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10 bars in Dresden, for a great drink

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When you visit Dresden, you’ll be taking a leap into the city’s history, with its many monuments, squares and museums to discover. In between visits, we recommend a visit to one of the Saxon capital’s bars to round off your experience and make some great discoveries in terms of local drinks that are well worth your while.

What are the best bars in Dresden?

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 10 best bars in Dresden, where you can meet other tourists and locals and share your experience with them. We’ve also written an article on the best restaurants in Dresden to eat at. Content that may be of interest to you.

Eckstein Cafe Dresden

eckstein cafe dresden

Just around the corner from the city center, Eckstein Cafe Dresden is frequented mainly by young people. You’ll find fresh, local drinks to enjoy in a cosy, relaxed atmosphere. The address of this Dresden bar is Alaunstraße 47, 01099.

Paul Rackwitz – Neue Welt

paul rackwitz

On the edge of the large Großer Garten park is a small outdoor bar called Paul Rackwitz – Neue Welt. It’s a great place to go if you want to feel the atmosphere between nature and the city, with a friendly local vibe. Although this Dresden bar is not in the city center, it does welcome some tourists lucky enough to know the address at Stübelallee 4, 01307.


shamrock dresden

Here’s an address that will appeal to every good lover of Irish atmosphere. Although this Dresden bar is considered an Irish bar, you’ll have the opportunity to sample some good-sized German beers and enjoy the warm welcome of the locals who’ve made it their HQ.

If you go there at the weekend, you’ll hear live music, while during the week you’ll have the opportunity to watch soccer matches on their TV. Go to Wilsdruffer Str. 20, 01067.

Freiberger Schankhaus

freiberger schankhaus

Have you just visited the city center and are looking for a break? Go to Freiberger Schankhaus at Neumarkt 8, 01067, which is nothing less than a microbrewery where you’ll find many regulars due to the many craft beers available. You can also enjoy some regional dishes that go well with a beer.

Karl May Bar

karl may bar

The Karl May Bar is a beautiful place with a range of drinks worthy of a true luxury bar and a cosy atmosphere. The bar’s chef is sure to put on a show with his homemade cocktails that will delight your palate.

Perfect for an evening out with friends or as a couple. So if you’re visiting Dresden, Kleine Brüdergasse 5-3, 01067 could be just what you’re looking for.

Schäferstube Löwe

schaferstube lowe

The Schäferstube Löwe bar is what you might call a small corner bar where many regulars like to meet. You’ll find beers just as good as in the city center, but at lower prices, so it’s well worth the trip to Schäferstraße 56, 01067. Good pizzas are also available.

Nightfly shisha and cocktail

nightlife shisha and cocktail

As the name suggests, if you head to Nightfly shisha and cocktail, you’ll find some great cocktails waiting for you. You’ll think you’re in a large open-plan lounge with plenty of shisha in a wide range of flavors. You’ll receive a friendly welcome and excellent service. Enjoy an evening with friends at this Dresden bar at St. Petersburger Straße 12A, 01069.

Jazzclub Tonne

jazztube tonne

If you’d like to have a drink with friends in Dresden and see a little concert at the same time, the Jazzclub Tonne might be just what you’re looking for. This is a wonderful jazz club in the heart of Dresden, with a fantastic atmosphere and relaxed staff. Great drinks and great encounters await you. The bar’s address is Tzschirnerpl. 3-5, 01067.

meatery bar

meatery bar

The Meatery bar is a bar-restaurant serving American-style grilled meats and good local drinks. They also serve quality spirits. Prices are high, but it’s well worth spending an early evening at Ringstraße 1, 01067.

Watzke am Goldenen Reiter

watzke am goldenen reiter

Let’s finish with a microbrewery in the north of the city, where you’ll find local people of all ages. It’s a friendly, family-run place where you can feel the German atmosphere. Good food and good beer await you. The address is Hauptstraße 1, 01097.

Discover the best places to go out in Dresden

Dresden is a city full of good places to have a drink and a good time. Now you know a few of the best places to go when you visit Dresden. If you’d like to find out more about the city, take a look at the best restaurants in Dresden.