable prices for such a place

What we like best

It’s the general atmosphere, the decor. The Krypt is hard to find, but once you’re inside, you won’t regret those 5 minutes of circling.

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.3/5 – Google

Onyx is one of Vienna’s most pleasant ambient bars. It is located on the sixth floor of the design chic Do & Co hotel. The establishment’s bay windows give it something extra.

You’d almost think you were on the roof of Saint-Etienne Cathedral. As for the menu, it’s very comprehensive. Wine, cocktails and spirits, in short, you’re in for a treat.

Book your table at Onyx

Address : Stephansplatz 12, 1010 Wien
Hours : Mon-Sun: 12h – 01h
Phone : +43 1 5353969

What we think of Onyx


  • Wide selection of quality beverages
  • Good soundproofing
  • High-quality service

What we like best

A cosy ambience in a chic setting 

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.2/5 – Google

If you’re not a regular visitor to Vienna, Loos is one of the Austrian capital’s best-established bars. Its interior gives the impression of entering someone’s home in a bad mood. Mirror, wood, low lighting, you get what you pay for. The drinks are top-of-the-range.

We love the classics, but especially the signature cocktail, the Adolf Loos (the man who designed the bar). It’s a clever blend of soda and champagne cocktail. The establishment is located at Kärntner Durchgang 10.

Book your table at Loos

Address : Kärntner Durchgang 10, 1010 Wien
Hours : Mon-Sun : 12h – 04h
Phone : +43 1 5123283

What we think of Loos


  • The unusual interior
  • Cocktails and drinks, high quality
  • Prices, rather affordable

What we like best

The fact that Loos is open every day, from 12pm to 4am. What a great way to spend the day and evening!


9. Das DonauTechno

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4.3/5 – Google

Many things make Das DonauTechno one of Vienna’s most atmospheric bars… Starting with the place itself. Very underground, with high walls and low visibility, this bar is quite something.

Then there’s the music. A DJ comes every week, playing his tracks using a sound system that leaves much to be desired. This is a local Techno music institution. To get there, you’ll have to look around a bit, behind the Museumsquartier.

Book your table at Das DonauTechno

Address : Karl-Schweighofer-Gasse 10/A, 1070 Wien
Hours : Sun-Wed : 20h – 02h / Wed : 20h – 04h / Thu-Fri : 20h – 06h
Phone : +43 1 5238105

What we think of Das DonauTechno


  • Techno music
  • The DJs who perform there
  • Quality, affordable drinks

What we like best

Donautechno is a bar where you can listen to live music. It’s one of the only bars of its kind in this selection!

strandbar herrmann

10. Strandbar Herrman

🍺 Customer notes 🍺

4/5 – TripAdvisor
4.4/5 – Google

Did you know it was possible to enjoy the beach in Vienna? Well, almost. Strandbar Herrmann faces the Danube.

It offers guests the chance to relax, drink a cocktail while having their feet in the sand. You can even sit in a deckchair or hammock. In short, one of Vienna’s most unusual and unexpected ambient bars.

Book your table at Strandbar Herrman

Address : Herrmannpark, 1030 Wien
Hours : Sat-Sun : 10h – 02h / Mon-Fri : 14h – 02h
Phone : +43 720 229996

What we think of Strandbar Herrman


  • View of the Danube
  • Drinks with your feet in the sand
  • Affordable prices for such a place

What we like best

Ever dreamed of having a drink with your feet in the sand in Austria? Now you can. From then on, this bar in Vienna had to be on our list.

Where to go out in Vienna?

Would you like to enjoy the Austrian capital’s nightlife? Take advantage of our selection of Vienna’s best bars to get an idea of what this one has to offer.

Between affordable prices, unusual themes and quality drinks, you shouldn’t be bored. Don’t hesitate to discover two or three during the evening, so you can take full advantage of all these great places.