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Our selection of bars and restaurants in Český Krumlov

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Just a few kilometers from Austria, in the south of the Bohemia region of the Czech Republic, Český Krumlov is a small tourist town known for its architectural beauty.

Many tourists visit the town for its small size and the medieval atmosphere found here with its well-preserved old buildings. There are plenty of nice places to eat and drink while admiring the view.

What are the best places in Český Krumlov to discover?

In this article, you’ll discover Český Krumlov through its typical restaurants serving good Czech food, and its small bars with typical beers. Beware. It’s one of the coolest and most visited cities in the country. Maybe a quick call and a reservation will hemp you secure a table.

What are the best restaurants in Český Krumlov?

Here, we present a list of some of the best restaurants in Český Krumlov. These establishments are quite simply the best in town. These are perfect establishments if you want to discover and enjoy a bit of Czech gastronomy.

Gotika restaurace


Next door to St. Vitus Church, Gotika restaurace is perfectly located in the center of Český Krumlov. This typical Czech cuisine restaurant offers good dishes in small plate portions, but which will seduce you with taste and quality.

We recommend you try the local wines offered à la carte. A good place to eat close to the sights on a reasonable budget. Gotika restaurace is located in Horní 148, Vnitřní Město, 381 01. An excellent restaurant in Český Krumlov.

Konvice restaurace


Restaurant Konvice is located 50 meters from the town’s main Svornosti square. You’ll have the opportunity to eat local and admire the view of the town, especially the Český Krumlov castle tower.

The warm welcome from the waiters is to be commended for a meal where the value for money is right. A beautiful place that we recommend with delicious local cuisine. The address is Horní 145, 381 01.

Hostinec Depo

hostinec depo

Overlooking the Jelení zahrada park to the north of the city, the Hostinec Depo restaurant offers meals indoors or on the terrace in fine weather. A little more out of the way than its competitors, this Český Krumlov restaurant attracts diners with both its local cuisine and its idyllic natural setting. If you’re looking for good Czech food after a long walk north of town, head for Latrán 74, Latrán, 381 01.

Don Julius restaurace

don julius

At Don Julius restaurace you’ll taste popular dishes highly recommended by all customers who have passed through. With its well-appointed interior, you’ll be warmly welcomed and perfectly advised on your choice of dish.

Whether it’s a soup, a pizza, a burger, or simply traditional Czech cuisine, the waiters will be happy to guide you. The address is Kájovská 55, Vnitřní Město, 381 01. One of Český Krumlov’s most pleasant restaurants.

The best bars in Český Krumlov

Want to enjoy your night out and go out in Český Krumlov? No need to look any further: here you have it, a list of the city’s best bars.

City Lounge Music Club & Bar

city lounge bar music club and bar

On the banks of the Vltava River in the city center, you’ll find the City Lounge Music Club & Bar. If you’d like to enjoy a refreshing drink on the terrace while admiring the canoes passing in front of you with a view of Český Krumlov Castle, this bar can be a very good address. If you go, don’t hesitate to try the local and Austrian beers the bar has on tap. The bar’s address is Hradební 81, 381 01. An excellent bar in Český Krumlov.

Apotheka cafe bar

apotheka cafe bar

This is a good address to know when visiting Český Krumlov if you like cocktail bars. Mainly frequented by a young clientele, you’ll have the opportunity to spend a good time with friends at Apotheka cafe bar, and thus make some great encounters with the locals. The address is Latrán 46, 381 01 Český Krumlov, Czech Republic.

Festi bar

festi bar

Close to the main square, Festi bar is a nightclub where a very festive clientele likes to hang out. Locals and tourists alike are in full swing at the weekend. Lovers of strong alcohol will be pleased, as you’ll find some good Polish vodkas. A pleasant, friendly atmosphere for an enjoyable evening with friends. The address is Soukenická 36, Vnitřní Město. One of the best bars in Český Krumlov.

Enjoy the best places in Český Krumlov

You now know a few good places to go out in Český Krumlov. Bear in mind that many of the restaurants feature the best dishes of Czech cuisine and are affordable. Bars are a good place to meet the locals. If you’d like to find out more about the town, we recommend reading where to stay in Český Krumlov.