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What are Bratislava’s 10 best bars ?

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When you visit Bratislava, you’re visiting a whole culture of monuments, museums and architecture that is the Slovak capital. The city’s various bars are not to be outdone in terms of the ambience and atmosphere that tourists love to discover.

That’s why we strongly advise you to visit several of them to enjoy the contact with the locals and make your own experience.

What are the best bars in Bratislava?

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In this article, we’re going to introduce you to 10 bars in Bratislava where you can discover the different local drinks that some people consume on a daily basis.

The idea is to provide you with some good addresses during your stay in Bratislava. If you’re interested in this capital city, we recommend you to read about the 10 things to do in Bratislava for a short extended stay of a few days.

1. Spin me round cocktail bar

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Cocktail lovers who walk through the doors of the Spin me round cocktail bar in the heart of the city won’t be disappointed. The bartenders will be delighted to show you their skills in preparing the various house cocktails on offer.

The service is pleasant and friendly on the whole, although the prices are rather high. The atmosphere is just as appealing as the trendy clientele. To get to this Bratislava bar, the address is Radničná 577, 811 01.

3. Žil VERNE

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Žil VERNE is a very good craft beer bar right in the heart of the city. The waiters will be happy to serve you one of the 8 draught beers or several other bottled beers.

The bar has a cool atmosphere, with lots of regulars coming in for a cheap drink. The address of this must-visit Bratislava bar is 13, Panská 245, 811 01. Close to one of Bratislava’s best restaurants.

3. Goblins Pub

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Although not an Irish bar, you’ll feel a strong Irish influence when you visit Goblins Pub. With a few Irish members of staff, this Bratislava bar is a great place to meet locals and tourists alike.

The staff are friendly and helpful, offering good, affordable drinks. Good to know before you go: the bar allows smokers. The Goblins Pub address is Michalská 386/12, 811 01.

4. Wine Not

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If you’re interested in wine bars and want to discover new ones during your stay in Bratislava, we recommend the Wine Not bar in the city center. It’s an ideal place to enjoy good international wines as a couple on their terrace, while enjoying the peaceful atmosphere of the place.

Note, however, that prices are rather high, given the quality of the drinks on offer and the idyllic setting in which you’ll enjoy your glass of wine. The address of this Bratislava bar is Hlavné námestie 354/3, 811 01.

5. Starosloviensky pivovar

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Close to Bratislava’s Presidential Garden, the Starosloviensky pivovar bar offers a fine selection of local craft beers. You’ll find very few tourists here, and a real Slovak atmosphere in the bar’s small garden. Good burgers await you if you wish to eat in. The Starosloviensky pivovar address is Vysoka 15, 811 06.

6. KGB

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Bratislava’s KGB bar is a place where history resurfaces for an evening with friends. In the center of the Slovak capital, you’ll appreciate the atmosphere of this bar, which reflects the various communist codes of the Cold War.

You’ll find many paintings representing the different leaders of the era, as well as period objects. It’s like having a drink in a small museum of Communism. A great experience in this Bratislava bar. Go to Obchodná 530/52, 811 06.

7. Prazdroj

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Prazdroj is a very comfortable and pleasant Bratislava bar where you’ll be greeted by friendly waiters. Drinks are reasonably priced for its downtown location.

This restaurant is part of the Czech brewery Pilsner Urquell, a draught beer we recommend you order once you’re here. The address is Mostová 275/8, 811 02.

8. Ruzinovský Pivovar Komín

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If you’re visiting northeast Bratislava, we recommend a visit to Miletičova 17, 821 08, to discover the Ruzinovský Pivovar Komín microbrewery. You’ll have the chance to taste the local Komín beer, which is good value for money.

You’ll feel right at home here, with a lovely, large terrace open on sunny days, or simply the indoor bar reminding you that you’re in a brewery. A great cultural experience! Not far from one of Bratislava’s best youth hostels.

9. Hostinec na Sanci

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Hostinec na Sanci is a nice bar in Bratislava where you can go to watch soccer matches broadcast on their TVs. In a friendly atmosphere where many locals like to hang out, you’ll enjoy a little rock-style background music. The friendly staff will be happy to advise you on what to drink and how to enjoy the homemade burgers. The address is Šancová 54, 811 05.

10. Alibi Music Bar & Lounge

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Here’s another great place to go with friends to sip a beer and watch the soccer matches. Like Hostinec na Sanci, the friendly atmosphere of this Bratislava bar will make you want to stay for more than one drink and enjoy the atmosphere. Go to the city center at Žitná 1575, 110 00.

Where to go out in Bratislava

By now, you’ve come across a few good addresses for bars in Bratislava, where you can discover the local drinks and get to know a lot of Slovaks who’ll make you feel very welcome. If you’d like to find out more about Bratislava and its secrets, have a read at our article on the 10 best restaurants of the Slovak capital.