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What are the best thermal baths in Budapest ?

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In Budapest, spas and health resorts are very popular with locals and tourists alike. In fact, the Hungarian people are such fans of the thing, that according to some sources, there are more than 100 natural hot springs and other thermal springs in the city.

This passion comes from Hungary’s turbulent past, which was in turn under the rule of the Romans and the Turks. Would you like to find out more about it? In the following article, we tell you all about the 10 best spas, baths and hot springs in Budapest!


Bains Szechenyi Budapest

It is unthinkable to start our list of the 10 best spas and hot springs in Budapest, without starting with the Széchenyi Baths. It is, no more and no less, the largest thermal bath complex in Central Europe.

On site, the decor is breathtaking. You will appreciate the huge columns and the striking yellow walls. The Széchenyi Baths contain no less than 13 indoor and 3 outdoor pools, with temperatures ranging from 5-8 degrees to over 30 degrees. Mixed baths. Finally, you will have your own cabin to store your belongings. In short, a real treat.

It is one of the most famous thermal baths in Hungary. You can book your ticket for a day visit by clicking below. You will get the best prices! Perfect for a few days trip.


Bains Gellert Budapest 1

The Gellért Baths are also very famous. They take their name from the Gellért hill (which is located just above) and especially from the hotel of the same name. The baths are a reminder of Hungary’s golden age, when the country shone throughout the world.

On site, you will find beautiful thermal springs, with tiles and low columns that have been carved by hand. Outside, there are several (smaller) pools as well as a large pool, whose wave machine dating back to the 1920s helped make it famous… And still does!

We really recommend you to visit the Gellért thermal baths which, most probably, are on the list of the favorite thermal baths of the Hungarians and the tourists travelling in Hungary!


RUDAS BATHS budapest

Close to the Gellért baths, you will find the Rudas baths. It is one of the most popular thermal springs in Budapest. It must be said that this complex was first built in 1550! The interior once again demonstrates the influence of the Ottoman Empire of the time.

A sumptuous octagonal pool stands in the center of the bath, with five pools and thermal pools all around. Naturally, sauna, steam room and massage room are also available. Finally, on the roof, there is a Jacuzzi, always very popular.


Bains Kiraly budapest

Together with the Rudas baths, the Király baths are among the oldest spas in Budapest. The main pool is topped by a grandiose dome, which has helped to make this spa one of the most famous and popular in Budapest.

In addition to the spa, there is also a thermal pool, massage rooms, a sauna and a steam room. A cold pool has also been installed quite recently, allowing the Király Budapest Spa to offer a complete experience!


Bains Lukacs

The Lukács baths are not the most famous. However, this Budapest spa attracts many locals, especially for its quieter and less expensive side. As early as the 12th century, this bath (which is one of the oldest in the city) was used by the locals to heal and cure the sick.

Naturally, the complex has evolved. There are now two outdoor pools and several indoor thermal baths, as well as a sauna area. A very symbolic place since the waters of this spring are reputed to be curative.

Today, many wellness services are offered there:

  • Massages ;
  • Treatments, massages and wine cures;
  • Treatments, massages and mud cure;
  • Carbon dioxide bath.


Veli Bej 1

A spa of Turkish origin, Veli Bej was founded in the 16th century! A bath in Budapest that offers a number of services and activities, such as the traditional central octagonal thermal pool as well as a Finnish sauna, an infrared sauna, a Kneipp walking pool and various massages.

A rather small bath compared to all of the above. In fact, its maximum capacity is 80 people, which makes it suitable for those who prefer the more intimate and less crowded spas in Budapest.


Thermes Dagaly budapest 1

The Dagály baths are particularly appreciated for their two very large pools. These are accompanied by:

  • A children’s pool;
  • Two thermal and relaxing pools;
  • A pool dedicated to massages;
  • A diving pool.

Last but not least, the view is very interesting. Indeed, the panorama on the hills of Buda as well as on the Danube is quite striking.


Thermes Palatinus budapest 1

In 1921, the very first baths and spas complex was opened on Margaret Island in Budapest. A surprising place, with an art-deco atmosphere, ideal for bathing in summer, but also in winter.

In addition to its outdoor pools, the Palatinus has a few indoor pools to relax in when the weather is cooler.


Thermes Hotel Corinthia budapest 1

The Royal Spa at the Corinthia Hotel opened in 1886. It may not be the most accessible of Budapest’s baths, but it has the merit of being there and of being a sight to behold.

On the program, a huge 15 meters pool, relaxation rooms, saunas, a steam bath and jacuzzis… All this in a sumptuous setting, marked by a striking architecture.

In short, we really recommend it, if you have the opportunity, the time and the means, because yes, it is a little more expensive than the others.


Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget budapest 1

Danubius Health Spa Resort Margitsziget is one of the most remarkable baths in Budapest. The water used here comes from three different thermal springs, each with its own properties, for a rich and pleasant experience.

The hotel’s thermal bath is relaxing, as are its indoor and outdoor pools, hydrotherapy bath, sauna, steam and aroma baths. In short, don’t think about it any longer and go for it!


You have just discovered our selection of the best baths and spas in Budapest. Without a doubt, the most famous one is the Széchenyi baths. You can buy your ticket for Széchenyi directly on our platform.

To be honest, it is unthinkable to visit Hungary without taking the time to visit one of the many thermal baths. It is THE specialty of this European capital. Find out about the opening hours and enjoy your experience throughout the day.

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