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The 10 best bars in Budapest

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When you visit Budapest, you will discover beautiful monuments to visit, beautiful souvenir photos to take all over the city. This touristy city is full of resources, starting with its many atmospheric bars.

If you like to go out for a drink with friends during your little trips abroad, Budapest is a perfect destination.

What are the 10 best bars in Budapest?

In this article, we will introduce you to the 10 best bars in Budapest that will give you a nice experience with the locals. A good way to get in touch with the locals and share your experience there.

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1. Neverland

This is a bar that is unlike any other. Neverland is not just another Budapest bar. You will enjoy having your drink with friends where good cocktails are waiting for you in the basement.

If you look around, you will surely notice that an escape game is hiding there, and we recommend you to do it.

Located at Dohány u. 22-24, 1074, it’s a nice lively evening with friends. Between the festive atmosphere in the bar and the logic game in the adjoining room, you will have a great time.

2. Good Spirit Bar

The Good Spirit Bar will welcome you warmly where the waiters know how to listen to you.  Whether you like whisky or not, the choice will be endless and you will be given the best advice by the staff.

House cocktails will be created for you at Veres Pálné u. 7, 1053. A great bar in Budapest to do in the early evening.

3. Beer Brother

As the name suggests, the Beer Brother is a bar exclusively dedicated to beers. The owner will be friendly and will advise you on the choice of beers, the selection of which changes every week.

Although the prices of the beers are higher than elsewhere, they are worth tasting. The address of this atmospheric Budapest bar is Kossuth Lajos u. 20, 1053.

4. NBER Bar

NBER Bar is a small and cozy place to go out for a drink in Budapest with friends. The drinks served are of high quality with many choices for affordable prices.

In a relaxed atmosphere with a lot of students, it is a perfect place to meet nice people for a nice evening. The address of the bar is Erzsébet krt. 30, 1073

5. Tuk Tuk Bar

Tuk Tuk Bar

In the heart of the capital, the Tuk Tuk Bar is a great place to go out with a cozy atmosphere. The waitresses will bring you delicious and original cocktails for reasonable prices.

It is a cheap bar in Budapest that we recommend you to try without hesitation. Go to Paulay Ede u. 31, 1061

6. Rumpus Tiki bar

Although the drinks are quite expensive, you will enjoy your time in this Budapest cocktail bar. The setting of Rumpus Tiki bar is both neat and immersive where you will drink sweet house cocktails in original glasses.

A good moment to spend in couple for an early evening in the city center. The address of this atmospheric Budapest bar is Király u. 19, 1075

7. BarCraft Buda

BarCraft Buda is an atmospheric bar in Budapest that is worth stopping by for a few good drinks. It is a comfortable, clean, modern place where you will find excellent value for money.

Great background music awaits you at Bartók Béla út 18, 1111 while you sip your cocktails. Remember to come during off-peak hours if you want to have your drink in peace as this is a very popular Budapest bar.

8. Bar Pharma

This is another great cocktail bar in Budapest. Bar Pharma is a small place where you can come as a couple. The friendly waiters will make you original cocktails prepared with great precision.

A great experience to discover very good fresh drinks. The address is Kazinczy u. 35, 1075

9. Hotsy Totsy

It is not always easy to get into this popular Budapest bar. However, it is possible to reserve a table so you can be sure to enjoy your evening once inside.

A real bar show with the waiters will take place in front of your eyes during the preparation of the cocktails.  The presentation of the drinks is very sophisticated and pleasantly served by the staff. A good place to start an evening in Budapest. Go to Síp u. 24, 1075.

10. Barside

If you go to Barside, right in the center of town, you will find everything you need to spend a good night with friends. The atmosphere is global, the value for money is perfect, and the clientele is mainly young expats and locals.

What a great way to meet new people in this atmospheric Budapest bar located at Madách Imre út 10, 1075.

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