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What are the best bars and restaurants in Ostrava?

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In eastern Moravia, close to Poland and not far from Slovakia, the city of Ostrava is known as a mining and industrial area. With a population of around 285,000, the steel heart of the Czech Republic is relatively unknown to tourists who come mainly to visit the capital.

That said, festivals and concerts are often held here, and there are plenty of students to be seen. As in any medium-sized Czech town, there are plenty of good restaurants and bars to discover if you decide to spend a little time here.

Restaurants and bars in Ostrava: where to go?

In this article, we’ll introduce you to several bars and restaurants in Ostrava that are well worth discovering. On our platform, you’ll find a selection of the best establishments to enjoy your evening. Looking to spend the weekend in Ostrava? Don’t miss our selection of the best hotels in Ostrava!

The best restaurants in Ostrava

Feeling peckish? If you’re staying in Ostrava for several days, you’ll need to find a nice place to eat. You’re in luck: in this article, we present a selection of the city’s best restaurants.

Zamek zabreh restaurant

zamek zabreh

On the historic site of the Château Zábřeh, the Zamek zabreh restaurant is known for serving local dishes prepared in a modern way.

With fresh, seasonal produce, you’ll enjoy your meal at this establishment, where the staff will be on hand to make sure you have everything you need. The restaurant’s address is U Zámku 42, 700 30. One of Ostrava’s best restaurants.

Restaurace Kartáč

restaurace kartac

Restaurace Kartáč is a fine address for tasting delicious local cuisine, all with smiling service. A good way to discover Ostrava with the restaurant’s friendly local regulars. The restaurant is right in the center of town, where good local beers await you. The address is 213, 28. října 435, 709 00.

Restaurace 49

restaurace 49

With its modern decor, Restaurace 49 offers a blend of French and Italian cuisine, with dishes that are beautifully served. Although off the beaten track, this restaurant is popular for its friendly staff and loyal clientele who love good food.

Even if you’re not discovering Czech cuisine, we recommend you go here for the experience. The Restaurace 49 address is Československé armády 208/49, 715 00. A great place to go out in Ostrava.

Bernie’s grill & wine restaurant


Close to the city hospital in the center of Ostrava, Bernie’s grill & wine restaurant is a famous steakhouse-style restaurant known for serving good, but rather expensive, food. In a cosy atmosphere, you’ll enjoy your plate perfectly presented by the well-regarded cooks.

With an extensive wine list, you’ll enjoy the meal and the place. We recommend you try this restaurant, where the staff speaks English and is highly professional. To get there, the address is Poděbradova 826/27, 702 00.

Our selection of Ostrava’s best bars

Are you more of an after-dinner drinker? Here you’ll find a selection of some of Ostrava’s best bars. Close to the center, they’re sure to give you a great start to the evening!

Viktorka – Plzenska tankovna

viktorka tankovna

If you’re looking for a bar serving unfiltered Pilsner Urquell in Ostrava, we recommend Viktorka – Plzenska tankovna. With a small beer garden-style outdoor area, it’s the perfect place to enjoy a few beers with friends.

A wide variety of Czech beers are on offer. Although a little more expensive than other bars, you’ll experience the local atmosphere in the best possible way. The address is Francouzská 6167/5, 708 00. In short, one of the best bars in Ostrava.

Mirror Pub & Bilbova Nora

mirror pub

Just like Viktorka – Plzenska tankovna, you’ll have the chance to drink a good beer outside at Mirror Pub & Bilbova Nora.

In a friendly atmosphere with saloon and tavern-style decor, you’re sure to meet some nice people, as the bar is known for welcoming the beautiful people.

It’s said that this Ostrava bar is unlike any other in the city. To visit, go to 11, Českobratrská 997, 702 00.

Rusty Bell Pub

rusty bell pub

There’s always a good Irish pub in every town. If you’re looking for one in Ostrava, head to the Rusty Bell Pub. Unsurprisingly, you’ll find the most famous of Irish beers, Guinness.

At a fair price, you’ll also have the opportunity to try several of the bar’s other drinks. Good value for money. A great place to go out in Ostrava for an evening with friends. The bar’s address is Hlavní tř. 867, 708 00.

If you’re heading to Ostrava for a little sightseeing, you’ll be familiar with some great addresses. Although the city is small, you’ll find plenty of opportunities to meet new people and enjoy the local atmosphere. Don’t forget to read our article on the best hotels in Ostrava, if you’re planing on sleeping there for a night or two!