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Where to have a drink in Porto?

porto bars

Portugal’s second-largest city, Porto is known for its alcoholic drink bearing the same name as the city, but also for its impressive architecture with its famous and very impressive bridges.

Many tourists go there for the cost of living which is very attractive and thus spend a nice affordable vacation. The city has many nice places to go, especially to taste its delicious port in its many bars.

What are the best bars in Porto?

In this article, we are going to introduce you to the best bars in Porto so that you can enjoy your stay with good drinks as a couple or with friends.

If you want to know other great places in the city, we have dedicated an article to the best brunches in Porto, which will allow you to start your vacation well.

1. 17th

17° porto

Located on the 17th floor of a hotel, as its name suggests, the 17th has a panoramic terrace with a magnificent view of the city. Also considered a chic and cozy restaurant, you will be treated to impeccable service by the very professional and attentive staff.

We advise you to go there in the late afternoon to admire the sunset, with affordable prices for the place. A nice address for good drinks located at R. do Bolhão 223, 4000-112.

2. Capela Incomum

capela incomum porto

If you are visiting Porto and want to discover a nice and complete Portuguese wine list, the bar Capela Incomum is an atypical place that will please you. In a timeless and cosy atmosphere, you will be perfectly treated by the staff of the establishment, who will be happy to advise you on the different wines.

It is a good address where you can go as a couple for a romantic vacation. To enjoy a good time, go to 79-81, Travessa do Carregal 77, 4050-167.

3. Adega Sports Bar

Adega Sports Bar porto

As the name suggests, Adega Sports Bar is the perfect place to go to watch games or major sporting events such as the World Cup.

The friendly atmosphere will make you want to stay for more than one drink. The place is clearly dedicated to sports fans looking for thrills during their vacations in Porto. The address is R. de José Falcão 180.

4. Terraplana

terraplana porto

The Terraplana bar/restaurant is a must when visiting Porto. With a team of young, dynamic and smiling waiters, you will be served quickly and in a very professional way. We recommend you to try the signature cocktails made under your eyes.

And if you feel a little hungry, don’t hesitate to order the famous cheese and sausage platters. Have a nice evening with friends at Av. de Rodrigues de Freitas 287, 4000-421

5. Bonaparte Downtown

Bonaparte Downtown porto

If you want to discover good beers and great cocktails in Porto, Bonaparte Downtown is a good option.

With a nice atmosphere and friendly waiters, you will enjoy your evening in this atmospheric bar full of goodwill. The address is Praça Guilherme Gomes Fernandes 40, 4050-150.

6. Curioso Cocktail

Curioso Cocktail porto

This is a nice cocktail bar that will allow any good fan of this drink to have a good time in a local and friendly atmosphere. Curioso Cocktail is popular for having a very good reception with all its customers.

Price-wise, you’ll get your money’s worth in that depending on the cocktail you choose, you’ll find that most are affordable. To get there, go to R. de Ferreira Borges 60, 4050-252.

7. Fábrica Nortada

Fabrica Nortada porto

This place will be highly appreciated by beer fans in general. When you enter, you’ll find a brewery-style decoration that will make you want to sit down and discover their detailed menu.

The quality/price ratio is perfect, knowing that you won’t find their beers in other bars in Porto. The address is R. de Sá da Bandeira 210, 4000-427.

8. Tiki Taka Bar

Tiki Taka Bar porto

Tiki Taka is a Mexican bar known for serving drinks with a nice set of fresh products at attractive prices. You’ll meet a lot of people at this popular spot, where people rarely stay for just one drink.

Also, soccer fans will have no trouble finding other soccer fans, which can be a great conversation starter and a great place to meet people. Meet at Praça D. Filipa de Lencastre, 4000-407.

9. Tapas Bar 24

Tapas Bar 24 porto

Yet another nice address where many tourists will enjoy going. Tapas Bar 24 is a place where you feel good. The setting is nice, the drinks are good and cheap, and the people who go there are either expatriates or locals.

So you can make some nice encounters. The address to go there is Travessa Carmo 24, 4050-165

10. Cervejaria do Carmo

Cervejaria do Carmo porto 1

Let’s finish with the Cervejaria do Carmo, which is nothing else but a beer bar from all over the world. You will have the possibility to discover good beers, at interesting prices.

The owner is a passionate person, and will know how to transmit you his knowledge during a good evening in his establishment. Enjoy your evening at Praça de Carlos Alberto 124, 4050-159.

Enjoy your stay in Porto

Porto is a city full of resources, and now you know more to go for a good drink in one of these bars. This is surely one of the best ways to meet locals and make great acquaintances to complete your stay. To go further, we recommend you to learn more about the city by reading our article about the best restaurants in Porto.