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Krakow’s 10 best bars for a cool night out

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With a population of 1.5 million, including the metropolitan area, Krakow is Poland’s second-largest city, where many tourists come to discover a city with over a thousand years of history. This former Polish capital boasts many pretty monuments and squares, as well as good restaurants and bars.

Where to go out in Krakow?

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In this article, we’ll introduce you to the 10 best bars in Krakow, where you’ll find a trendy, party-loving youth scene with plenty of great people to meet. If you’re planning on visiting Poland and want to know more about other cities, have a look at what we wrote about Warsaw or Wroclaw!

1. Mr. Black

Mr Black cracovie

Just a few meters from the Sukiennice Museum, the Mr. Black cocktail bar is an address we recommend for its friendly waiters, who will be happy to take their time advising you on the drinks you might like.

The atmosphere of this Krakow bar is special and interesting, as everything is done to make you feel like you’ve escaped for a few good drinks. The address is Szewska 21, 31-009.

2. Polski pub

Polski pub cracovie

As a microbrewery, lovers of good craft beers will find plenty to enjoy at the Polski pub. Indeed, this bar in downtown Krakow is known for not only good drinks, but also good food, such as hot beet.

With a large screen in the bar, you’ll have the opportunity to watch soccer matches broadcast several times a week. Go to Rynek Główny 44, 31-017.

3. Multi Qlti Tap Bar

multi qlti tap bar krakow

Here’s an example of a hidden Krakow bar that might interest you. Multi Qlti Tap Bar offers a wide selection of beers with experienced waiters who can guide you to the best choice for you.

It’s a bar we’d recommend, as it’s a great place to meet lots of students who know the place. Go to Szewska 21, 31-009.

4. Omerta

Omerta cracovie

Close to Krakow’s synagogue, the Omerta bar is also a craft beer bar that might interest you. A good clientele of regulars will welcome you perfectly, with waiters who know the beers on offer very well. You’ll also be able to drink a wide range of local spirits at Kupa 3, 31-057.

5. Miedzymiastowa

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In the heart of the city center, this Krakow bar offers fresh cocktails. If you decide to go to Miedzymiastowa, you’ll discover a cosy atmosphere with friendly waiters quickly available to serve you their various quality drinks. They also serve good homemade burgers if you decide to stay for a meal. The address is Rynek Główny 34, 31-010.

6. Klub Wódki

klub wodki krakow

Klub Wódki is another cocktail bar that will interest you for the very affordable prices, as for shots of local vodka, for example. The service is impeccable and the atmosphere global and friendly. We recommend this Krakow bar at Józefa 12, 31-056.

7. Winosfera Plac Szczepanski

winosfera plac szczepanski krakow

If you’re visiting downtown Krakow and want to sample some fine wines, we recommend Winosfera Plac Szczepanski at plac Szczepański 8, 31-011. This Krakow wine bar has a lovely terrace overlooking a small art gallery. Relaxed atmosphere for a good bottle of wine with your partner.

8. Ulica Krokodyli Pub Kawiarnia

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The Ulica Krokodyli Pub Kawiarnia is a little spot where you can relax with a good drink on the indoor terrace. There are good homemade lemonades to be had or local craft beers. The address of this Krakow bar is Szeroka 30, 31-053.

9. Oliwa pub

oliwa pub krakow

The microbrewery Oliwa pub is a place for anyone who wants to sit back and drink a good beer with some nice background music in a beautiful rock atmosphere. The address for this Krakow bar is Miodowa 14, 31-055.

10. ZLEW

Zlew cracovie

Let’s finish with this bar serving good cocktails with strong Polish spirits and a quirky atmosphere. Surrounded by rather young regulars, you’ll appreciate the atmosphere of this Krakow bar when you visit ZLEW. For very affordable prices, you’ll have a great night out. Go to Miodowa 3, 31-055.

Discover Krakow’s best bars

By now, you know that this great Polish city is worth discovering for its cultural attractions, which can even be found in its bars. With a few good places to go out in Krakow, all you have to do is choose where to go and enjoy your evening with friends surrounded by friendly locals.

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