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Where to have a drink in Lisbon ?

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The capital of Portugal, Lisbon, is known around the world as a peaceful city to live in. Surrounded by smiling and welcoming locals, tourists enjoy coming to discover the gems of this very popular and historic Portuguese city.

People from all over the world come here to enjoy the atmosphere of the city of 7 hills. There are many shops to discover in the streets of the Portuguese capital, as well as bars where there is a friendly atmosphere that you should discover during your stay.

What are the best bars in Lisbon?

In this article, you will discover the 10 best bars in Lisbon to discover during your stay. When you go to the Portuguese capital, it’s the best way to meet locals and make the most of your vacation with a good drink in your hand.

1. Cinco Lounge

Cinco Lounge lisbon 1

If you want to have great advice on how to choose your cocktails, Cinco Lounge is a bar in Lisbon that will please you! This establishment is located away from the tourist spots, which will allow you to meet local regulars, all in a very classy place.

As far as drinks are concerned, you will have understood that this place is full of house cocktails presented in a neat and delicious way. A great experience to live in a couple or with friends for a cozy evening during your vacations. The address is R. Ruben A. Leitão 17A, 1200-392.

2. A Ginjinha

A Ginjinha lisbon 1

It’s hard to go to Lisbon without trying a delicious cherry liqueur shot called ginjinha. A Ginjinha is a very popular bar and store serving high quality drinks. Indeed, you will find there a lot of tourists, but also many locals, so much this place is popular.

As far as quality/price ratio is concerned, it is a must! The owner will know how to give you good advices while spending a good convivial moment, as the Portuguese know how to do it so well. The address to get there is Largo São Domingos 8, 1100-201.

3. Sky Bar Lisboa

Sky Bar Lisboa Lisbon 1

When you go to Sky Bar Lisboa, located on the 9ᵉ floor, you will be treated to an exceptional view of the Portuguese capital. If you are visiting Lisbon as a couple, this is surely one of the most romantic places you can find to have a good memory of your visit to the city.

The prices are a little higher than elsewhere because you are in a rather atypical and cozy place, but it is worth it at least once in your stay.

We recommend that you dress up nicely as this bar is quite select, and you will have a great time while sipping a good local drink. Go to Av. da Liberdade 185, 1269-050.

4. Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar

Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar lisbon 1

This is another cocktail bar worth a visit. Matiz Pombalina Cocktail Bar is known for being a place where you can have a great time. If you are visiting Lisbon with friends, this place can be a good option for you.

In a cozy atmosphere, you will find locals who like to go there for the global atmosphere. With jazz music in the background, you will enjoy the different house cocktails that this bar offers. A great experience at R. das Trinas 25, 1200-855.

5. Red Frog Speakeasy

Red Frog Speakeasy lisbon 1

If you like secret bars, the Red Frog Speakeasy is an incredible place that you must discover! To get in, there is only one secret door available.

Once inside, you will discover a neat decoration making you understand that you have not landed in a classic bar, creating a very interesting atmosphere.

With atypical ingredients, you will be served drinks that are worth it and affordable. The atmosphere is good, and the bartenders will make you enjoy the moment. The address is Praça da Alegria 66b, 1250-004.

6. Bar do Guincho

Bar do Guincho lisbon 1

With a good quality-price ratio, the Bar do Guincho is pleasantly located on the seafront. It is an idyllic setting that awaits you if you decide to go there in the middle of the day to admire the view of the Atlantic Ocean.

You can even eat there to enjoy the vacation atmosphere and escape. A good time to spend at Estrada do Abano, Praia do Guincho, 547, 2755-144.

7. Cerveteca Lisboa

Cerveteca Lisboa 1

If you like excellent beers, the Cerveteca Lisboa bar is a place where you should pay a visit. Indeed, this craft beer bar offers Portuguese and international beers at reasonable prices. It is a friendly place that can interest you for a good start of the evening in Lisbon.

Mostly locals frequent it, but you can find some lucky tourists who have been informed about the address as well. A good night out with friends at Praça das Flores 63, 1200-192.

8. Bar Moinho

Bar Moinho lisbon 1

Bar Moinho is another bar located on the beach in Lisbon. It is a nice place where we recommend you to go at least once during your stay. Both comfortable and pleasant, this bar is located next to the Forte de São Julião.

If you want to relax with a good tea, a good fresh fruit juice, or a good local beer, this is the place for you! The address is Praia do Moinho, 2775-000.

9. Quimera Brewpub

Quimera Brewpub lisbon 1

This is one of the best beer bars in Lisbon. Quimera Brewpub is a very atypical place, located in a place that looks like a mix between a cellar and a tavern.

In a very good atmosphere, you will be very well received by its warm staff. The service is known to be perfect. You will have a good time with friends. The address is Rua Prior do Crato 6, 1350-261.

10. Pensão Amor

Pensao Amor lisbon 1

Let’s end with a unique experience that awaits you at Pensão Amor. In a brothel style atmosphere, you will discover a nice ambiance with interesting, but quite expensive signature cocktails that are worth it.

Several rooms are available in this Lisbon bar, where you will meet interesting people throughout your evening. It’s an experience that is worth the detour when you are in a couple or with friends. The address is R. do Alecrim 19, 1200-292.

Discover other great places in Lisbon

Now you know the best places to have a drink in Lisbon. When you’re on vacation, and you want to enjoy with friends, as a couple, or with your family, there’s nothing like having good addresses to make your stay complete and to keep the best memories. If you want to know more about the Portuguese capital, we recommend you to read our article about the best restaurants in Lisbon.