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The 10 best bars in Riga

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Formerly the European capital of culture, Riga is very popular for its nightlife. Want to go out for a drink and meet the locals but don’t know where to start?

In order to make your life easier, we share with you our selection of the 10 best bars in Riga: the right addresses to have a good time and create unforgettable memories.

What are the best bars in Riga?

In this article, we present you the 10 best bars in Riga to have a good time with the locals, or just with friends. If you are looking for other good places in this city, we invite you to check our selection of the 10 best restaurants in Riga.

1. Skyline Bar

If you’re looking to sip a cocktail with an amazing view, then Skyline Bar is the place to be! Perched on the 26th floor, you can see the Vecrīga (Old Town) on one side and the Art Nouveau district on the other. Without a doubt one of the best bars in Riga, find it at Elizabetes iela 55.

2. Reiterna nams

Also known as Rock Café, we strongly recommend you to go there. It’s impossible to get bored in this bar with karaoke, pool table and dance floor!

The atmosphere is friendly and you can chat with everyone without difficulty. Head to Mārstaļu iela 2/4 to enjoy one of the best bars in Riga.

3. Folkklubs Ala Pagrabs

Not content with being a very good restaurant, Folkklubs is also part of our selection of the best bars in Riga. It has the biggest offer of draught beers with no less than 28 different beers!

Dive into its rustic atmosphere and enjoy a good time in this completely underground bar-restaurant at Peldu iela 19.

4. Café Leningrad

Café Leningrad, as its name suggests, is a time capsule of the Soviet era. Here you can experience the atmosphere of that time to a certain extent with the help of photographs, furniture, busts etc…

You can attend live music sessions Punk Rock and Heavy Metal style at Krišjāņa Valdemāra iela 4.

5. Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar

The second bar of our selection located in a basement, Gimlet Nordic Cocktail Bar offers cocktails with ingredients that are atypical, to say the least, at least in our house.

Seaweed, dill, quince, everything is there! They also have a very good homemade redcurrant syrup. To enjoy original cocktails, go to Baznīcas iela 37.

6. Bar Six

Bar Six is not a bar like any other. To enter, you’ll have to ring the bell, then wait patiently for the bartender to come and open the door.

You will then enter a refined decor with candles, old posters and vaulted ceilings. You can find this Riga bar with a chic atmosphere and affordable prices at Ģertrūdes iela 14A – 1.

7. Cuba Café

Cuba Café seems to us to be the right place to sip a good mojito. Immerse yourself in the Cuban atmosphere in one of the best bars in Riga.

It is in a relaxed atmosphere that you will be able to choose among a large choice of cocktails, served by a friendly staff. An address not to be missed at Jauniela 15.

8. Paddy Whelan’s Irish Pub

Immerse yourself in the atmosphere of one of the best bars in Riga: Paddy Whelan’s Irish Pub. Treat yourself to a moment of conviviality in this piece of Ireland in the middle of the old town.

Enjoy a game of darts in an authentic atmosphere. The oldest Irish pub in the capital is located at Grēcinieku iela 6-2.

9. Herbārijs

The rooftop of the Galleria Riga shopping center at Dzirnavu iela 67 is where you’ll find Herbārijs. Enjoy a great view of the city and enjoy your cocktail in a stylishly decorated greenhouse.

If you feel like it, you can book a table for a meal as this establishment is also a restaurant.

10. Stabu Mākonis

Stabu Mākonis, although tenth on our list of the best bars in Riga, has a lot going for it. Its interior has a modern design, the staff is friendly and the food tasty. We recommend you to go there on weekends to enjoy their brunch formula which is worth the detour. It is located in Stabu iela 42.

Discover the best places in Riga

Riga is a city with many facets. You now have a good idea of where to go to discover the nightlife of the Latvian capital and make lots of new contacts.

If you want to discover other aspects of the capital, don’t hesitate to check our selection of the best hotels in Riga, to make your stay even more memorable.

The 3 things to keep in mind regarding the best bars in Riga : 

  • You’ll find in Riga, a lot of different places and bars to have a lot of good fun. Great cocktails, good beer and a great atmosphere !
  • Riga is a very friendly city. You’ll find there many places, many restaurants and clubs to have a few drinks
  • Don’t forget to book your seat, your table otherwise you might have issues finding a spot to sit down in the city. Latvia is a very friendly country and Riga is a great place to have good food and drinks.